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Books Title: “Demon: The Fallen” PDF Free Download

“Demon: The Fallen” is revolved around the war between forces of good and evil in a world that is full of interesting characters and adventures. This book was originally published in 2002 by “White Wolf Publishing”. By genre it belongs to game book. It contains total 306 pages.

Books Author: “Michael B Lee”

“Michael B Lee” is a lead designer and writer. His most popular books are “Crimson Skies”,”Veil of Night”, “Leading Effective Supply Chain Transformations” and “Ed Wood’s Bride of the Monster”


“Demon: The Fallen” is a role-playing game and it is one of the parts in the greater series known as “World of Darkness”. The game’s setting is placed in a dark and mysterious world. There are fallen angels who are known as demons and they struggle to find their place in the world after the event of a cosmic war. The main theme of this book revolves around the war in heaven.

The game is about the exciting journey and fighting between the forces of evil and good in a world full of magic and interesting characters with an engaging content. The story is about a rebellion of the evil lucifer, who is also known as the devil, against the divine light of good and the story gets interesting with each plotline.


The players in the gameplay of “Demon: The Fallen” assume the roles of fallen angels who were part of a divine hierarchy of the Elohim in the past. This rulebook game explores themes of redemption, free will and the results of a celestial war that had a huge impact on the heavens.

Lucifer leads the fallen angels into a rebellion against the divine hierarchy in order to get free from the tedious rules and regulations and their specific roles and duties. The rebellion by the fallen angels and lucifer ends in defeat and they are thrown out of the heavens into the darkness known as Abyss.

Now after millions of years, the fallen angels get down to the earth from their Abyss. They wake up in a world that is very different from what they had seen before. The world is filled with intriguing and strange environment of the World of Darkness which includes the existence of vampires, werewolves and other mages that exist with the fallen angels.

Players begin the gameplay by selecting their own fallen angels and then they choose from different Houses that represent various characteristics related to their angelic house. Each House provides the fallen angels with unique abilities and powers. The players can define and control their demon’s past, motivations and relationships with other fallen angels and supernatural creations.

One of the key unique features in the game is the use of Faith as a supernatural resource. Faith is the only fallen angel’s connection with the divine and the player can spend it to activate the related powerful abilities. To manage the faith becomes an important part of gameplay. It reflects the struggle of the fallen characters to maintain a balance between their nature as an angel and the darkness of the fallen world around them.

The fallen angels are categorized into different factions and each group represents a different philosophy towards life. Some demons are looking for redemption and they want to return to the divine world while others are happy with their newfound freedom and are exploring their place in the world of darkness.

“Demon: The Fallen” represents an ongoing struggle of the fallen souls. The fallen angels compete with other supernatural creatures such as demons, vampires and others from the Abyss and the World of Darkness in order to influence and manipulate the human beings. Players get to engage in a crucial game of politics, manipulation and fighting as go through the struggle for power in the divine world.

The game is open-ended which results in development of various stories which range from personal struggles for redemption to great horrific battles for the entire cities. The characters play as fallen angels in the game and so, they possess various supernatural powers. These powers include manipulating fire, impacting on the emotions of humans and even influencing the reality itself but using these powers also have consequences for the fallen as well.

Writing style

“Michael B Lee” ways of writing in his book “Demon: The Fallen” is straightforward and easy to understand. He defines game mechanics and rules for gameplay in a broad way that the players can easily understand the overall game. He explains various fictions, historical events and specific locations in an evocative style. He also uses clear, concise and technical language to balance the pace and tone of his book.

“Michael B Lee” avoids irrelevant idioms and difficult vocabularies with the aims to convey his ideas in an easy manner for the players. He elaborates various complex but well-aware characters that looks reals and believed throughout the story.

He also encourage the players for critical thinking and allow them to present their own views about the future of this game. Although, “Michael B Lee” includes many of natural adventures that can provide an entertainment to the players. He placed plot, storylines and opening and closing points of this book in a professional manner.

Major Receptions

“Demon: The Fallen” had received generally positive feedbacks from its readers and critics alike. Players loved the concept of playing fallen angel struggle for redemption and the opportunity to explore the various supernatural fictions. While many of players praised its character development and storytelling potential. Many of audiences accused inconsistencies in its rules that can lead frustration during playing game. It has been sold over millions of copies since its publication and it also has been translated in to many of different languages worldwide.


“Demon: The Fallen” is an exciting tale of supernatural worlds with an extensive list of fallen characters and their special abilities which can have an impact on the whole world. The fight between the evil and the good is somewhat a classic theme but the way the characters are developed and their complicated relationships with each other, their divine past and the realities of the world full of darkness.

The game has its rich storytelling along with moral dilemmas and it has key emphasis on collaborative storytelling. The game continues to engage players. I would like to recommend this game to people who are interested in exploring the connection of the divine and the fallen. It is a world where shadows have deep secrets and every choice made by the characters of the fallen can result into terrible consequences if decisions are not made with care.