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We the People (pdf download) revolves around a comprehensive and engaging introduction of American Government and its Political system. This book Cleary defines the fundamental concepts, institutions, shape of the government and limitations of working units.

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After all, its accessible style and interactive learning tools make it is a valuable resource for all kind and background students. Moreover, the author defiens overall aspects in an accurate manner that can persuade a huge number of readers worldwide.


The book We the People (pdf download) is circle around the introduction of an American political system and Government. Basically it is divided into a four several parts.

Part One

The first part of this book talks on the basic principles of American government such as constitution, federalism and separation of power. It tells us what the government can and cannot do. How power is share between central government and its small units. Additionally, this section also elaborate and decide the jobs into a three basic parts including making laws, enforcing laws and deciding laws.

Second Part

The second part of this book is circle around the American political system. So, as the government is having various branches. These branches including making the laws for citizens (congress), enforcing laws on society (the president and his team) and making sure these laws (the courts). Each branch of the government seems to performing its job in its specific limit.

Furthermore, the political parties prefers to work with those people who have a similar ideas and thoughts. Many of the interest lobbies are influencing the government. They try and convince the government to make decisions according to their own interest. However, the role of media is also an important factor that helps the people to know about what’s happening in the country and what the government is doing.

Third Part

The third part of this book is revolved around American politics and policies. That includes the major issues, fundamental human rights, the gaps between rich and poor people, elimination of gender discriminations, balance of power, right to express personal opinions and foreign policies of the American government.

Forth Part

The forth part of this book defines the democracy and democratic system in American. This portion includes various democratic laws, democratic values and democratic norms. It explores that how government provides fundamental rights to the people on their door step. Moreover, it also explains the plans of the government regarding equally treatment of citizens despite of their race and colors.

Writing style

Benjamin Ginsberg ways of writing in his book We the People (pdf download) is very easy to approach and understand. He explains the in-depth themes in an accurate and concise way that can attract all kinds of readers with the rest of the entire world. However, the writer uses simple but detailed worlds to balance the pace and tone of the whole story.

Furthermore, the author prefers to use attractive and concise sentences along with he avoids all sort of extra jargons and complicated vocabularies with the rest of the whole story. Although, he also includes various real examples and stories that can put the interest and understanding level of all ages and all generations worldwide.

Significant Acceptance

“We the People” had received mostly positive reviews and comments from its readers. It has widely praised by readers and educators for its clarity, comprehensiveness and engaging approach regarding the American political system.

Many of the students worldwide commented on this books relevance and reliability to their lives. It has been sold 10 million copies since its publication and it also has been translated into a 20 different languages worldwide.


We the People (pdf download) is an excellent resource for defining and elaborating American government and politics. It is also an important text book for those students who really wants to know about American government and political system. This books provides a comprehensive and major concept and intuitions of American government. The numerous supplements of this book can help the students to learn whole materials.

This book is written in an accurate manner and concise style that attract a huge numbers of readers worldwide. The whole features of this book is defined and elaborated in a precise way with the aims to convey its core messages and ideas in as easy way. This book suitable for mature and adult readers. I highly recommended this book to all of them who love to read political science books.


What phrase is We the People?

This book says that constitution acquires its power not from any political party but the people themselves.

What is the We the People speech called?


Who used the phrase We the People?


Who is the father of the Constitution?

James Madison.

What are the first 3 words of the Constitution?

We The People.