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The book The Feeling Good Handbook (pdf download) revolves around mental health related problems. However, it was driven by David D Burns and  it was originally published in 1980,at that time when doctors used Freudian ideas to treat the mental health related issues. On this way, David and his teacher Aaron T Beck begins to work together. After that they come up with new therapy called cognitive behavioral therapy. Which was consider one of the best therapies at that time.

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The Feeling Good Handbook (pdf download) teaches us about cognitive therapy. It states that out thoughts and conceptions influence our feelings and behavior. On this way, Burn says that tough situations can not make us too much panic but our way of thinking about tough situations can influence our emotions. In this book the writer codes the ancient sayings of Epictetus. After all, he states that if we change the angel of our thinking towards tough situations and try to move forward with a positive hope. Then it can help us to feel better.

Conquer Negative Thoughts

Although, this book figures out various ways about how to deal with negative thoughts. So, it gives us different important ways to follow and activities to do. Though these exercises we can easily beat all  negative thoughts. Such negative thoughts are like thinking in extreme, imaging the worst and blaming ourselves for everything. We have to change or replace these negative thoughts into reasonable and positive thoughts.

Daily Mood Log

Moreover, there is a special tool known as Daily Mood Log. The log keeps a record track about the input of our feelings which includes what we feel and how our thoughts can lead to making us feel that way. It helps us understand the real causes and factors behind feelings of depression and anxiety. It equips us to be able to cope with these negative emotions in a better manner.

Behavioral Stimulation

Feeling Good also focuses on the vital aspects of behavioral activation in addition to the Cognitive restructuring. The behavioral activation is a therapeutic method which is focused on enhancing the participation of the users in activities that gives rise to experiences of pleasure and reward.


Individuals participating can slowly get into activities that they enjoy and make them a part of their daily lives. Additionally, it will help them regain the control of their routine that was disrupted because of the depression which will increase their sense of self-worth and confidence.

Beliefs and Assumptions

Furthermore, the book discusses the impact of deep-held beliefs and core assumptions about everyone around on depression and related psychological complexities. By using the methods mentioned in the book, the audience can learn to re-evaluate their beliefs and which can help them make a way to create a healthier emotional stability for long-term.


The book The Feeling Good Handbook (pdf download) empowers the readers to keep their progress to getting emotionally healthier in a stable track. It cultivates self-awareness and enables users to learn coping mechanisms in order to manage setbacks. It can lead to a stable emotional condition.

Writing Method

The Feeling Good Handbook (pdf download) is straightforward and descriptive. Dr. Burns defines various fundamental concepts regarding CBT and mental health in an accurate manner. However, this book consolidates various case studies, researches and real example aimed to further elaborate the advanced methods.

Furthermore, the author avoids complicated vocabularies and technical idioms throughout the book. He also uses simple language to balance the pace and tone of plot-lines. After all, the writer encourage the readers to think critically and allow them come up with their own predictions about the future of this book.

Significant Acceptances

The book The Feeling Good Handbook (pdf download) has received generally mixed feedback’s from its readers and critics. This book was awarded for its interesting plot-lines, through provoking themes and latest concepts and features.

Moreover, it has been translated into various other languages worldwide and it also sold over millions of copies since its publication. Many of other prominent media publications such as The New York Times and Washington Post showered their positive feedback for this book.

Some of other audiences accused that several key concepts are seems repeated throughout the book. While some of other readers states that it was published in 1980 that’s why it contains certain outdated gender norms in its examples.


The Feeling Good Handbook (pdf download) teaches us about mental health care. The writer elaborates various tools and advanced methods which can be very helpful to cope with anxiety and depression. However, these methods can make us even stronger and strengthen. We have to move forward in our lives with a positive hope. If someone is suffering from anxiety and depression then this book helps them live a happier life.

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