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Books Title: “Rifts Secrets of the Atlanteans” PDF Free Download

“Rifts Secrets of the Atlanteans” is an interesting book that is revolved around a brief explanation of Atlantean civilization. This book was originally published in 1986 by Palladium Books. It contain total 225 pages. By genre it belongs to the category of game book.

Books Author: “Carl Gleba”

“Carl Gleba” is a popular author.His famous books are “Dyvall Hell Unleashed (Rifts’ Dimension #11)”, “Rifts® World Book 35: Megaverse in Flames” and “Hades (Rifts’ Dimension #10)”.

Introduction of “Rifts Secrets of the Atlanteans”

“Rifts Secrets of the Atlanteans” are believed to be the fourth human race by many theologists. It is part of the world of multiverse and comic books. They are known to be inhabitants of an ancient village known as the atlantis. Living in the village they used technology to make their lives easy. They also spread into other parts of the world with time. An empire accepted them in their court.

They are also known as rulers of the whole North of the world. Atlanteans based on their special features and powers also known as Meta humans. They are believed to be scattered by a catastrophe. However, they are spread over the whole world doing their magic and following the traditions they initially developed. Shadow magic is also part of their powers and illuminati secrets remain veiled with them. This book thoroughly describes the Atlanteans.

Summary of “Rifts Secrets of the Atlanteans”

The book starts off with a brief explanation of Atlantean civilization. The society of Atlantis was enigmatic and magnificent. It was popular among the other parts of the world. People of this society had some unique characteristics. There were ten distinct clans in this society. They were different from each other in terms of mysteries they hide and features they developed over time.

Their way of living was also unique from fellow clans. For example the Aquarian knights are also known as Delphinus. Their powers and abilities revolved around the majestic secrets of water bodies. On the other hand Shadowborn was all about art and crafts which was not allowed and forbidden at the time. This chapter also signifies internal relationships among the clans. The people they admired and the clans they fought with.

Another chapter named Hidden among us, describes the possible existence of Atlanteans in the universe. They are scattered around the world but they have their own cult. They are united and share a common philosophy. They have developed communities kept in secret from the rest of the world. Some of the areas are also named in the book.

Examples of which are, the city of Xibalba in the central American jungles and Atlantis post in North America. The megaverse is well connected with crossroads. There are sanctuaries built for collecting information and distribution of resources. This is how the Atlanteans delve into the Multiverse.

Atlanteans are celebrated as true warriors against dark magic. They are treated as nobles for fighting with evil forces and saving the world. Perhaps some people were not loyal to their community. Internally a clan was corrupted by warriors who fought for the dark forces. They were disloyal to their own people. One of the examples was a cabal within the Delphinus. They used their shadow magic to manipulate people around the world.

The community was popular for their tattoo magic. It was a mysterious technology offered by the Atlanteans. In the book a deep knowledge about tattoo magic is given to the readers. About sixty different tattoo designs are mentioned. Each design represents a specific feature and functions. It gave some advantages but it also came with some great drawbacks and limitations. Then comes the forbidden art, known as the Shadow Magic.

This magic is based on manipulative techniques. The art is used as a tool to attract dark energies. This is associated with massive payback. The spells used were effective but cost a great deal of price for trying these. There is a thin line between light and darkness. The shadow magic crossed it. The reason why Atlanteans used it for the benefit of mankind is why they are considered noble. Not everyone has the kind of will it takes to perform the spells.

A section in the books discusses a gateway into the extensive knowledge of Atlanteans. The Stone Pyramids are mentioned as a means of information exchange. These pyramids are present across the megaverse. This does not only transfer knowledge but some dark power and unusual energy. It is a secret exchange of power. It is well established that the Atlanteans had some corrupted warriors among them. Despite these, Atlanteans fought with demons and helped the innocents.

They are the true warriors against the dark powers. The true enemies of Atlanteans are the undead. This book tries to capture the essence of a community deep rooted in their traditions. Building pyramids to exchange energies and information. There’s a lot for the creativity of the mind for its readers. Diving into the mystical megaverse, there is a great deal to be explored.

Writing Style

“Carl Gleba” ways of writing in his book “Rifts Secrets of the Atlanteans” is straightforward and easy to understand. He uses simple words to stabilize the pace and tone of plot. The characters introduced by him are complex but well-educated and they are looking like real with the rest of the story. In this book he defines various comprehensive themes that can attract a huge numbers of readers worldwide. “Carl Gleba” avoids all complex vocabularies and irrelevant idioms with the aim to convey his message and knowledge in an accurate manner.

Major Receptions

The book “Rifts Secrets of the Atlanteans” had received mixed feedbacks from players and reviewers. It was admired for its detailed exploration of its true Atlanteans, their history and cultures. While some of the readers expressed that this book focuses on true Atlanteans but giving less attention on other aspects of Rift settings particularly Megaverse history. It has been translated in many of different languages and it also has been sold millions of copies since its publication.

Conclusion of “Rifts Secrets of the Atlanteans”

Fiction readers are a targeted audience for this book. Some of the fiction lovers are also inventors and players of innovative games.Similarly, Rifts: Secrets of Atlanteans is a book based on fiction. It provides a deep insight into a community, which is part of the Megaverse, scattered among regular human beings. The history and tradition of Atlanteans is also described thoroughly.

The book is an intriguing read for the players and readers. It has a great scope for imagination by storytelling. In terms of adventure it is a rollercoaster with loads of twists. It represents one of the most interesting communities of the Rifts.