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Books Title: “Apology” PDF Free Download

Apology is a philosophical book that includes the accounts of Socrates Speech, he makes at his trail in 399 BCE where he is charged dead sentence for corrupting and misguiding youth. This book was originally published in 399 BCE by “Simon & Schuster”. By genre it belongs to the catagory of “Philosophical” book. It has total 15 pages.

Books Author: “Plato”

Plato was born in 428 BCE in Athens. He received a Classic Greek education which includes literature, music, mathematics and gymnastics. His most famous book are “Apology”, “The Republic”, “The Phaedo” and “Crito”. He dead on 348 BEC.

Introduction to “Apology”

“Apology” is a heart touching and catchy book written by “Plato” that is circle around various believes, thoughts, connection between body and mind along with the meaning of once life. “Plato” storytelling and writing skills make this book interesting and meaningful for all kinds of readers. He explains the in-depth and life related themes along with all ideas and thoughts in a presice way.


“Apology” is circle around various happenings and events when Socrates defend himself in the court in 399 BCE. One of the charge imposed on Socrates is to being against Gods and motivating various people against unethical and bad things. At the very beginning of his speech in front of Jury, he says sorry. And he admit that his words made hurt many people. Then he states that he does believes in Gods but he is against the ways of worship what other people usually practice in their lives.

According to Socrates the good practice and respect to the God is spend a life in a good, respectful and peaceful manner and environment. Although, Socrates then talking about the imposed allegations that people accused on him for making youth against the God. He says that he does not motivate the people against God but he tried to make them better. He only talks to them to think about their mistakes and many other sort of evils, so they become a better and smarter in their respective lives.

After all, he concluded his speech and tells the Jury that he is not afraid to die. He believes that dead is just like moving from one place to the next place. He is quite much satisfied that he will be in a comfortable and peaceful place after his dead. He further states that after his dead sentence the people of Athens will spend a peaceful and comfortable live. Socrates states that it’s better to die then live a life that is based on big lies. Ultimately, the Jury finds Socrates guilty and they decide to give him a dead sentence. Socrates faces his dead with a courage because he is brave and honest man. He thought that he has spent a good life with truth and honest.

Important Ideas

“Plato” defines the impotence of Philosophy, connection between Mind and Body and Ethics and Political Actions in this book”. He believed that the life without critical thinking and reliable question’s would not be meaningful. He talks that one should ask himself about why he believing on specific things and what others thinks about it, is part of a meaningful life.

He states that think carefully about believes and avoid to trust on what other people tells us. In his book Socrates elaborated the relationship of state and individual’s. He says being a responsible citizens, it is our primary duty to disobey all unlawful and unethical things. Socrates argued that to live in a comfortable life is revolved around on pursuing knowledge. And he believed that dead is just a movement of one place to another place.

Writing Style

platos ways of writing in his book “Apology” is very easy to approach and understand. He uses numerous methods to convey his core ideas and messages to the general public in a concise manner. He includes various jocks, real stories and colorful words to attract the reader’s towards this specific book. The characters are seems more reliable and they talk with each other in a concise and real way. Socrates defines philosophies, meaning of life and dead, ethical and mental conditions in a simple and clear manner with the aim to build the interest and understanding level of his audiences.

He avoid to use difficult vocabularies and irrelevent idioms throughout the book. platos elaborate various in-depth and life related themes that can inspire a huge numbers of audience worldwide. He prefers to use precise and simple words and language to balance the pace and tone of this story. Although he placed plot, storylines and opening and closing points of this book in a professionsl and Satisfying way that all kind of readers can easly approach and understand this book.

Major Receptions

Apology had received mostly positive comments from its audiences. This book was praised for its prominent work on western literature, philosophical depth and historical significance. Many of other readers are seems to appreciate its engaging writing style, in-depth and life related themes and complex but well-organized characters. It has been sold more over millions of copies and it also has been translated in to several other languages since its publication worldwide.


“Apology” is not free from criticisms and it recieved many of nagative comments since its publication. One of the common criticism about this book is that the author did not provide a solid evidence to support Socrates Claims. Some of other reader’s states that in this story the thoughts of educated people are given more valued than the uneducated people. While some of the audiences are state that to knowing anout the Socrates philosophy is just a wastage of time, which can not give in-depth and broad knowledge in any way.

Conclusion of “Apology”

“Apology” is an interesting philosophy book in which the author “Plato” explains all the interesting terms of believes, philosophy and history in a broad and concise manner that can attract a huge numbers towards this book. The author elaborate its core ideas and messages in a detailed manner and he prefers to use simple and concise sentences with the rest of whole story. His speech of self-believes and meaning of life and dead is remembered by the people for decades because he completely draw a picture of what is happening in our surrounding as usual. The main themes of this book are really appreciable and that can positively impacts on our lives. This book is suitable for adult and mature audiences. I recommend this book for those who are interested in Philosophical and History.


Q: What is the Apology according to Plato?

“Apology” is authored by Ploto in which he defending the sayings of Socrates.

Q: What are the main ideas of the Apology by Plato?

The main ideas of Apology are truthiness, the power of persuasion, importance of critical thinking, the nature of life and dead and justice in society.

Q: What is the lesson in Plato’s Apology?

The main lesion of this book is that Socrates was willing to face dead rather than deny his thoughts and wisdom.

Q: who is the main character of Apology?

“Socrates” is the main character of Apology.

Q: What is the story behind the death of Socrates?

The main reasons behind the dead of “Socrates” was motivating the youth Athens with his thoughts and views.