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Books Title: “The Enjoyment of Music 12th Edition” PDF Free Download 

The book “The Enjoyment of Music 12th Edition” is about several varieties of music including its history and types. This book was originally published in 2015 by “W. W. Norton & Company”. It contains total 35 pages. By genre it belongs to music education book.

Books Author: “Kristine Forney”

“Kristine Forney” is Professor of the music history at California State University. Her most popular books are “The Enjoyment of Music”, “Enjoyment of Music: Essential Listening”, “The Enjoyment of Music: An Introduction to Perceptive Listening” and “The Norton Scores: A Study Anthology”.

Introduction of “The Enjoyment of Music 12th Edition”

“The Enjoyment of Music 12th Edition” circles around the different varieties of music. This book assists the students to know and entertain music in a better sense. This latest edition has been improved over 50 years to make music learning even more better. It contains more songs to listen, different latest ways of teaching and better online tools.

This version talks about how carefully listen and think about the music. It also talks about how great for learning about the music. This version teaches us about the history, genre various style of the ancient and latest music. Although, the whole aspects including plotlines, pace, tone and structure of this book is placed in an accurate manner that can persuade a huge number of readers worldwide.


The book “The Enjoyment of Music 12th Edition” revolves around types, history and various genres of music. This book begins form the foundation of music such as rhythm, melody, harmony and its structure. On this way, it elaborates several real examples and stories to assist the students and other music lovers how the classic music in the Western World has been changed over the passage of time. It also elaborates the music from other parts of the entire world. So, overall, it shows how diverse and interesting the music can be globally.

So, this edition shows the different kind of music before showing several songs form different cultures and times. This version explains the modern pop and other famous classical pieces in a broad way along with the important ideas. These ideas make the listeners to think about the various types of music in an accurate manner. Even, the author also knows about various songs and voices that has been often ignored by the people.

Besides showing all these things, this book also looks closely how it can connect different cultures, societies and histories. Moreover, it talks about how the music relates to things like politics, religion and technology. These circumstances shows that how music is bounded with all aspects of our lives. Putting all these things, this book helps us to understand how the music can reflect the human life and feeling better.

This new edition includes many of cool stuffs which can help the students who desires to make their career in the field of music. Basically, this book introduced various new ways of music that can be very interesting a and entertaining for the music lovers. It gives answers to various complicated questions about the music which help the students pay attention and talk about what the hear. There are several online tools such as videos, study guides and quizzes that the students can use them to practice and can learn more on their own.

Writing Style of “The Enjoyment of Music 12th Edition”

“Kristine Forney” adopts a straightforward and engaging writing style in his book “The Enjoyment of Music 12th Edition” which is easy to access and understand. She explains various real stories and examples in a comprehensive way that can persuade a huge number of audiences worldwide. She also defines her own passion about music and other music related information’s that can be easy to access and understand.

Moreover, “Kristine Forney” avoids overwhelming technical jargons and complicated vocabularies, aimed to forward his core ideas in an accurate manner. She encourages the audiences to think critically and allow them to come up with their own thoughts about the future of this book. She prefers to use simple words and language to balance the pace and tone of plotlines. Although, “Kristine Forney” includes numerous real examples and stories that can be very interesting for all kind of readers.

Major Receptions

The book “The Enjoyment of Music 12th Edition” had awarded mostly positive reviews and feedbacks from its readers and critics alike. This book was praised for its broad scope, engaging writing style and in-depth plotlines. While it was venerated for its historical explanation of music and its various types such as classic and pop music.

It received 4.3 out of 5 stars form various online retailers such as Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes. On the other side, many of prominent media publications such as The New York Times and Guardians showered their positive feedbacks for this book. So, it has been translated in to different other languages and it has been sold over millions of copies since its publication.

Conclusion of “The Enjoyment of Music 12th Edition”

“The Enjoyment of Music 12th Edition” is an interesting and top-notch book. It teaches us about different ways of music, various kind of music and their usage. It assists the students to learn how to listen and understand all kind of music. On this way, this latest version makes the music lover to appetite the music more throughout their lives.  

Furthermore, “The Enjoyment of Music 12th Edition” is suitable for all young adults and mature music lovers. If you are searching for a book just like it, then don’t waste your precious time, grab it and learn a lot what you need. On this way, I recommended this book to all of them who love to read music related books.