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Books Title: “Vagina: A New Biography” PDF Free Download

“Vagina: A New Biography” talks on interlinks between sexuality and creativity and it consider insights of newly scientific innovations and researches along with popular evidences about female sexual response. It has total 512 pages. This book was originally published in 2013 by Virago. By genre it belongs to the category of Gender Study book.

Books Author: “Nomi Wolf”

“Nomi Wolf” is an American feminist author, journalist and conspiracy theorist. She was born in 1962. She completed her PHD in English Letlature from Oxford University. Since 2014, she is affiliated with media outlets as a Conspiracy Theorists. She seems to be much and more critic on ISIS and western African Ebola Vinous epidemic and Edword Snduden. Nomi Wolf is a big critic of coved- 19 Vaccine and her twitter account was blocked for her Anti- vaccine missinformations.

Introduction of “Vagina: A New Biography”

“Vagina: A New Biography” is written by Nomi Wolf. It is circle around a female sexuality along with the new scientific innovations and a unique experiment and examinations of female sexuality that directly connect with their brain. For the sake of further understanding the author links science, culture, ethics and her personal experiences. In this book, readers can also understand and get knowledge about the power, function and unidentified female reproductive organs. The whole aspects of this book are defined by the author in an accurate manner that can attract a huge numbers of readers.

Summary of “Vagina: A New Biography”

Vagina:” A New Biography” is revolved around an amazing adventure with the aims to know about the all secrets of the female reproductive organs. It is about the modern science including history and culture around women’s sexuality, wishes and personal development. This book broadly elaborates the questions on the usual thinking of people about vagina. The author includes various scientific findings along with her personal thoughts in order to explain that vagina is not something for producing kids. It is basically a complicated system which is connected to the brain.

Naomi talks about the connection between mind and vagina. She talks on our believes, what our culture teaches us and how we experience the sex. She also defines the history and how society had tried to control women’s sexuality. She gives many advices that we have to think about women’s in a different way while judged them. This book includes many of new ideas and innovations in science about how woman can experience sex. It defines the latest research regarding clitoris, organisms and female brain. These sort of researches helps us to understand why woman feels pleasure and challenges. And how the body of woman can function properly. It teaches to the women’s about the modern ways of thinking regarding to their own bodies.

In this book Naomi also includes and explains her own thoughts and stories for the sake of making the difficult ideas easy to understand and approach. This book provides us several massages including how we think about women’s sexuality. It challenges the all ancient ideas and thoughts about women. It encourage the women to take control their bodies with the new innovations. It also explore the ways that how we can celebrate and respect women desires.

Writing Style

wolfs writing style in her book Vagina “A New Biography” is easy to understand and approach. She explains in-depth and life related themes in an accurate and precise way that can attract a huge numbers of audiences with the rest of entires worls. She uses simple language and words to balance the pace and tone of this story. wolf avoids all sort of extra jargons and complicated vocabularies with the aim to convey all core messages in a very clear way. She includes various personal and life related stories to boost the interest and understanding level of readers. wolf placed plot, storylines and opening and closing points in a very professional manner.

Major Recognitions

Vagina:” A New Biography” had received generally positive comments from its readers since its publications. This book was praised for its cultural impacts on women, empowering women through knowledge, new ways of female anatomy and exploration of female sexuality. This book has been sold 50k copies since its publication and it also has been translated into 20 different languages worldwide.

Conclusion of “Vagina: A New Biography”

Vagina “A New Biography” is a challenging and revolutionary study that tells us about the hidden and unidentified area of female sexuality. The author includes her personal experiments and experiences, scientific studies, interviews of expertise, and feminist point of views that makes this book more vibrant interested and unique. So, vagina is not just a biography but it is a path to change the perceptions of the peoples of society toward female sexuality. This book is suitable for mature readers. I highly recommended this book to all of them who love to read gender study books.