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The book intermediate Accounting is packed with various accounting related fundamental stuffs. Basically, this book focuses on different tricky things that we can use them to resolve all accounting related problems. On this way, this book offers advanced concepts and ideas such as time value of money and dealing with all taxes.

So, intermediate Accounting teaches us about all things which are need to get really well in intermediate accounting. Furthermore, in this review we cover over all chapters and its fundamental concepts step by step. The readers can visit freely and they can also download other related books.


 Intermediate Accounting begins with multiple accounting concepts and methods. However, this book talks on prominent ideas such as how to deal all sort of taxes and how to manage the money in an accurate manner. It defines different advanced considerations like deferred annuities and long-term bonds. Additionally, in deferred annuities where we wait to get paid and long-term bonds which extend for more than a year.

Moreover, this book also talks about the selling of grocery, gadgets and clothes. It closely looks on their cost and how can they play a pivotal role in financial accounting. The retail inventory method is a key focus on intermediate accounting. This method assists us to know how products in the store is worth in money term. Furthermore, it is considered a big deal in intermediate accounting. It helps the businessman keep track of their stuffs in an accurate manner.

However, Intermediate Accounting talks on various stuffs that a company owns. These stuffs include buildings, machines and plats. As we aware that sometimes many of unpleasant situations happens such as theft. Then the company must record the differences between insurance proceeds and the net assets. Basically, it shows if they lose or gain money when they had to get rid of the stuffs.

Furthermore, this book elaborates spending money on new things. Such as making new shirts in a garments factory. On this way, it shows us how companies can deal with taxes and how they can observe the difference between regular accounting and tax accounting. Finally, Intermediate Accounting explains the term depreciation method and its impact on the net income.

Key Features

  • Financial Declaration

Intermediate Accounting shows us how much money corporation or business has, how much money they earn and how much money the spend. However, they use to maintain a balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement.

  • Note Value of Money

This process helps us to understand how much the net amount of money can be worth later on. Although the experienced investors and successful businessmen states that it is an important process. Because it shows that how much money we have to pay back in terms of loans. And how much money we can earn from investment.

  • Abstract wealth

So, this book teaches us about various abstract assists. These are the things that the company own but they are invisible. Such assists are as copyrights, trademarks and patents.

  • Financing

It is about keeping an account of a company puts into other companies. It up the owners whether they agreed to keep it for a short period of time or a long period of time.

  • Taxes

Intermediate Accounting teaches us about various taxes. On this way it defines that the taxes are net amount of money that the companies have to pay to the government. Additionally, Income tax and sales tax are the big examples.

Writing Style

Donald Kieso ways of writing in the book Intermediate Accounting is straightforward and comprehensive. His writing style is too much easy to access and understand. The author defines several fundamentals of accounting in a way which are too much accessible. Moreover, the writer of this book elaborates different advanced concepts and methods step by step through various chapters.

Although, Donald Kieso avoids complex vocabularies and overwhelming jargons, aimed to convey his core ideas in an easy manner. He also encourages the audiences to think critically and allow them to come up with their own point of views about the future of this book. Finally, the author uses simple language to balance the pace and tone of plotlines.

Major Receptions

Intermediate Accounting had awarded generally positive feedbacks from its readers and critics alike. This book was venerated for its engaging writing style, in-depth plots and advanced concepts. While, it was also praised for its step-by-step elaboration and comprehensive details regarding advanced accounting.

However, Intermediate Accounting has been translated into different other languages worldwide and it also has been sold over millions of copies since its publication. This book got 4.7 out of 5 stars from Goodreads and Amazon. Many of other online publications also showered their positive feedbacks for this book since its publication.


Intermediate Accounting is an interesting book which desires to understand various complicated accounting related products in a better way. Although, this book defines several topics including R@D cost, valve of money, dealing with various properties and taxes. It also gives us different skills for doing better in the complex world of accounting.

The readers can feel free to download this book. If you are seeking for a book just like it, then don’t waste your time, grab and learn more what you want. This book is suitable for accounting beginners and experienced readers. I recommended this book to all of them who want to read accounts related books.