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Books Title: “After” PDF Free Download

“After” is an interesting fiction and romance novel that circle around the love story of a young and attractive girls named as Tessa and Hardin who is having a dark featured boy from Unite State. According to the Goodreads, it has over 5 million ratings and over 250,000 reviews. It has been translated into over 35 languages. By genre this book belong to the catagory of “Romance and fiction novel”, it is having total “596” pages and originally published by “Simon and Schuster” in “2019”.

Books Author: “Anna Todd”

“Anna Todd” was born in Dayton, Ohio, United States in March, 20, 1989. She is an author, film producer screen writer and owner of her own production company. She recieved various awards and some of them are as like, “Wattpad Fanfiction Award for Best Romance Story” and “Wattpad Fanfiction Award for Most Popular Fanfiction Story award” to her credit. Todd’s books have been translated into over 35 languages and have sold over 20 million copies worldwide. Her most papular books are “After We Collided” published in 2015, “After We Fell” published in 2016 and “After Ever Happy” published in 2017.

Introduction to “After”

An outstanding fiction book named as “After” is written by “Anna Todd”. This book is began with a story of a young, attractive and intelligent girl Tessa. As she has a caring, and beloved mother who is always concerns regarding her better feature. But things are change suddenly. Tessa went to college and meet a British boy named as Hardin, who have a bad character and dark past, they fall on love. As Tessa does not know the character of Hardin and she realized that her boyfriend is very caring to her. After a period of time Hardin starts misbehave with Tessa and the situations goes on the horrible and trouble directions that Tessa never realized before about it but she still love him. This book proven itself as a brilliant star in the field of young adult fiction and quickly gained popularity before making its way into bookstore.

Summary of “After”

The story of this book ““After” is circle around a young, attractive and beautiful girls named as Tessa and her boyfriend named as Hardin. They meets in college and quickly fall in love. Hardin is having a dark past but he has a fun and quality to hide his dark past among people that’s why Tessa does not able to judge him very well. The initial rudeness and brutality of Hardin to Tessa is unpredictable, she did not think ever before that her life would suddenly fall in a tense situation. After all she utilized her best efforts to resolve the conflicts and tried to change the behavior of Hardin, she failed to do so. But she still love him because she thinks that one day Hardin must change his behavior and habits and will show his pure love.

Writing Style

Anna Todd’s writing style in her book “After” is simple and approachable. She explains the whole features of this story in an accurate and satisfactory manner. she explains the in-depth themes such as love, emotions, thoughts and desires in a precise and simple ways. “Anna Todd” does not used extra and irrelevant jargons and complex analytical methods with the aim to easily convey her core ideas with the all kinds of the readers. She elaborate complex and complicated but well-developed and active characters that looks like real and trustful with the rest of the story. She placed plot, climaxes, tone, pace and opening and closing points of the story in an accurate and approperiate manner. She also prefer concise and simple but detaied words and sentences for the sake of build the interest and understanding level of all kinds of readers.


Love and Passion

“After” explore the power of love and desires that shows the possible ups and downs of romantic relationships. This book also shows that how love can change once life and how love is challenging.


As Tessa seems in this story to deal with fear and complexity of her love, the characters in this story go through personal transformations and self-discovery.

Relationship Dynamics

“After” shows issue of good and faulty relationships, such as people are willing sacrifices themselves and try to cross all limits for their love.


Inner Engagement

This book show that people are engage themselves in their romantic interaction and one of them always seems to scurfy and show seriousness to preserve their love.

Character Development

Anna did structured this book by utilizing his extra ordinary skills as the all characters developed with the progress of novel.

Ups and Downs in Love

As the author shows how love is complex, when any one starts love with unknown person in an unknown place, that results the hurdles and complexities in relation. Dealing with a new person and adjust themselves in a new place is a hard art.



Some reders are in their own view that the Tessa and Hardin’s interaction and conflicts gives the same emotions and feelings, there is no ways of changing.

Characters Behavior

The characters emotions, actions and behavior are same and give one type of emotional feelings, that’s why the readers does not able to involve in them.

Conclusion of “After”

The book “After” is written by Anna Todd is a fantastic and heart touching novel. The book shows and explains the ups and downs of love situations along with it gives the lesson that how to resolve the conflicts and disputes in relationship. It attracts the readers from all generations and ages because of its well developed plot, organized themes, dedicated characters, good placement of words and peaceful landing of opening and closing points. I highly recommended this book to them who are a huge fans of fiction and romance novel books .