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Books Title: “Culture and Value: A Survey of the Humanities 8th edition” PDF Free Download

“Culture and Value: A Survey of the Humanities” is an interesting book that is revolved around the human cultures and innovations. This book was originally published in 1982 by Wadsworth Publishing. It is having total 874 pages. By genre it belongs to the category of cultural studies books.

Books Author: “Lawrence S. Cunningham”

“Lawrence S. Cunningham “was born in 1935. His most prominent books are including “Culture and Values: A Survey of the Western Humanities”, “Culture and Values: A Survey of the Humanities Alternates” and “Culture and Value: A Survey of the Humanities”.


“Culture and Value: A Survey of the Humanities 8th edition” written by “Lawrence S. Cunningham”. Its story is circle around human history and human creativities. It defines art, philosophy, literature and music in an accurate and concise manner that can attract a huge numbers of readers with the rest of the entire world. Its new version explains the human connections of different people from different cultures. The whole features of this book including plot, storylines, pace and opening and closing points in a professional way that can accelerate the interest level of readers.


“Culture and Value: A Survey of the Humanities” revolved around a various part of human creativity. It includes different things like art, philosophy, literature and music from the initial days of human history till know. This book desires to observe to the influence of different people they create things like painting, music and several stories. It also define and elaborate the emergence of human culture.

This new version of “” has made it simpler for the audience to understand with some new improvements. The new design presents a clearer and more concise picture of the main idea. In this new version there are innovative guided discussion which help the readers to understand the important connections between art and ideas with a historical event of several cultures. At the beginning of this book there is an additional preview which makes it easier for the readers to navigate.

The main objectives of this book are to explore the creative expressions of people over the history of time and the significant changes in values throughout those times. The book explores more areas such as the development of art, music and philosophy and their impact of human culture. It describes how societies have develop their understanding of life and express their experiences in various ways.

The study of art is an important as it explore the lives, believes and the events that took place in the human history through pictures and images. These visual graphics explain how the people in in various times prioritize beauty and values of life. By merrily looking at the art we can understand the essence of the life during different eras of time.

Music is of the most important part of any culture and we can understand the values of a society deeply through a music. This book explores emotional and spiritual journey of human being in different times and places with the help of their music and songs. The music and songs express the deep feelings and values that are cherished in different cultures.

Philosophy is one of the main topics of this book. It explores how philosophy has impacted human thinking throughout the history. It explores how people in different times have tried to understand right and wrong and the concept of reality. This book describes the influence of philosophy on people and their culture. It explores the journey of ideas throughout the time. With the help of literature, a story and writing we can understand the thought process of people in various times in history. We can travel through the imagination of writers and their adventurous stories with the help of literature. We can also comprehend the interesting tales and the cultural stories and their impacts on deep human emotions.

Writing Style

“Lawrence S. Cunningham” ways writing in his book “Culture and Values: A Survey of The Humanities” is very easy to understand and approach. He defines the in-depth themes including human cultures and innovations in a broad way that can attract a huge numbers of readers worldwide. He uses simple but detailed sentences and words to balance the pace and tone of the whole story. He avoids to use complex vocabularies and irrelevant jargons throughout the whole story. “Lawrence S. Cunningham” includes various real stories and examples to boost the interest level of all kinds of readers. He explains the plot, pace, tone, storylines and opening and closing points in a professional and concise ways that are easy to read and understand.

Major Receptions

“Culture and Values: A Survey of The Humanities” received mostly positive comments from its readers since its publication. This book was praised for its in-depth themes, well-developed characters and its valuable learning resources. Many of the well-known publication organizations including The New York Times and The Guardians consider it as one of the bestselling book. Many of educational institutions adopt it work in their specific courses. It has been translated into different languages including French, German and Spanish and it also has been sold 2k copies world side since its publication.


“Culture And Values: A Survey of The Humanities” is a helpful guide explaining different historical events and their connection with their values and creativity. It explores these concepts through art, music, philosophy and literature by explaining the complex emotions that are connected to them. The readers can embark on a journey full of thoughtful exploration and the creativity of diverse human population over time. This book is suitable for all adult and mature readers. I recommended this book to all of them who wants to read cultured study book.