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Books Title: “Mummays Mask” PDF Free Download

“Mummay,s Mask” is circle around an interesting place known as Orision. This book was originally published in 2016 by “Paizo Inc”. By genre it belongs to the category of game book. It contains total 32 pages.

Books Author: “Mike Selinker”

“Mike Selinker” is an American game designer. His most popular books are “Kobold Guide to Board Game Design”, “Dealer’s Choice: The Complete Handbook of Saturday Night Poker” and “Family Games: The 100 Best Kindle Edition”.

Introduction to “Mummays Mask”

The book “Mummays Mask” is revolved around an exciting and ancient place known as Osirion. The world Osirion contains a lot of secret and hidden precious metals which are buried under the stand for a long period of time. Osirion explores all secret hidden places after many years for the people. The different mysterious makes this land even more interesting again.

Hakotep is the lead character who used to be a forgotten king. At the time, when he was buried, some of un-known people took away his heart and on a special mask that had part of his soul. Because of all these situations, Hekotep could not go the afterlife, like he was supposed to. He was stuck in between the life and death for thousands of years. Although, the whole aspects and features of this book are elaborated in a peaceful manner that can be very helpful for all readers.

Summary of “Mummays Mask”

“Mummys Mask” is an interesting story of a series known as Pathfinders Adventures Path. Basically, it is a monthly guide for those people who love playing fantasy games. In the different parts of this series, there are six interesting connected Adventures which are bound together and then create an amazing story. The skilled writers and artists who love fantasy games can work together and also can make this world too much interesting. On this way, they can create different amazing characters, magical places and harmful enemies, aimed to make this game even more engaging.

During this adventure, the lead characters explore many of secret places called Osirion. In every part of this series, they can entertain different interesting stories and new creatures to challenge them. A lot of made-up stories are also part of this Pathfinder Journey. All details about this game are planned carefully just to make this journey even more amazing and funny for the players.

Furthermore, the story of “Mummays Mask” is circle around an old king named as Hakotep. He wants to have a peaceful afterlife but unfortunately some of sneaky people took his heart away and a special mask that held part of his soul. Because of all these situations, he in unable to rest in a peaceful manner. He then begins doing things in the world again. A group of people who used to worship him like a God and the king’s journey to make things wright.

While playing this game the heroes face various different tough situations. The strong and healthy guards protect all over the hidden secrets under the desert. One of the group of people follow the king in a very wrong way. The all heroes are tested on the hot sands of Osirion desert. The heroes along with their strong responsibilities go through a tough journey. On the way, they many of powerful guards whose job is protecting the secrets that Hokotep once looked after even in dead. These whole challenges are not only physical fighting but they also test how clever, strategic and brave the heroes are.

In the middle of Osirion, the group of people who believes on Hakotep are going even stronger. They also face different problems during this adventure. Although, the heroes observe this group such as where they come from, why they follow Hakotep and how they react. These heroes need to know the fight against Hakotep and also why people believe on him.

In the hot and challenging desert, the heroes are facing several tough conditions. They also need to know about how to survive in this harish place. Although, they must have well in both fighting and surviving. By adopting the sandy hills and watery sports to reach their goals. So, “Mammys Mask” is more like dealing stories together. The heroes are seeming to stop the bad rulers coming back.

Writing Style

“Mike Selinker” ways of writing in his book “Mammys Mask” is easy to understand and straightforward. He elaborates various in-depth themes that can attract a huge number of audiences with the rest of entire world. He also introduce different complex but well-educated and informed characters that looks real throughout the whole story.

“Mike Selinker” avoids to use complicated vocabularies and overly technical jargons aimed to convey his core messages in an easy way. He encourages the audiences to think critically and allow them to come up with their own views about the future of this book. He also prefers to use simple and concise words to balance the pace and tone of plotlines. Although, “Mike Selinker” placed storylines, opening and closing points in an accurate manner that can attract a huge number of audiences worldwide.

Major Receptions

The book “Mummys Mask” got mostly positive feedbacks from its readers and critics alike. This book has been praised for its intricate plotlines, well-educated characters and impressive Egyptian theme settings. It was also venerated for its exciting adventures, memorable experiences and its hidden secrets. Many of renowned publications showered their conclusive feedbacks for this book. The book won the 2013 ENnie Award. Although, this book has been sold over millions of copies since its publication and it also has been translated into various other languages worldwide.

Conclusion of “Mummays Mask”

“Mammys Mask” is an interesting game book where the heroes are knowing about the various hidden things of Osirion. They deal with old guards, observe the group of people who follow Hakotep and face a tough challenge in the desert. One of the toughest challenge in this game is the return back of Hakotep. The whole story is unfolded step by step by showing more and more exciting parts, with various secrets, tricks and making things right again.

Furthermore, if you are seeking for a book just like it, then don’t waste your precious time, just grab it and read what you need. The whole features of this book are defined and explained by the author in a broad and professional manner that can attract a huge number of audiences worldwide. This book is suitable for young adults and mature readers. I recommended this book to all of them who love to read game books.