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Books Title: “The Power of Now” PDF Free Download

“The Power of Now” is an informative and educational book that revoval around the teaching of the author “Eckhart Tolle”. This book has total 235 pages. By genre it belongs to the category of Mind,Body and Sprit book. It was originally published in 2004 by New World Library.

Books Author: “Eckhart Tolle”

“Eckhart Tolle” is a spiritual teacher and self-help author. He was born in Feb, 16, 1948 in Lunen, West Germany. He studied philosophy, psychology and literature from university of London. He won various awards including Gio Peace Foundation give him Peace Prize, Book for a Better Life Award for his book “A New Earth”and Nautilus Award for his book “The Power of Now”. His most popular books are “Oneness With All Life: Inspirational Selection”, “Living a Life of Inner Peace” and “Joy of Being”.

Introduction to “The Power of Now”

“The Power of Now” is written by “Eckhart Tolle”. This book is revolved around Tolles teaching about human mind and behavior. He teaches that mind is responsible for all worries and challenges in life because it recall and remind past along with concern regarding coming future. Tolle emphasizes to accept the present moment, what is going on is real thing rather than how things were and what situations will be. This book talks on how to control our mind for the sake of living a better life. Although, the whole features of this book is slaborated and defined by the author in an accurate way.

Summary of “The Power of Now”

“The Power of Now” is driven by “Eckhart Tolle”. It is circle around our thoughts and feelings and our mind. Tolle describes the feelings, if one is free from the mind. He states that our mind is responsible for all our sufferings and sorrows. Our mind has a powers to remember our past happenings. It tilt us worry about our feature. Due to all these situations, it never allows us to spend a peaceful time in present.

Tolle offers the concept of Discomfort body. It is live with us and also force to remind all sufferings and pains. This situation continuously capture our attention towards them. That results a negative thoughts and feelings in us. Tolle writes, the only thing that matters is our present. Our past was over and the future is yet to come. On this situation, we only have the present to enjoy and observe things.

On the other site, most of the peoples are not only thinks about their past but they are much and more anxious about their future. He point out that if any one of us do not spend a present day in an appropriate and satisfactory manner, then we bring ourselves sadness, pain and anxiety along with that we lost ours life’s precious day without joy and chill.

Furthermore Tolle goes to talk about the essence of brain and ideas. He writes that the most primary and fundamental function of our brain is to make decesions and solve problems. We have to take control our mind. Whenever our mind is not under our control, then it can works against us. Tolle says, if any person usually thinks about his past and worried regarding future, then the thoughts and feelings are went against oneself and that results tension, anxiety, depression and panic situations that are not good for our precious heath.

Tolle comments that our life is many times precious than just a mind. According to him there is little bit needs of awareness about things that are huge source of chill and joy in our lives. Such as a habit of letting down the past and move forward with positive thoughts. Tolle shows that how we connect with the present moments and observe things with a positive mindset. These habits of human beings allows them to think positive along with experience love, pleasure and peace in their lives.

He believes that Recognition is the key source of a meaningful and peaceful life. It is very simple that we as a humans accept what is going on the present situation. At any cost we unable to letting go the present situation but we have to accept it. This enable to move us forward with a positive thought with a joy life. Tolle believes that our friendship is the reflection of our inner peace and inner satisfaction. If we have an inner peace than we have a loving, caring and healthy friendship.

On the other side, if we have lack of inner peace and satisfaction, it indicates that our friendship is fill with a lots of dramas and tensions. Tolle concluded this story with the nature of wisdom. He believes that wisdom is not happens suddenly in once life. It is a gradually process that takes place step by step in our lives. .

Writing Style

“Eckhart Tolle” method of writing in his book “The Power of Now” is means to understand and approach. He elaborates every complicated and complex methods, analysis and problems in a simple, concise and approachable way. He elaborates complex but well-informed characters that are looking like real throughout the story.

He defines various in-depth and life related themes that can persuade a huge numbers of readers worldwide. Toller uses simple and precise language to balance the pace and tone of this book. He avoids to use extra jargons and complex vocabularies with the aims to forward his message in a easy way. He placed plot, themes, storylines and opening and closing points in an appropriate and satisfactory manner.

Major Recognitions

The book “The Power of Now” received mostly positive feedbacks from its audiences. It has been praised for its practical guidelines, in-depth themes and concise writing style. This book won various awards including “The Benjamin Franklin Award for Best Audiobook” and “the Nautilus Book Award”. It has been one of the top selling book that sold millions of copies since its publication. It also has been translated in to 50 more languages worldwide and also adopted in to several formats.


The book “The Power of Now” had recieved many of nagative feedbacks since its publication. Some of criticis found this story as too much generalized and simple. Some of the critics states that its teaching is based on passionate and it is not possible for anyone to practice in actual life. While many of audiences found that Tolle is totally failing to prove his statements scientifically.

Conclusion of “The Power of Now”

“The Power of Now” is written by Eckhart Tolle is an outstanding and engaging book that is circle around the teaching of Tolle about mindset and behavior. He explained all complex and difficult methods, terms and condition in an accurate, simple, concise and inspiring manner. It provides broad knowlwdge regarding our behavior and ways of living.

This book defines all the resources including how can we forget our past and moving towards feature with positive thoughts and better hope. The author had placed all the features in an accurate and concise way that can attract a huge numbers of readers towards this book. This book is suitable for adult and mature audiences. I refer this book to all of them who love to read Mind,Body and Sprit related books.


Q: What is The Power of Now theory?

People’s emotional problems are connected to their identifications and mindset.

Q: What is the main message of The Power of Now?

The important message of this book is the importance of living in the present situation with peace.

Q: Is The Power of Now easy to read?

Yes, this book is easy to read and understand.

Q: Who should read The Power of Now?

The audiences who wants to inner peace in their lives can read this book.

Q: Is The Power of Now a philosophy?

This book is revolved around the Eckhart Tolle’s life philosophy.

Q: What age is Eckhart Tolle?

Tolle is 75 years old.

Q: How many chapters are in The Power of Now?

There are 10 characters in this story.

Q: How many languages is The Power of Now in?

It has been translated in to 50 different languages.

Q: Why is Eckhart Tolle so popular?

Tolle is popular for its broad knowledge and experience.

Q: Was Eckhart Tolle ever married?

Yes Tolle is a married man and his wifes name is Kim Eng .

Q: Is The Power of Now bestseller?

Yes, this book is New York Times Bestselling book.