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Books Title: “Elementary Statistics” PDF Free Download

“Elementary Statistics” is an interesting book that is circle around statistical applications blocks and numbers. This book was originally published in 1983 by “Addison-Wesley”. It contains total 629 pages. By genre it belongs to statistical book.

Books Author: “Mario F Triola”

“Mario F Triola”is an American professor and writer. He was born in 1944. His most popular books are “Biostatistics for the Biological and Health Sciences”, “Statistical Reasoning for Everyday Life” and “Elementary Statistics with Statdisk”.


The book “Elementary Statistics” is revolved around the basic math’s about numbers. This has different parts that talks on several important ideas. It contains several major blocks that plays a vital role in the elementary statics. It offer various resources for all of them who wants to gain a solid understanding of basic statistical concepts.

This book also explain things step by step with different real examples. It focus on various practical applications that can be very helpful for all audiences worldwide. Although the whole aspects of this book such as plot, storylines and opening and closing points are placed in an accurate manner that can attract a huge number of readers with the rest of the world.


The descriptive statistics guide us to understand different numbers in a clear and concise manner. It teaches us about how to find middle set of numbers. To do this, the ways including mean, median and mode plays a vital role. We can lean about how can choose together or far apart. We can explore it with the range, variance and standard deviation. This book teaches us where a specific numbers can be compared with other. We can also learn about percentile and Z- Scores. This section of the book explains why the pictures and graphs are important to understand the numbers.

It talks on probabilities of various events and there occurrence. It define sample spaces, conditional probabilities, the binomial distribution, normal distribution and also passion distribution. This book guides us about to pick a small group from a big one and we can understand the behavior of small group numbers. In this section of the book we also know about the various things including samplings, variances, statistical significance and P- Values. We can develop our guesses about a big group and we can check our ideas and guesses if there are likely true or not.

This book guide is regarding how things are related and pretending one from the other. We can also use various methods to understand these connections. This part of the book teaches us about correlation ships, regression and logistic regression. ANOVA is also define by this section of book. Basically ANOVA is a statistical technique that we can use to compare the means of two or more groups. The type of ANOVA such as one way and two way ANOVA are also elaborate in this book.

We can examine how to interpret the result of an ANOVA test. The Chi-Square is a two statistical test that can be used to access the independence of two categorical variables. We can also learn about the performance and result of Chi- Squares. The non-parametric Statistics methods are used when the given data is normally distributed and when the assumptions of parametric tests are not meet. The common non-parametric tests such as main- Whitney V test and the Kriskal- Wallist test is also broadly explain in this book.

Writing Style

“Mario F Triola” ways of writing in his book “Elementary Statistics” is easy to understand and straightforward. He elaborates various in-depth themes in an easy way that can understand a huge numbers of audiences worldwide. He also defines several resources and knowledge with visuals like flowcharts and diagrams to ensure the understanding level of the readers.

“Mario F Triola” uses concise and simple language to balance the pace and tone of plot. He avoids all complex vocabularies and extra jargons with the aim to convey his core messages in an easy way for the audiences. “Mario F Triola” encourages the readers to think critically and allow them to generate their own opinions about the future of this book. Although, he placed plot, storylines and opening and closing points in a professional manner that can be very easy to understand and approach.

Major Receptions

The book “Elementary Statistics” had received generally positive comments and feedbacks from its readers and critics alike. This book has been venerated for its step by step approach, focus on real world applications and clear and concise explanation of statistical methods.

It was also praised for its knowledge about the art and science learning from data, real examples and statistical software’s into a learning processes. Furthermore this book sold over millions of copies since its publication and it has been translated into different other languages worldwide.


This book is not just like a regular guide books but it teaches those all people who wants to get good at playing with numbers. It defines many of important math ideas including finding the middle of bunch of as number, how spread out they are and how to use them in a real life. It elaborates several examples that make the information’s easy to understand.

The whole features of this book including plots, language and opening and closing point are defined by the author in a professional manner that can attract a huge numbers of audiences worldwide. If you are seeking for a statistic book then just grab it and learn what you want. This book is suitable for statistics students and other professional. I recommended this book to all of them who love to read statistics books.