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Books Title: “List of all Pokémon” PDF Free Download

List of all Pokémon PDF Download

Pokémon is developed by Nintendo, Game Freak and Niantic, Inc in and it was first released on February 27, 1996. It is a game of creating fictional monsters. It is infamous among gaming enthusiasts. Players introduce their monsters and fight with other monsters.

The last ones to survive the battle wins the game. This List of all Pokémon PDF Download is prepared by a community-written encyclopedia related to Pokémon known as Bulbapedia. The list book has a total of 54 pages and it comes under the genre of role-playing games.

Game Developer: “Nintendo”


Nintendo is a multinational game-developing company which is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan. It was founded on September 23, 1889 by craftsman Fusajiro Yamauchi. Nintendo not only produces games but also consoles and other accessories. Some of the most popular games from Nintendo are Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Super Mario Odyssey, Pokémon Legends: Arceus, The Legend of Zelda series and many more. Some of the popular consoles produced by Nintendo are Nintendo 64, Nintendo Entertainment System, Wii, Nintendo DS and GameCube.

Introduction to “List of all Pokémon”

In “List of all Pokémon”,Guidelines of Pokémon are clearly explained in Pokedex master. The ultimate guide to List of all Pokémon. It is for all groups of people associated with the game in one way or another.
This manual provides a vast genus of Pokémon creatures. The organization of each class is definite in the manual. For beginners this guide is really useful.

They can choose their Pokémon species based on the organized list in the book. Their training has to do a lot with the rules in the book. For research it is a well organized outlet giving all the information necessary for the game. So it proves an excellent source for researchers as well. Pokemon has been rich in followers. Its fans can benefit from the guide.

Summary of “List of all Pokémon”

The manual starts off with a chapter on historical evolution of the game. Pokémon initiated as just a simple video game. With time many developed versions of the game came into being. It has a great variety in its fields. From video games to releasing movies it has come a long way. It has become a whole genre in gaming. In this chapter the development timeline of Pokémon is outlined for its readers. This gives the players a sense of belonging.

The process of selection from the Pokémon list is tiresome. It becomes easy to do so from the list mentioned in the guide. Players can not only select the list but can also organize it well. This chapter named,” building the ultimate Pokémon list” helps compose the list. The list goes on from oldest ones to the newest editions. Kanto region is the oldest one in the list.

Another example in the list is the newest addition of Glaar region. The data used in Pokémon is not easy. The difficulties in the compilation are given in detail. Some ideas have to be implemented to overcome these difficulties. Certain decisions have to be made. It makes the grammar more comfortable while playing it.

Another chapter on anatomy on pokemon entry, gives an insight into how the gaming works. The scenes from backstage are given. These scenes from offscreen tells a lot about how each species of Pokemon was added. It gives an idea on the origin of every entry. Overall game is based on these entries. It is not just a list but species have a certain roleplay. It all revolves around these. Statistics in these chapters enhance the gaming experience of players.

Regional Pokedex Breakdown is the next chapter in this guideline. In this chapter Pokedex regions are broken down into its specific details. For example, a detailed explanation of the Kanto region is given. Along with this classic, some other examples of these regions are Alola,Kalos,Sinnoh etc. These were added with the passage of time. The details include the natural home and belonging details of these. Additional information about the behavior and features of Pokedex are explained.

An overview on the changes in the characteristics with the progressing timeline is mentioned.Some other significant generations added latest are the Mega Evolutions and Alolan forms. A chapter about them is part of the book. This part circles around the center of these additions. This helps gamers to understand the difficulties that might appear during the play.

It is aimed at resolving the complexities. Some generations are considered as legends of the game. There is a specific chapter for these lists. It dives into how they originated in the game. It gives information on the features that distinguish them from others. The powers and abilities they possess are also grand and not very common in others.

Apart from just giving out information. This book is also a means of training for the players. The beginners especially can benefit from these guidelines. One can get help from the book to make up their team and play the way they like. Details on actual planning and strategies are fruitful for the new gamers. Also the pro players will have something in hand to move forward and be in coordination with the evolving nature of Pokémon.

Writing Style

The writing style employed by the compilers of this pdf list is pretty simple and straight forward. The writers have kept the list clean and simple so that the reader won’t have to go through a complex and messed up long texts to find what they are looking for – a list of all Pokémons. Some graphics and other interactive features are also used in the list book to make it more appealing for the audience. The vocabulary used is also simple and easy to understand for the gamers as well as researchers.

Major Receptions

The Pokémon games have been historically well-received by the gaming community, the fandom, media as well as by the critiques because of their high standard productions with continuous improvements with new features and games. Pokémon games are sold to millions of loyal gamers and customers worldwide and it became a huge trend in the mid 10s. Almost all of the Pokémon games have received over 4.5 ratings on major platforms such as Amazon and Ebay.

Conclusion of “List of all Pokémon”

In recent times Pokemon has evolved a lot. Well developed multimedia experience is so enriching. It is not only limited to gaming, it expands into movies and stuff. It is vouched that this universe will keep on spreading its horizons moving forward. An enthusiast will never get bored of it , however new challenges will keep them much interested in the gameplay .

It is very necessary for the fans of Pokedex to have a useful overview of the game. Guidelines that can actually keep them on the tract. This ultimate guide to Pokedex Master fulfills all its purposes. Training players and keeping them immersed in the Pokemon world.


Q:How many Pokémon’s are there in all?

There are total 1017 of the 1021 Pokémon’s.

Q: Who is the 151 Pokémon?

Mew is the 151 Pokémon.

Q: What is the 900 Pokémon?

Kleavor is the 900 Pokémon.

Q: What is Gen 8 called?

Gen 8 is called Dai Hachi-sedai.

Q: What is 1000th Pokémon?

Gholdengo is the 1000th Pokémon.

Q: What is 69 Pokémon?

Bellsprout is the 69 Pokémon.

Q: What is 1111 Pokémon?

Mew is a Pokemon Rey got from the Pokeball Plus in Pokémon Sword.

Q: What is 500 Pokémon?

Emboar is the 500 Pokémon.