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Books Title: “The 256 Odu Ifa” PDF Free Download

“The 256 Odu Ifa” give us an information’s about Odu Ifa custom and religious practices. This book was originally published in 2022 by “‎IMadan Orunmila Edition Publishing”. This book has total 28 pages.

Books Author: “Marcelo Madan”

“Marcelo Madan” was born in 1944. His most famous books are “The 256 Odu of Ifa Cuban and Traditional Vol.42”, “THE 256 ODU IFA CUBAN AND TRADITIONAL VOL. 15” and “The 256 Odu of Ifa Cuban and Traditional Vol. 75”.

Introduction of “The 256 Odu Ifa”

The book “The 256 Odu Ifa” revolves around Odu Ifa. It is written by “Marcelo Madan”.  Basically, it gives us an information about Ifa religious believes and predictions. This book is suitable for those who desires to know about Ifu religion especially for Isedale Yoruba group. On the other hand, Isedale Yoruba group was leaded by a person called king. They utilize their efforts to teach others about the Yoruba Tradition. The author of this book placed all features of this book in a broad way that can be very easy to access and approach.


“The 256 Odu Ifa” circles around Odu Ifa. Ifa is actually a big collection of teaching from the Yoruba group. The Yoruba group had passed down since a long period of time. According to them, there are 256 chapters in Odu Ifa. Each chapter is like a unique puzzle known as Odu. These puzzles give s us many of informational ideas about our lives and future.

In this book, the author defines the people of Odu. He talks about Babalawos which is known as Ifa oracle. And Ifa oracle is use to talk to God and they get various advices about their important things. So, this book teaches us about the importance of customs, gifts and prayers of Odu religion. The people of Odu Ifa belived that these practices keep everything’s in balance.

The book “The 256 Odu Ifa” wants to assist the audiences that they are a part of a group and work as a team member. The author desires that everyone have to share what they know and learn from each other. He also wants that everyone to come together and know regarding the wisdom of Ifa religion.

Writing Style of “The 256 Odu Ifa”

“Marcelo Madan” maintain a straightforward and accessible writing style in his book “The 256 Odu Ifa” which is easy to understand and read. He explains the fundamental information’s regarding Odu Ifa and Ifa religion which can assist a wide audience. He also elaborates the Isedale Yoruba group in a broad way that the readers can easily understand their respective customs and culture.

“Marcelo Madan” escapes intricate vocabularies and overwhelming idioms, intend to covey his core ideas in an easy manner. He heartens the readers to think critically and allow them to draw their own views about the future of this book. “Marcelo Madan” uses simple and concise language to balance the pace and tone of plotlines.

Major Recognitions

The book “The 256 Odu Ifa” received mostly positive feedbacks from its readers and critics alike. This book was awarded for its engaging writing style, in-depth plotlines and though provoking themes. It was also praised for its broad explanation about the Odu Ifa and Yoruba group.

Furthermore, this book has been translated into different other languages worldwide. It also has been sold over millions of copies since its publication. “The 256 Odu Ifa” was praised by many of outside media outlets such as Amazon and Goodreads.

Conclusion of “The 256 Odu Ifa”

“The 256 Odu Ifa” is a more like a friendly book which tells all things about Odu Ifa. This book gives us a lot of knowledge about the ancient tradition known as Yoruba spiritual tradition. Although, it does not elaborate whole information’s but it is a good starting for the people who wants to know about Ifa religion.

The basic aim of this book supports the people to work as a team and keep the Yoruba tradition alive in future. It is suitable for young adults and mature readers. I recommended this book to all of them who wants to read Anthologies books.