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Books Title: “Into Thin Air” PDF Free Download

“Into Thin Air” is circle around the drastic and most Harish event of “Mount Everest” of 1996. This book was originally published in 1997 by “Pan Book”. By genre it belongs to the category of non-fiction book. It has total 318 pages.

Books Author: “Jan Krakauer”

“Jan Krakauer” was Born in April 12, 1954 Brookline, Massachusetts, United States. He did his graduation from Convallis High School in 1972. He had recieved another degree in the field of environment studies from Hampshire College Massachusetts in 1976. He had recieved various awards including Time Magazine Book of the Year and Walter Sullivan Award for Excellent in Science Journalism.

Introduction to “Into Thin Air”

The book “Into Thin Air” written by Jan Krakauer that is circle around a very harsh event of 1996 of Mount Everest. This book defines the whole aspets of climbings including troubles, emotions, ego of couching staff and the comittments of mountainers. The author of this book placed plot, characters, climaxes, storylines and opening and closing points in an accurate manner that can attract a huge numbers of readers with the rest of entire world.

Summary of “Into Thin Air”

“Into Thin Air” begins with a true story that was narrated by the climber and journalist “Krakauer” and the story is circle around the harsh event that was happened in Mount Everest in the year of 1996. The author was also there with other climbers. Due to heavily snowfalling and storm 11 of team members were stucked. Out of them three were rescued while rest 8 were disappeared.

Krakauer considered that situation as one of the darkest scene and he had never realized it before. This ancident has been considered as one of the most harsh event in the history of Mount Everest. Due to real storytelling the readers find themselves faced with the enormous physical and psychological effects of the high altitude mountaineering as the adventure process.

Although in this story the author educate the readers about the life style of climbers, possible hurdles, the human spirit and power, the struggle, the fear, own dreams, commitments, passion and ethical and moral support. These whole aspects makes this book more attractive and interesting.


Depth and firsthand viewpoint

Krakaure,s experience as a climber and witness that events makes this story more credible and gives real feeling.

Approachable writing style

Keakauer, s writing style in this story is simple, clear and engaging. He defines the harsh and complicated surrounding of Mount Everest in an concise language without using complex analysis and vocabularies.

Well Developed Characters

In this story the author skillfully introduce complex but well-developed characters. The whole characters of this book are looking trustful and real with the rest of whole story.

Difficulties Of Mount Everest

The whole story is revolved around the hardship of climbing. In this book the author precisely elaborate and explain all aspects regarding the journey of Mount Everest.


Limited Involvements Of Female Perspective

Some of the readers are argue that in this story the author did not express the female climbers along with their contributions.

Complex climbing terminologies

The readers arguemented that Krakauer used a complex and difficult methodologies that is difficult to understand.

Over Emotional Book

Most of the readers are state that krakauer narrate and explore all the actual scenario of the event of Mount Everest, due to horror and fear, most of the readers avoid to continue reading because they fell the element of fear.

Writing style

Krakaures adopts a simple and concise writing style in his book “Into Thin Air”. He avoids to use extra jargons, complex analytical arguments and difficult vocabaluraries with the aim to convey his message in an easy way. He explains all the harsh and brutal scenes of Mount Everest in a simple and meaningful way that can attract a huge numbers of readers with the rest of the entire world.

Krakaures prefers to use concise and simple sentences and language to balance the pase and tone of this story. He placed plot, storylines, climax and opening and closing points in a professional way. Although he includes various real examples and stories that can boost the interest level of all kinds of readers.


Passion and Committments Of Climber During Summitt

In this book the author defines the mental and physical level of climbers during Mount Everest summit. They fall their precious lives into risk just to achieve the summit in a Harish and uncomfortable situations. Some of the climbers had lost their lives because of less motivation and committments.

Climbers Passion

Krakauer explores the extreme mental and physical conditions of climbers during summit . The cold wind, strong storm and heavily snow, test the passion of the climber.

security Lapse

Krakures argues that a number of ethical lapse raise a life and dead situation during summit any range. He talks about the Mount Everest that some of commercial Mounterinings who creats overcrowding thats why the climbers face many hurdles.

Attitude of Couches

The author states that some times in an unpleasant situation, the couching staff force the climbers to continous their journey towards the summit. So, this situation can be risky for the climbers.

Conclusion of “Into Thin Air”

In the book “Into Thin Air” the author Krakaure professionally explores and investigates all of the incidents of the Mount Everest of 1996. He elaborates all of the hurdles and possible safety precautions in an appropriate manner. The smooth starting of story, well informative and developed plot, amazing and creative writing style, in depth research of author, climax including turns and twists and comfortable ending of the story can attract millions of readers worlwide. This book is suitable for mature and adult readers. I highly recommended this book to all of them who love to read non-fiction books.


Q: Why is Into Thin Air controversial?

Because many of climbers refuse Krakauer’s version regarding that event.

Q: What is book Into Thin Air about?

This book is revolved around the harsh event that was took place in Mount Everest in 1996.

Q: Is Into Thin Air worth reading?

It’s up to the audiences. if the audiences desires for climbing various mountains including Mount Everest then they can must read this book.

Q: Why is Into Thin Air a good book?

Because the author of this book had explored the whole aspects of climbing including the dark event of Mount Everest that why it is considered a good book.

Q: What is the lesson in Into Thin Air?

The main lesson of this book is that how the lack of team work can contributed to the disasters.

Q: What is the tragedy in Into Thin Air?

8 of climbers die due to storm in Mount Everest in 1996.

Q: Is thin air a true story?

Yes its whole story is based on truth.

Q: Who is the main character in Into Thin Air?

Krakauer’s is the main character in the story of “Into Thin Air”