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Books Title: “The Cambridge Illustrated History of China” PDF Free Download

“The Cambridge Illustrated History of China” is an interesting book that revolves around the Chines history. This was originally published in 1981 by “‎Cambridge University Press”. This book contains total 352 pages. By genre it belongs to the category of History book.

Books Author: “Patricia Buckley Ebrey”

“Patricia Buckley Ebrey” is an American art historian. She was born in March 7, 1947, New Jersey, United States. She is the winner of Guggenheim Fellowship award for Humanities, US & Canada. Her most popular books are “Chinese Civilization”, “Emperor Huizong” and “Women and the Family in Chinese History”.

Introduction of “The Cambridge Illustrated History of China”

“The Cambridge Illustrated History of China” is a heart touching book written by “Patricia Buckley Ebrey”. This book circles around the whole happenings in china till now. It consist a mixture of pictures and serious study. It teaches us about the various smart people, government activities, Art and the people living standard. This book also define numerous circumstances about how the environment of china influence the people.

Furthermore, it elaborates the various challenges and troubles that the China faces now a days and how it became a big part of world’s story. So, this book is even more than a fun which showing us all the important happenings in Chine. It is also like a story book that assist us to understand the Chines history in a broad way. Although, the whole aspects and futures of this book are elaborated by the author in a broad manner that can persuade a huge number of readers worldwide.

Summary of “The Cambridge Illustrated History of China”

The book begins with the ancient civilization of China. It, then talks about a time known as Warring States Period when the people of China come up with their smart plans and arguments about ideas. These all plans and ideas helped all powerful families who had a huge influence on other people. So, this book elaborates all the circumstances that how Qin and Ming became strong and later on lost their powers. It also teaches us about how they create a culture, set principles and how people lived at that specific era.

On this way, this book talks on the two different time periods in China called the Qin and Ming dynasties. So, it initially tell us about the Ming dynasties smart culture achievement and how the Qing dynasty changed as well as how the government worked in China. This book elaborates the life standard of Chines people during these time periods such as how families were set up, what are their believes and how was their art.

This new version of book includes a variety of up-dated information’s from archaeological discoveries. These information’s assist us to know about how things were happened in that era in China. This guide also tell us how people and nature worked together for the betterment of China in past. It defines the Qing Dynasty in a broad manner which help readers to understand this important time period of China. The whole story tells us about the various ups and downs, the complex time era and the success and achievements of Qing dynasty.

Towards the end, this book covers the whole recent ways where China became a country with a type of government called Communism. This guide defines the whole challenges that Chania faces in 21 century such as becoming a very strong in a world’s economy. This book also look closely how the China’s republican is organized today including its politics. It also defines that how China will become a big game changer for the world and how it works for their residencies.

The author of this book talks about the big events that happened in China’s history. This book gives a lot of information’s about the everyday and political changings in china. The whole pictures and maps of this book makes it even more interesting and help us to understand more about the past happenings of China. Furthermore, it defines the whole difficulties that China is dealing now and also make us to think about where China is going now. This book is not only for the smart people but it is for all of those who are interested in the history.

Writing Style

“Patricia Buckley Ebrey” ways of writing in his book “The Cambridge Illustrated History of China” is straightforward and easy to access. She covers the Chines history from prehistoric times to the present including various aspects like politics, art, society and environment. She elaborates various things through diagrams and pictures just making it accessible for wider audiences. She also defines Chines whole challenges and it role in world stage in a broad way that can attract a huge number of audiences.

“Patricia Buckley Ebrey” avoids all complex sort of vocabularies and overwhelming idioms aimed to convey her core ideas and messages in an easy way. She encourages the audiences to think critically and allow them to come up with their own views about the future of this book. She also includes numerous real stories and real examples that can assist the students of history in an accurate manner. Although, “Patricia Buckley Ebrey” uses smart and engaging language just to balance the pace and tone of plotlines.

Major Receptions

“The Cambridge Illustrated History of China” got mostly positive feedbacks from its audiences and readers since its publication. It was awarded for its engaging writing style, attractive plotlines and broad elaboration of Chines history. It was also venerated for its diagrams, maps and comprehensive concepts about Chinese history. While this book has been given 4 out of 5 stars from Amazon and Goodreaders. Furthermore, this book has been translated into various other languages worldwide and it also has been sold over millions of copies since its publication. Many of outside media publications such as New York Times and Washington Post praised their positive feedbacks for this book.

Conclusion of “The Cambridge Illustrated History of China”

The book “The Cambridge Illustrated History of China” shows how exciting and amazing the Chinese history is. The author of this book define the history of China through maps and pictures which can be too much interesting for all audiences. So, this guide takes us on a journey through ancient ideas, powerful leaders and today’s big challenges. It also tells us about why China becomes a powerful and strong country.

Moreover, it also pays a close attention about various smart people and things found underground. On this way it shows that how the environment and the world around China influenced its history. If you are looking for a book just like it, then don’t waste your precious time, grab it and learn a lot what you need. This book is suitable for young adults and mature readers. I recommended this book to all of them who loved to read history related books.