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Books Title: “Tarot Card Meanings” PDF Free Download

“Tarot Card Meanings” is dive into various 78 cards having their own symbols and signs. This book was originally published in 2009 by “Ishtar Publishing”. This book contains total 11 pages. By genre it belongs to the category of game book.

Books Authors: “Brigit Esselmont”

“Brigit Esselmont” is known as the bestselling author of every day. She is an intuitive business coach, and spiritual entrepreneur. Her most popular books are “Everyday Tarot Mini Tarot Deck”, “Biddy Tarot Deck” and “2023 Biddy Tarot Planner Brigit Esselmont”.

Introduction of “Tarot Card Meanings”

“Tarot Card Meanings” has 78 cards. Those cards hold symbols and signs. People who read them have a significant knowledge about the things the symbols represent. The card readers are also known as practitioners. They are professional in what they do. Having a profound understanding of the cards is necessary if anyone wants to be a professional. This book is developed by a practitioner having about two decades of card reading experience.

It gave detailed knowledge about some important cards of the decks. For example the cards of Arcana, both major and minor. Also touched upon the court cards. The cards represent a journey. It is the journey of life. People might forget sometimes about spirituality. In this materialistic world being connected to your own true self is difficult. Through this book those self-awareness and spirituality lessons are given. It is a roadmap into one’s understanding of their own true personality.

Summary of “Tarot Card Meanings”

Starting with the Major Arcana which has 22 cards in total, the book dives into spirituality and karma. Every individual card is different yet connected to the very roots of self-awareness. Experiences of people are used to create the sense of spirituality. Each card holds a unique experience. These cards start with “The Fool”. It is a beginners guide or experience. The naive self of people is explained in the card. Then when moving forward this inexperienced personality shapes into the completion which is represented by “The World.” These cards leave an intriguing effect on people. They push people to think about their own self by carving their path towards spirituality.

Minor Arcana has 56 cards in total. In contrast to the previous one, these cards are more about day to day life. The practical experiences of individuals in the world. Each experience we share in everyday life is further classified. The classification is in four Suits. First suite is called Cups. Cups represent the emotional aspect of people. The relationships we are in are also included in this. These are the bonds and feelings most people endure. Then comes the Pentacles. They show the practical approach of people in this materialistic world. Third one is Swords. Swords share the intelligence and soundness of people’s minds. The intellectual challenges they encounter in their day to day lives. Lastly, Wands show the action and growth of the spiritual personality.

Minor Arcana holds 16 different cards in itself. These are known as Court Cards. People change through the course of life. The personalities are not static. With growth individuals also grow on their previous selves. Starting with the young age, where people are inexperienced and naive. They are always in a learning phase with new experiences. They are followers of the advice and paths while seeking their own journey. With experience comes maturity. The more gain of knowledge sends people into decisive and authoritative individuals. It is represented by the master or the king. These cards represent each personality with the human interactions that follow every stage.

The tarot guidance book is not just a piece of writing. As the writer holds a great experience in the field, he has given meaning to it. For example people are nowadays occupied with their worldly matters. They act in a certain way to fit in this world. Doing their everyday chores, one detaches from their true self. They forget what they actually are. Upon realization people feel tired and depressed. These cards represent each of the emotions. Guiding the way into self-awareness. Not only thinking but acting upon it is a crucial part. To be self-aware is the first step into the journey of spirituality. These cards are a mirror image of our personalities and the changes we want to bring.

On one hand the major arcana bases its influence on our intellectual capabilities. The wars we fight with our intellects every day. It forces us to think and explore different paths. The idea of digging deep into what we believe and think. Reflecting on our thoughts and perceptions. It gives us the power of self-discovery in the form of “The Magician”. In a similar manner, “The Death” gives us the perspective of bringing change into our lives. In contrast the minor arcana is more about the practicality of everyday life. The problems and challenges one faces in their daily life. It gives guidance on how people can understand their abilities to overcome those challenges. As moving forward in life requires some action and reaction. Solving challenges and making them is what life comprises.

Writing Style

“Brigit Esselmont” adopts a concise and engaging writing style in her book “Tarot Card Meanings”. She is aimed to make it easier to approach and understand for audiences. In this book she elaborates various interesting and meaningful themes that can stimulate various audiences with the rest of entire world. She uses simple and precise vocabularies and idioms that can be comprehend for even beginners.

“Brigit Esselmont” prefers to use simple and precise language throughout the book to balance the pace and tone of plot. She includes numerous real examples and stories that can provide entertainment for all readers. Although, “Brigit Esselmont” placed plot, storylines and opening and closing points in an accurate manner that can inspire a huge number of readers worldwide.

Major Receptions

“Tarot Card Meanings” has received generally positive comments and feedbacks from its audiences since its publication. This book has been venerated for its broad knowledge regarding several cards including cards of arcana and court cards. Many of other readers praised its engaging writing style and through provoking plots. It has been translated into different other languages worldwide and it also has been sold over millions of copies since its publication.

Conclusion of “Tarot Card Meanings”

“Tarot Card Meanings” is a complete set of guidance on the tarot deck. It is detailed and sophisticated as one needs it to be. It has a holistic approach to living life with spirituality and self-awareness. Reflecting and learning from experiences is significant information in this deck.

People in every stage of intellectual growth can benefit from it. A useful book when it comes to understanding your own self better. This guide has a lot of lessons to learn from. The wisdom it gives out is a necessity in the path of self-discovery. If you are seeking all of what is discussed, this book awaits you. Grab it and learn the meaning of true self.