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Books Title: “Misery” PDF Free Download

“Misery” is a horror novel and its story is revolved around a writer named as Paul. He is locked by a nurse named as Annie because she force him to write a book about her. This book was originally published in 1987 by “Viking Press”. By genre it belongs to the category of horror novel. It is having total 314 pages. The main characters of story are Paul and Annie.

Books Author: “Stephen King”

Stephen King” is an American writer. He was born in Sep 21, 1947 in Portland, Maine, United States. He completed graduated in Arts in 1970. He published his first novel with the name “Carrie”. His most popular book are “It”, “Stand by Me”, “The Shining” and “The chapter Two”.

Introduction to “Misery”

One of the outstanding book named as “Misery” is written by “Stephen King”. The story starts with a young author named as Paul Sheldon. This book elaborates the harsh story of Paul and Annie in a precise way. The main idea of this book is how to discover and understand the fake faces people.

This book also teach us about how to move forward with a better hope in a challenging situation. The author explains all the features of this novel in an accurate and precise way with the aim to deliver his message in a concise way.

Summary of “Misery”

The story is circle around a well-known writer named as Paul Sheldon. Paul is very famous among readers and one day unfortunately he gets into a car accident and injured badly. One of his fan nurse named as Annie Wilkes saves him. She makes Poul to write a story for her with his favorite character. On the other hand Paul is very grateful to Annie for her cooperation his hospital.

But latter on Paul understand that Annie is not as good as she shows. She insist him for write a book about her. She use to threaten and abuse Poul for this purpose. So, Paul shows his willingness even though he knows that it’s not good for him and his career. Then Paul starts to write a book on Annie and she locked him up in a room and always observe his writing.

She force him to write what she want. She stop Poul to connect with his friends and his family. This situation makes Paul too much hurt and he always thinks to run away from her custody. Annie use to mental and physical torcher on Poul but Poul never give up but still hopeful for better days. Eventually he managed a plan for runaway kill her in his self-defense.

After kills Annie, he run away through the path of firn with the aim to reach his town. He feels weakness and injured badly. He then goes to hospital for his treatment purpose and soon after he recover. He meets his family and friends and they are happy to meet him. Now a days he starts to write a book about his dark days with Annie and the name of his upcoming book is “Misery Return”.

Major Receptions

The book “Misery” received mostly positive reviews from its readers and critcs. One of the most common review is that its themes, plot, authors writing and storytelling style is fabulous and impressive with the rest of the story that can inspire the whole kinds of readers.

This novel also won Bram Stoker award. Its work has been adopted by many film makers and television shows. It has sold almost 40 million copies worldwide and it also has been translated in 35 various languages since its publication.

Writing Style

“Stephen King” is very famous for his creative and investigating writing. His way of writing in his book “Misery” is straightforward and easy to approach. He explains complex but well-educated and well-organized characters that looks like real with the rest of the story. He uses simple and short sentences and simple language just for the sake of balance the pace of story.

“Stephen King” explains the themes in an appropriate manner that can attract a huge number of readers worldwide. He shows his consciousness regarding irrelevant jargons and difficult vocabularies with the aim to convey his core ideas in an easy way. He placed plot, climaxes and opening and closing points in a professional and satisfactory manner that makes this story interested among the audiences.

Conclusion of “Misery”

“Misery” is an interesting novel that gives us a numerous lessons including how to find out and understand the fake faces of people who try to hurt us. This is a story of hope and survival along with it also show the dark side of fans. The all features and aspects of this story are placed in a concise way and its ideas are conveyed in a simple but detailed ways.

This book will make you to thinks about it and remember it for a long time. if you are a Horror book seekers then just grapes it and read what you want. It is suitable for all ages and generations especially for mature readers. I recommended this book to all of them who love to read horror novels.


Q: What does Misery mean?

Misery means a state of suffering and want that is the result of poverty or affliction.

Q: What is a synonym for Misery?

Agony, Distress, and also suffering are the synonyms for Misery.

Q: Is Misery a feeling?

Yes, it is a miserable felling.

Q: Can a 12 year old read Misery?

This story is suitable for young adults and mature readers.

Q: What is the scariest scene in Misery?

The scariest scene in Misery is Misery hobbling scene.

Q: Why is Annie Wilkes scary?

She thinks and believe that she does.

Q: What is the main theme of Misery?

Isolation, grief and dehumanization are the themes of this story.

Q: Who is the killer in Misery?

Annie Wilkes is the killer in Misery.