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Books Title: “Delivering Healthcare in America, Sixth Edition” PDF Free Download

The book “Delivering Healthcare in America, Sixth Edition” is circle around the history of health system in America. This book was originally published in 1998 by “Aspen Publishers”. By genre it belongs to the category of health book. It contains total 30 pages.

Books Author: “Dr Leiyu Shi”

“Dr Leiyu Shi” is a professor health policy and management. He won various awards including “Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award” and “USC School of Public Health Faculty Research Awar”. His most famous book are as “Delivering Health Care in America” and “Essentials of the U.S. Health Care System”.

Introduction of “Delivering Healthcare in America, Sixth Edition”

“Delivering Healthcare in America, Sixth Edition” broadly defines the U.S health system. As, US health system is different to the rest of the world in certain ways. To have a comprehensive understanding of the system, Delivering Healthcare in America, Sixth Edition is a basic outline. This book gives an overview on how the healthcare provision keeps changing with time. It also gives a history of the health system in America, how it all started in the first place.

The current scenario of healthcare is thoroughly explained. American healthcare is not static, it keeps changing with time and needs. This is the sixth edition of the book. Author has maintained the initial format but changes have been made. New content has been added to the preceding editions making it interesting. The Affordable Care Act has been focused throughout the chapters. It explains how the ACA has affected the current health system in the US.

Summary of “Delivering Healthcare in America, Sixth Edition”

The book starts off by taking a dig at the history of healthcare in America. It joins the deep rooted system sustained by the US over years. Going back into the past, America had an informal system of organizations dealing with queries of healthcare. With time there was a need for a well-disciplined setup. The need was met by the setup of formal organizations which dealt with healthcare provision. It was a big change which required some important elements like finances, human resource department and machinery. Advancement of modern technology was also incorporated within this system. In the book this multidisciplinary system has been broken down into individual subjects. A detailed overview of things have been shared.

The sixth edition of Delivering healthcare in America, revolves around the “Affordable Care Act”. This act has been well explained by the author as a fundamental guide to providing healthcare in America. ACA has been a drastic change considering the health system evolution in the country. In the light of the act, healthcare is made more reachable to the general population. Hospitals and primary healthcare centers have been set up to facilitate people. The cost has been cut down encouraging health seeking behavior in people. Healthcare was made more affordable to people. Its delivery was the primary goal of the act.

The book delves into each system within healthcare. The separate organizations include primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare. Each level of care has its own benefits and challenges. More focus on primary healthcare can benefit the population but incorporation of secondary and tertiary care hospitals. There is specialty care for the diseased. Public healthcare sector is also mentioned in the book with its overlap with others. Each of these are well maintained with proper systemic examinations. They have a common goal that is to improve the health of their population. Author has shed some light on the use of technology in these sectors to achieve set targets.

Quality healthcare provision comes with an expensive bill. It has been a worldwide dilemma. Even in developed countries like America. The provision of care is extremely important. However the cost cannot be entirely borne by people or organizations. In the ACA, health provision was aimed to be affordable to people. In the book it’s mentioned that finances are a challenge when providing quality care. Various schemes and insurance models are mentioned which are up and working in the country. Quality cannot be compromised by expenses one has to endure. Any improvement in this regard should not be overlooked. The Author mentions how the American health system is improving its quality of care with time.

This edition of the book provides a deep understanding of changing times and healthcare delivery. In a world where technology and ideas keep evolving, things improve simultaneously. A health system of the 1900s would not be effective in this era. Every aspect of it has to adapt to the modern times. The attitude of people towards getting standard care has changed. People are more aware and exposed to false beliefs at the same time. This book has considered the idea and the author has given real life scenarios to make more sense of the issue at hand.

Writing Style

“Dr Leiyu Shi” adopts a clear, concise and accessible writing style in his book “Delivering Healthcare in America, Sixth Edition”. In this book he avoids all technical idioms and difficult sentence structures making the text understandable for the audiences with diverse backgrounds. He explains each chapter step by step that can navigate and find broad specific information’s regarding health. He also defines numerous real world examples and case studies which help the readers to see its practical applications.

“Dr Leiyu Shi” uses simple words to balance the pace and tone of plot. He avoids difficult vocabularies with the aim to convey his message in an accurate and easy way. Although “Dr Leiyu Shi” encourages the audiences for critical thinking and they can draw their own views about the future of this guide book. He placed plot, storylines and opening and closing points in an accurate manner that can be easy to read and understand.

Major Recognitions

“Delivering Healthcare in America, Sixth Edition” had awarded generally positive feedbacks and comments from its readers and critics alike. It was praised for its comprehensive coverage, clear and broad writing style and up-to date information’s. This book is cited by various healthcare organizations and research institutions in their reports and publications. Its work has been adopted by several medical colleges and universities since its publication. While this book has been sold millions of copies since its publication and it also has been translated into several other languages worldwide.

Conclusion of “Delivering Healthcare in America, Sixth Edition”

Delivering healthcare in America, sixth edition is a detailed narrative of the health system in America. It is a roadmap of the journey the health system went through over the years. The historical evolution from informal settings to well established organizations of healthcare provision is thoroughly discussed in the book. Incorporation of ACA in all of the fourteen chapters in the book makes it more clear and comprehensible.

Quality of healthcare with emphasis on its accessibility and affordability is the motto of this act. Real life case studies have been put forward to make things easy to understand. It is a gold standard for policy makers in healthcare. Additionally all the medical students and healthcare professionals can benefit from it.