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Books Title: “Human anatomy and physiology laboratory manual” PDF Free Download

“Human anatomy and physiology laboratory manual” is an educational book that explains various human body parts and their functions. This book was originally published in1981 by “Benjamin Cummings Pub C”. By genre it belongs to the category of science book. It contains total 994 pages.

Books title: “Elaine Nicpon Marieb”

“Elaine Nicpon Marieb” was born in Apr, 05, 1936 in United States. Her most famous books are “Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology”, “Anatomy & Physiology Elaine Nicpon Marieb” and “Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology, Global Edition”. She died in Dec, 2018.

Introduction of “Human anatomy and physiology laboratory manual”

The book “Human Anatomy and Physiological Laboratory Manual” written by “Elaine Nicpon Marieb” revolves around the human body parts and their functions. It is a guide book that help the students who are studding healthcare. It contain several pictures taken by many of popular books. These pictures elaborates various parts of human body and their connections.
This book also introduces three different versions from where students can learn practical medical procedures involving human body parts. It elaborates and defines step by step that can be easy to understand and approach. This book focusses on practical processes rather than theoretical aspects through its different kinds of versions and graphics.

Summary of “Human anatomy and physiology laboratory manual”

The book “Human anatomy and physiology laboratory manual” is a very helpful guidebook that assists medical students. This book elaborates the whole function about how our body works. It includes many of experiments that can be more practical for them in their learning journey. These experiments include the whole structure of human body and its functions. This book is not just about few of specific things but it defines the whole process of anatomy and physiology. So, it is like a flexible tool that includes and explores several learning material.

One of the most interesting things about this book is that it define things through the relevant pictures. The students can better learn from these detailed drawings of human parts. Pictures are the most important tools to understand some of the most complex ideas and using quality graphics can make learning these complicated topics much easier. Although through these drawings, this manual explains complex things in an accurate manner.

Basically this book depends on three different types. These types include Main, CAT and Fetal Pig. These parts of the book offer content as per different needs and demands of the students. Main is mostly about how our body works while the CAT and Fetal Pig elaborate and focus on specific animals. CAT and Fatal Pig also help the students who are studying certain things in healthcare.

This book offers various versions that the students can do experiments with the help of CAT and Fetal Pig. It can be very helpful for the students to learn from practical experiments rather than just reading. During the practical procedures, the students experiment on animals and get more knowledge in real sense. In this way, they can pick things in a more practical way which helps them to remember things for longer time periods because they are practically doing it. It also gives them the accurate knowledge and concepts about what they learn through theoretical studies.

This book includes comprehensive information about the human body parts and their relevant functions. It helps the students in a broad way including their school plans. You can get in-depth and detailed knowledge through drawings as per your needs. This book defines things in a very concise and simple way which makes it easier for the students to read and understand.

This manual explains concepts step by step like climbing a stair which helps the students to know more about the detailed functions of the body parts in a concise order. You can begin from easy stuff and go towards more complex things in an order. It defines the connections between different parts of our body including how they work together. The students can also learn about the anatomical structure and physiological functions from this manual.

Writing Style

The method of “Elaine Nicpon Marieb” in writing “Human anatomy & physiology laboratory manual” is aimed to make it easier to understand for the readers. She elaborates in-depth and life-related themes that can persuade a huge number of audience from around the world. The vocabulary used is easy and simple to comprehend for even beginners in the field of medicine.

She uses simple and concise words and language to balance the pace and tone of the overall theme of the book. “Elaine Nicpon Marieb” introduces complicated but complex concepts from the fields of human anatomy & physiology and explores them in a practical manner in form of relevant graphics to make it more comprehensive for the readers.

Major Receptions

“Human anatomy & physiology laboratory manual” had received generally positive feedbacks since its publication. This book has been venerated for its broad knowledge, graphical explanation and practical experiments. Many of other readers praised its engaging narrating style and in-depth plot. It has been translated into different languages worldwide and it also has been sold millions of copies since its publication.

Conclusion of “Human anatomy and physiology laboratory manual”

The book “Human anatomy & physiology laboratory manual” is an important and helpful guide manual for students and professional who desire to work in healthcare. It explains the function and connections between various parts of our body through various pictures and drawings. Through the CAT and Fetal Pigs, the students can experiments various concepts in a practical manner.

This manual gives an opportunity to learn and pick things in a detailed way, not only through reading but also through practical experiments. It is a useful tool and resource for those students who want to know about the human body and its parts. The main features of this manual are elaborated and defined in a broad way that can inspire millions of reader worldwide. This book is suitable for medical students and professionals. I recommend this book to all those who love to read about medical related manuals.