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Books Title: “Living Sober” PDF Free Download

“Living Sober” is an interesting and informational book that is circle around the important tips and examples that how to maintain sobriety and stop depending on alcohol. This book was originally published in 1975 by AA World Services. By genera it belongs to the category of self-help book. it has total 60 pages.

Books Publisher: “Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) World Services”

“Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) World Services” is a non-profitable organization that was established in 1954. Its vision is to support and recover all alcoholic though it’s several publications and literatures. It provides an extensive knowledge and resources for individuals who wants to overcome alcoholic independence.

Introduction to “Living Sober”

“Living Sober” is driven by “Barry Leach” is an important guide book that gives various fruitful ideas and support for those people who wants to stop drinking alcohol. This book includes several real examples of those humans who had successfully stop drinking alcohol. It also defines the ways that how to stay away from addiction.

Over all this book is based on the experiences of a group called Alcoholics Anonymous and it meant to guide the people on their respective journey to living a happy life without depending on alcohol. The whole features including plot, storylines, writing style and narrations of this book is defined in a professional way. Its core ideas and themes are also elaborated in a simple but detailed way that can catch a huge numbers of readers worldwide.

Summary of “Living Sober”

Living Sober begins with the influential suggestions and advices to the alcoholic addict people. This book explains all the loopholes that why majority of the people depend on alcohol. It also defines various ways to see addiction as a sickness. It highlights the needs of kindness and support for those who are suffering from alcohol. Living Sober suggests that we have to understand and helpful instead of blaming and judging those effected people.

This book elaborates various life related themes including the importance of adopting day to day approaches to stay away from alcohol. It suggests that instead of thinking about never drinking we have to concentrate on not drinking just for today. You have to take small steps on regular basis instead of feeling overwhelmed long term commitments.

In Living Sober, various methods are defined for the sake of figuring out the basic reasons that might make someone who wants to start drinking again. This book provides many of important advices that how to deal with the various problems without depending on alcohol. It explains the resources and plans from the people can easily achieved their desired goal of sating sober.

This book broadly talks on the support system. How to take the people who are concern about you and understand your whole life related challenges. It suggest that always being around the supportive people including friends and family members who truly care about you and your wellbeing. Effected people can get help from others spencer’s and other groups called (AA) who encourage you and your journey to staying sober.

Taking care of yourself is an important factor for staying away from alcohol. So, on this condition, this book suggest to making sure that you eat good food, regular exercise and you get enough sleep with the aim to keep your body and mental health. Doing fun and interesting things can also help you to spend a sober life.

This book suggest that never give up in front of challenges and life threating problems. It suggest to being very kind to yourself, avoid going back previous habits and get help from others when thing get more tough. It does not just talking about how to stop drinking alcohol but it suggest the ways that help you to find a happy and satisfactory life. This book suggest that always trying out new things, serve your community and always try to create an interesting and positive life. These tips can help you to find a life full of joy and meaning.

Writing Style

“Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) World Services” ways of writing in the book “Living Sober” is very easy to understand and approach. They defines in-depth and life related themes including lifelong commitments, maintaining sobriety, continuous growth and learning and adopting day to day approach in a simple but detailed way. They prefers to use short and concise sentences and words with the aims to balance the pace of the story. With the rest of the whole story they avoids to use complex vocabularies and irrelevant idioms for the sake of convey his core message in an easy way.

In this book “Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) World Services” includes various real examples that can be helpful to all those people who are suffering from drug addiction. They placed the plot, themes, storylines and opening and closing points of this book in a professional and satisfactory manner. After all their writing style is easy to read and understand.

Major Receptions

“Living Sober” had received mostly positive reviews from its audiences. It is considered as a valuable resource of those who are seeking to maintain sobriety and overcome alcohol dependence. Most of the readers are praised its practical guidance, compassion, AA guidelines and fruitful advices. “Living Sober” has sold a significant number of copies since its publication and it also has been translated into several multiple languages worldwide.

Conclusion of “Living Sober”

“Living Sober” is written by “Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) World Services” that emphasized the commitments and continuous efforts to sobriety. It acknowledges that sobriety is not a tricky process, if you continuously doing efforts for recovering then you can easily get rid from depending on alcohol. This book offers a guide of hope and resilience and make sure that the effected people are not alone in their struggle. This book also includes and defines the achievements of those people who successfully maintain their sobriety.

All aspects of this book are defined and elaborated in an accurate way that can persuade a huge numbers of audiences with the rest of the entire world. The publisher conveyed his core messages and suggestions in a simple but detailed way that’s why all kind of readers can easily approach and understand this book. This book is suitable for mature and adult readers. I highly recommended this book to all of them who loved to read self-help books.


Q: What does it mean living sober?

It means maintaining a drug- and alcohol-free lifestyle.

Q: What does stay sober mean?

 Abstaining from drinking alcohol or taking intoxicating drugs.

Q: What means being sober?

Practice complete abstinence from drugs, alcohol, and other addictive substances.

Q: Is it good to live a sober life?

Yes, it too much good to live a sober life because it has various positively impact an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional health.

Q: What is a sober thinker?

A situation that make you become serious and thoughtful.

Q: What is sober state?


Q: Can sober mean sad?

Yes sober mean sad and quite too.

Q: Do sober people live longer?

No, there is not a solid evidence.

Q: Why do people go sober?

Because it helps to find true self once again.

Q: What are two synonyms for sober?

Straight and Dry.

Q: What is the opposite of soberness?

Drunkenness and Inebriation.

Q: How can we be sober minded?

Living with a single minded focus any one can become sober minded.

Q: What is sober meditation?

Recorded by recovering alcoholics that share what they have experienced in a contemplative meditation format, one thought at a time.

Q: What does it mean to be 2 years sober?

It means once drinking problem is solved.

Q: What is sober society?

A fun & inclusive space for non-drinking focused socials.