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Books Title: “Station of Cross” PDF Free Download

“Station of Cross” is an emotional book that is circle around Jesus whole journey and his love for all humanities. This book was originally published in 1893 by Independent Publishers. It has total 08 pages. By genre it belongs to the category of Religious Literature book.

Books Author: “St. Bonaventure”

“St. Bonaventure” was an Italian writer. He was born in 1221, Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy. His popular books are “Breviloquium”, “Legenda minor”, “Opera omnia” and “The Life of Saint Francis”. He was in July 15, 1274, Lyon, France.

Introduction of “Station of Cross”

The book “Station of Cross” is written by “St. Bonaventure”. It is mostly a special way to remember and admire the love of Jesus for the humanity. This book defines all the hard times that Jesus faced for us. He felt insufferable pain and even faced the death just to save our lives. This book states that it was a big gift from Jesus and we should always remember and appreciate it.

Whenever we think about the book and the parts of its story, it helps us understand more about the harsh things that Jesus faced to make our belief in him stronger than before. The whole aspects including plot, storyline, narration and opening and closing points are elaborated and defined in an accurate manner. The author of this book uses simple language with the aim to convey his message in an easy way.

Summary of “Station of Cross”

The book “Station of the Crows” revolves around a pictorial story that defines the fourteen important and emotional moments of Jesus Christ life and his journey. This book is also known for “via crucis” and “way of sorrows”. These different pictures help Christians to think and know about the hard times including Jesus’ suffering and death. Many people use to look at these images to admire his whole sacrifice.

Station 1

This part elaborates the moments where Jesus is taken to a leader called Pontius. After a complete investigation, Pontius found that Jesus is not guilty but the people want Jesus to be killed. Then Pontius surrenders to the wishes of the people and offers Jesus to the people to do with him whatever they like.

Station 2

In this part Jesus seems too much tired and weak. He is carrying a heavy wooden cross. On this station, one of the man named as Simon of Cyrense helps Jesus carry the wooden cross because Roman troops allow him to do it.

Station 3

In this station, Jesus is carrying a very heavy wooden cross. He falls down due to the heavy weight of the cross. Despite all this, he doesn’t quit and he stands back to keep going on his path.

Station 4

In this part, Jesus meets his beloved mother Marry. Marry sees her son come carrying a heavy wooden cross. She is aware that his son is going to die. They both were a little sad but they spend some good moments together.

Station 5

In this part, the soldiers allow Simon to help Jesus. Initially he rejects this order but later on he decides to help Jesus and carry his heavy wooden cross.

Station 6

In this station, one of the women named as Veronica uses her clothes to clean the face of Jesus. In this moment, Jesus’ face leaves a special mark of Souvenir on her cloth.

Station 7

In this part, Jesus falls down again due to the heavy weight of the wooden cross. The soldiers help him to stand up again. Then Jesus keeps to continue his journey.

Station 8

In this station, Jesus is talking to some women who are crying because of his sufferings. Jesus states that don’t cry for me, be careful and sad for your children. This dark time has a big mission to save everyone.

Station 9

In this part, Jesus again falls down and he was tired and feeling weakness in his entire body. The soldiers again help him get back to his feet and Jesus continues on his way.

Station 10

In this part, the soldiers take away all his clothes. They left him without clothes on various occasions during the journey. It made him feel too much weak.

Station 11

In this part, the soldiers pull out nails from Jesus’ hands. They put him up and placed onto a big wooden cross with his hands wide apart.

Station 12

In this station, Jesus passed away. The soldiers then take his body away from the wooden cross.

Station 13

In this part, two of boys named Joseph and Nicodemus take Jesus’ body from the cross. They clean his whole body and wrap some of special cloth on his body. Then they put him in a cave which is called a tomb.

Station 14

In this station, the soldiers put a big rock in front of the cave to make sure that nobody can open it. This is the last station of Jesus’ journey.

It does not end and finish forever. After 3 days, Jesus comes back to his life. He beats his death and gives a hope for the whole humanity that we can live forever.

Writing Style

The author of the book “The Station of Cross” St. Bonaventure uses a comprehensive and precise writing style. He elaborates the fourteen stations of Jesus’ journey in a broad way to help the readers understand it better. He explores some of the main and complex emotional and moral themes such as sacrifice, love, forgiveness and redemption. These principles can persuade huge number of readers worldwide.

St. Bonaventure uses precise and simple sentences to balance the plot of the story. He avoids irrelevant idioms and difficult vocabularies in order to convey his message in an easy way. He includes many of real life stories about Jesus that can inspire the audience. He placed plot, storyline and opening and closing points of this story in a professional manner.

Major Recognitions

“The Station of Cross” had rewarded generally positive comments and feedbacks since its publication. This book was venerated for broad explanation of spiritual growth, personal reflection, community building and historical accuracy.

While many of other critics found that the physical and emotional pain can discourage many of individuals argue that this practice can be useless for them who are non-Christians. It has been translated in to different countless languages worldwide and it also has been sold millions of copies since its publication.

Conclusion of “Station of Cross”

This book “The Station of Cross” is an interesting, emotional and heat-touching story. It gives us various important aspects about how much Jesus loves us. This book explains the whole harsh journey of Jesus. When we think about each part of this story, it can boost our feelings of love for Jesus. It helps us to understand our faith better and it also makes us ready for Easter Sunday.

The life related and in-depth lessons of this book can attract a huge number of readers, especially those from the Christian following. This book is suitable for adult and mature readers who are interested in the marvelous journey of Jesus. I recommend this book to all those who love to read Religious Literature.