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Books Title: “The Laws of Human Nature” PDF Free Download

“The Laws of Human Nature” is an educational self-help and personal development book that revival around the 18 most prominent Human Nature Rules. This book was originally published in “Oct, 16, 2018”, it is having total “690” pages and by genre it belongs to the category of “Self Help and Personal development” book.

Books Author: “Robert Greene”

“Robert Greene” is an American author. He was born in May, 14, 1959 in Los- Angeles, California. He studied Classical Studies from the University of California Berkeley. His most prominent books are as: “The 48 Laws of Power” published in 1998, “Mastery” published in 2012 and “The 50th Law” published in 2009.

Introduction to “The Laws of Human Nature”

“The Laws of Human Nature” is written by “Robert Greene” and it rely on the set of in-depth rules regarding human nature. These Rules can help us to understand how we act and interact with various people around us.

The author defines several scientific studies and ancient stories with the aims to convey his message in an appropriate manner. “Robert Greene” defines all the features of this story in a simple and straightforward manner that attract the readers form the entire world.

Summary of “The Laws of Human Nature”

“The Laws of Human Nature” is circle around a set of 18 most compressive rules regarding human nature and human behavior.

Never try to beat the Master: this rule defines that as a human nature that sometimes we are jealous when our competitor got successful. But it is not fear, we have to find our limitations and mistakes and try to move forward with a positive thoughts and visions. Do not show off in front of your boss and people and always be happy for others success.

Never too much success faith on friends and learn more about your opposition: this rule states that being careful with your friends and other people around you. Never trust blindly on anyone because sometimes they can let us to down. Always learn useful things from your opposition and don’t underestimate the powers of your opposition.

Keep Secret your Interest: according to this rule we must have to keep our interest and plans secret. If we immediately reveal our plans to the people then they can use it against us. So keep things hidden until the right moment.

Say No More: your words and sentences should be simple and concise whenever you talk to the people. Speak confidently and briefly but to the point.

Take Care of Your Reputation: according to Greene, reputation is the most valuable asset of our whole life. So keep your reputation sustain always because a little mistake can hurt your whole life.

Beauty Appeals: this rule of Greene teaches that we have much and more honest when we give compliments.

Impress Other Person: we can motivate and persuade others through a positive thoughts and actions. Persuade and impress others in a way that they desires to do work with you in their lives.

Take Things Easy: the author argues that the people are more impress by them who take their work like a piece of cake. So take every complex work in an easy way in your lives.

Attract Other Person: Greene states that if you complete your work with enthusiasm then people attract to join you and your work quickly.

Politeness: according to this rule when you are respectful and thoughtful in tour lives, then others starts to like you.

Give positive Suggestions: people are more likely to agree with you through your positive body language and Positive actions.

Beat your Competitor: this rule defines that you can beat your competitor through hard work, positive actions and thoughts.

Consider Others: this rule states that we have to consider that what others wants to be and in which condition they value things.

Beat your Competitors Confidence: in this case always target the weaknesses and fear of your competitor.

Avoid People for Some time: this means that do not available all time to your friends, avoid them for some time. Then they starts to miss your presence and company.

Don’t tell your Future Plans: always keep confident all feature plans and strategies.

Life Time Defensive Mode: this final rule of Greene suggest that do not underestimate the powers of your competitor. Always ready for upcoming surprises and events.

Writing Style

“Robert Greene” method of writing in his book “The Laws of Human Nature” is approachable and easy to understand. He explains the in-depth and real life related themes in an easy way that can attract a huge number of readers worldwide.

He elaborates various rules which we can easly adopt in our daily lives. “Robert Greene” uses simple worlds and language to balance the pace and tone of plot. He avoids to use extra jargons and difficult vocabularies to forward his message in an accurate manner. “Robert Greene” includes many of funny things to make this book more interesting to the audiences.

Major Receptions

“The Laws of Human Nature” has been received almost positive comments from its critics. It has been awarded for its explanations of the practical analysis of human behavior and the author use very simple and precise sentences and words with the rest of the story.

Many of prominent publications have been showered their positive feedbacks including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journals and Goodreads Reviews. It has been sold almost 1 million copies since its publication and it has been translated in to 30 various languages.

Conclusion of “The Laws of Human Nature”

“The Laws of Human Nature” is authored by “Robert Greene” is an attractive and engaging book which gives us a lesion of how to manage and sustain the human nature and human behaviors. This book also teaches us the ways of spending comfortable life.

The characters, writing and storytelling style of author is very much satisfactory throughout the book. This book can be useful for them who wants to spend their lives in a peaceful and professional manner. I highly recommended this book to them who loved to read self-help and personal development books.


Q: What is the 48 Laws of Human Nature about?

It’s a guide book regarding human behavior.

Q: Should I read 48 laws of Power or Laws of Human Nature?

It’s up to the audience’s choice and goals.

Q: What is the most powerful law in The 48 Laws of Power?

The whole laws are more valuable but according to my point of view beat your competitor is a powerful law.

Q: What is called moral?

The proper judgment among right and wrong in human behavior is called moral.