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Books Title: “XNXNXNXN Algorithm” PDF Free Download

“XNXNXNXN algorithm” is an interesting and catchy book that revolved around interesting puzzles and the possible ways of solving Rubik’s Cube. This book was originally published in 1974 by “Wiley” publishing company. It has total 17 pages. By genre it belongs to the category of non-fiction book.

Books Author: “Erno Rubik”

“Erno Rubik” is an inventor and professor of architecture. He was born in July 13, 1944, Budapest, Hungary. He was the winner of Kossuth Prize award and Prima Primissima Prize. His inventions includes “Rubik’s Magic”, “Rubik’s Snake” and “Rubik’s Triamid”.


“XNXNXNXN algorithm” is one of the most interesting puzzles of all time. Its challenge and mystery is captivating. From teenagers to adults, everyone is a Rubik’s Cube fan. It is a six faced cube, each face has nine smaller cubes. Mostly based on geometry, the challenges are mind opening. It was invented first by a professor of arts and sculpture in Hungary named Erno Rubik. It was introduced first in 1974. Various cube solving algorithms are used worldwide.
This book focuses on the XNXNXNXN algorithm of solving the Rubik’s Cube. This is designed to help its readers unveil the mysteries of the cube. Since invention till date it has been popular among the readers. With each progressing year it has released many editions. It has developed into some amazing variations. One of the great examples of it is the Rubik’s Cube Revenge. Similarly different articles are also involved in this algorithm.


XNXNXNXN algorithm starts with the history of the Rubik’s Cubes. Professor Enok was the inventor of a cube which has six faces. Each face has small cubes. Small cubes are nine in number each colored with a distinct solid color. The concept is based on three dimensional puzzle solving. The colors are attempted to be aligned, such as all of the nine small cubes have similar solid color giving it uniformity. It also helps students understand shapes and dimensions in geometry.

Mentioning the success and popularity of the Rubik’s cube, this algorithm identifies its qualities. For a regular puzzle solver this cube is very interesting and fascinating. He/she can really enjoy untangling it with various techniques. Its uniqueness does not make it boring. Several years have passed since it came out of the market, but its mystery remains eye-catching. Human nature is always attracted by puzzles and games which add flavor to life. Just like that Rubiks Cube adds flavor to every group of individuals globally. Some of the puzzle solvers are in competition with each other. They try to time it and solve it faster than others. It’s a trick for popularity. This competition keeps the spark alive.

Rubik’s Cube revenge is a new algorithm introduced in this book. The XNXNXNXN revealed this to the world. It has some real challenges for the enthusiast. With the evolving times, this algorithm catches up to the expectations. It adds more competition and spice to an already popular puzzle. The three dimensional cube is introduced to more possibilities and patterns to uncover. It further adds to already existing algorithms. The algorithm is basically some steps introduced in the book. By following the steps in specific patterns can solve the cube. However the revenge algorithms introduced brand new patterns which were never in the image before.

Diving into the importance of having logarithms it describes how it has made the cube solving easy. It requires certain skills like remembering the steps and applying them. It helps the puzzle solvers to enhance their integrating abilities. The speed of solving the cube really interests some people. This algorithm helps those speed solver enthusiasts. This gives them confidence and some degree of satisfaction.

The thought of why solving a cube brings so much joy to a person is associated with the sense of winning that comes with it. Human brain is trained for challenges, it gets triggered by things that cannot be solved easily. With some dedication if it accomplishes the task, it makes the person feel wholesome. This algorithm is the way to achieve it. Not only this, everyone has an artist within. The artistic abilities need polishing and renewal. These algorithms pdf gives us new ways to enrich our abilities. It also improves our cognitive thinking. Patterns and organization by memorization is refreshing.

Writing Style

Erno Rubik was known for his mechanical puzzles and his ways of writing in the book “xnxnxnxn cube algorithms” is very to understand and approach. He uses simple but detailed sentences to balance the pace and one of this book. He used to avoid complicated vocabularies and extra jargons with the aim to convey his message in an easy manner. He includes various real and in-depth examples to accelerate the interest and understanding level of all kinds of audiences.

Erno Rubik placed all aspects and features in an accurate and concise manner that can attract a huge numbers of readers with the rest of entire world. Al though his writing style is easy to read and approach along with he elaborates all tricky and difficult terms and conditions regarding cube algorithms in a simple but detailed way.

Major Receptions

XNXNXNXN algorithm received mostly positive reviews and comments from its readers since its publication. This book was praised for its numerous explanation of solving cubes and broadly elaboration of XNXNXNXN algorithm. It has been translated in to 20 different languages and it also has been sold 1 million copies worldwide since its publication. The world’s most prominent publication organizations including Goodreads considered this book as a valuable resource for them who wants to learn more about XNXNXNXN algorithm.


The XNXNXNXN algorithm pdf is a way to explore the fun of Rubik’s cube. Solving the puzzle and following the patterns is made really understandable with it. It is a guide which makes the puzzle challenging and doable at the same time. The global popularity of this three dimensional cube is known to everyone. People come across it once in their life and try to accomplish something by solving it. Friends take it as a competition in their groups.
Schools have included it in their sports competitions. During all this, algorithms keep the excitement alive. It keeps making it unique with all the new patterns. With the changing times, it’s also evolving and improving. This PDF is a gold standard for all those Rubik’s Cube enthusiasts. This book is suitable for all ages and generations. I highly recommended this book to all of them who love to read non-fiction books.