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Books Title: “General, Organic, & Biological Chemistry” PDF Free Download

“General, Organic, & Biological Chemistry” revolves around various ideas and concepts of chemistry. This book was originally published in 2021 by “McGraw Hill”. It has total 771 pages. By genre it belongs to the category of chemistry book.

Books Author: “David W Ball”

“David W Ball” is an American author. He was born in Sep 12, 1949 Denver, Colorado, United States. His most popular books are as “Ironfire”, “China Run” and “The Nature of Matter, Understanding the Physical World”.

Introduction of “General, Organic, & Biological Chemistry”

The book “General, Organic, & Biological Chemistry” is written by “David W Ball”. This book is suitable for the students who wants to take short course in these types of chemistry. It contains all over fundamental parts of general chemistry, organic chemistry and biochemistry. This guide assists the students learn the important ideas about chemicals in various areas of science. Overall, the whole aspects of this guide book are elaborated by the author in an accurate manner that can persuade a huge number of readers worldwide.


The book “General, Organic, & Biological Chemistry” begins with the fundamental ideas and concepts in general chemistry. It contains the several stuffs such as how it behaves, how the atoms are bound together, how they stick to each other and how we measure amounts of substance. This guide elaborates all things with real examples so the students and other professionals can really understand how the chemicals work. The students can easily resolve various complex problems and also, they can observe how chemistry is used in real life.

It talks about an organic chemistry. It closely looks at how the organic compounds are put together and what they are like. The students can know about various groups of atoms in these compounds, such as how they can be arranged differently, how can they react and how they are made. It assists the students to understand various kind of molecules and their importance in the field of chemistry. This guide book also teaches students how to use various tools to study organic compounds and how can they behave.

This book elaborates the biochemistry in a wide spread manner. It explains the world of molecules which are necessary for the life and various processes that happen inside living organisms. It closely teaches us about different types of molecules such as sugar, fats, proteins and DNA. It also explains how they looks like and what they do inside our body. So, this book also defines how the enzymes work, how the food is turn into energy in our body and how our cells work together. These all things help the students to understand about how living things function on a molecular level.

There is other sort of entertaining stuffs for the students and other professionals such as solving problems, making maps of ideas and building various models of molecules. However, these whole activities can assist the students to understand the fundamental ideas in a good manner. Furthermore, this book also talks about how we can use chemistry in important areas such as healthcare, protecting our environment and making latest technology. These information’s shows that why knowing about chemistry is useful for real life.

Key Features of “General, Organic, & Biological Chemistry”

  • Comprehensive Elaboration

This guide teaches us regarding the three main types of chemistry such as general chemistry, biochemistry and organic chemistry. On this way, this book elaborates all the important ideas and concepts for the students that they can understand the world of chemistry in an accurate manner.

  • Precise Coverage

In this book the over all aspects are covered by the author in an easy way. It is very helpful guide for them who have no more ideas about chemistry and it fundamental aspects.

  • Real Examples

It defines various in-depth and life related examples that the students can get thing in an easy way. It shows how things we learn in this book are used in the real world.

  • Informational Tools

This guide has various fun activities to do such as puzzles, drawings and building models. These sorts of activities help you to learn the most complex concepts and theories in a practical manner.

  • Integration of Applications

This book closely look how chemistry is used in various important areas such as keeping people healthy, protecting the environment and making new innovations.

  • Legitimize Students

The over all information’s and fundamental concepts of this book make the students stronger and even more confident. On this way it assists them to understand tough science problems and give them several skills to come up with new ideas.

Writing Style

“David W Ball” adopts a precise writing style in his book “General, Organic, & Biological Chemistry” which is easy to understand and access. He defines various fundamental stuffs without scarifying the important and essential information’s. He develops well-organized structure with various chapters and sections just to facilitate the learning progression.

 “David W Ball” explains things through real-world examples, illustrations and applications to engage the students and other professionals to enhance their understanding level. He provides several scientific information’s that the students can receive a reliable and accurate knowledge. He also uses conventional tone that the students can easily access and understand the most complicated concepts and problems.

Furthermore, “David W Ball” uses small and simple words to balance the pace and tone of plotlines. He avoids all complex vocabularies and extra jargons, aimed to convey his core ideas in an easy way. He also encourages the audiences to think critically and allow the to draw their own views about the future of this book. Moreover, “David W Ball” elaborates various real examples and stories that can assist the students to learn more about various related topics.

Major Receptions of “General, Organic, & Biological Chemistry”

The book “General, Organic, & Biological Chemistry” had awarded generally positive feedbacks from its readers and critics since its publication. This book was praised for its comprehensiveness, accuracy and relevance to course objectives. It was also venerated for its engaging writing style, in-depth plotlines and conventional tones. While this book sold millions of copies since its publication and it also has been translated into different other languages worldwide. It has been received 4.8 out of 5 stars from Amazon and Goodreads.


 The book “General, Organic, & Biological Chemistry” is more like a friendly book that assist the students learning about several kinds of chemistry. This guide book covers all important topis and give a good start in different areas of science. It assists the students in an accurate manner just because of its clear elaboration, useful examples and fun activities.

These whole information’s also help the students and other professionals to solve many of tricky science problems and come up with various ideas to make the world of chemistry better. If you are looking for a book just like it, then don’t waste your time, grab it and learn what you want. This book is suitable for all students and other professionals who wants to know more about chemistry. I recommended this book to all of them who desires to read chemistry books.