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Books Title: “Wraith the Oblivion” PDF Free Download

“Wraith the Oblivion” is a table top role playing game that is based on after life characters which are called the wraiths. This book was originally published in 2021 by White Wolf Publishing. It is having total 573 pages. By genera it is belonging to the category of role playing games.

Books Publisher: “White Wolf Publishing”

“White Wolf Publishing” was an American roleplaying game and book publisher. And it was founded in 1991. Its founder was Mark Rein-Hagen. The headquarter of “White Wolf Publishing” is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Its famous games are “World of Darkness Preludes: Vampire and Mage”, “Vampire: The Masquerade” and Werewolf: The Apocalypse.

Introduction of “Wraith the Oblivion”

“Wraith the Oblivion” is the second edition and the fourth game world of darkness series. It is different from the original series in the way that it portrays the original characters in a more inflated sense. The book focuses on the light side of the life which is the real serve of the wrights and its struggle with the darkness of oblivions and the shadows.

The publisher of this book uses simple sentences along with an interactive experiences for the gamers to enjoy the role playing experience to the fullest. The role playing of the characters, its rules and the introduction of the new features in the game are presented in a concise way for the gamers to understand it easily.

Summary of “Wraith the Oblivion”

“Wraith the Oblivion” is a role playing game from the series world of darkness and it is based on supernatural themes. Such as the afterlife world filled with people have recently died but have not yet reached the next life.

The undead people living in the underworld are called wraiths. These are creatures who exist in a parallel universe and they have unfinished passions of love, revenge and other deep emotions. And they are driven by these by story feelings to fulfill their ambitions.

There is an establish authority of wraith of underworld which has its own rules and orders which the wraiths has to follow. There are other creators among the wraiths who reject the rules set by the authority. These creators are called renegades who wish to lead the wraiths to fall into the oblivion which is the end of their existence.

There are many supernatural abilities that the wraiths possess. They can exist in the form of shadows and can interact with the normal living beings but in a limited ways. They can also influence the thoughts and actions of those living beings by using their spiritual thoughts.

The game is based on the struggle that the wraiths face between the essence of their personality and their shadow. If the wraiths fall in to the oblivion of their desires and fears the shadow wins over there real being. And it leads to the end of their existence.

Over all the game is about role playing of the wraiths after their life ends and the main themes of the game are loss, regret and the search for identity. Even though the full of exciting, adventures and there has been some draw backs such as a limited clear goals and a sense of directionless feelings in the some parts. Also there are some of psychological themes which may not be preferred by players who are interested in a role playing experience.

Writing Style

“White Wolf Publishing” ways of writing in the book “Wraith the Oblivion” is easy to understand and access. It provides an interactive role playing experience for the players. Its character development and emotional plot setting makes this game a favorite for most of the gamers.

The strong emotions such as loss, regret and search for identity can evoke this emotions the players who look for an introspective experience in the role playing genre. This book is venerated for its engaging plotlines and tools.

“White Wolf Publishing” prefers to use simple and comprehensive words to balance the pace and tone of this book. It encourages the players to think critically for this book and allow them to draw their own views about the future of this book.

“White Wolf Publishing” avoids overly technical idioms and difficult vocabularies with the aim to convey its core ideas in an eassy way. It also includes many of real examples and important tools that can assist the player in an accurate manner.

Major receptions

“Wraith the Oblivion” had received mostly positive reviews from its audiences since its publication. It is praised for its unique settings and themes such as lost, regret and internal conflicts of wraiths. Most of the readers have concerns about its slow pace, limited activities and lack of clear goals which was not appealing to most of the players.

“Wraith the Oblivion” has been sold 50k to 100k copies since its publication and it has also been translated in 7 different languages worldwide. Many of other media outlets such as New York Times and Washington Post showered their positive feedbacks since its publication.

Conclusion of “Wraith the Oblivion”

To conclude, “Wraith the Oblivion” is mostly enjoyed by gamers who are interested in an interactive experience of role playing games. The exciting characters and interactive story lines along with catchy dialogues makes this game a very exciting adventure for the gamers of all ages and generations.

The fight between light and shadows has been a long standing genre of role playing games games and this game provides an extra ordinary experience for gamers filled with story emotions such as love and revenge.This book is suitable for all ages and generations and I highly recommend this book to all of them who love to read role playing game books.


Q: What is Wraith the Oblivion about?

“Wraith the Oblivion” is a table top role playing game that is based on after life characters which are called the wraiths.

Q: How long is Wraith the Oblivion afterlife game?

Around six hours.

Q: Who are the artists in Wraith the Oblivion?

Dave Allsop, Stuart Beel, Tom Berg, John Cobb, Brian Dugan, Henry Higginbotham, Anthony Hightower, George Pratt, E. Allen Smith, Richard Thomas, Joshua Gabriel Timbrook, Drew Tucker.

Q: How do you fight the Wraith in Oblivion?

We can fight the Wraith in Oblivion Just shoot arrows at the wraith.

Q: How do you beat the Wraith in Oblivion?

1- Wraiths are vulnerable to the Turn Undead-line of spells.

2- Wraiths are vulnerable to Shock Damage (spells and staves)

3- Wraiths are vulnerable to Silver, Daedric, and enchanted weapons.

Q: Can you play Wraith the Oblivion Afterlife without VR?

This game requires a VR headset in order to play.

Q: Who is the main character in Oblivion?

Sheogorath is the main character in this game.

Q: What is Wraith’s identity?

Wraith’s true identity is unknown.

Q: Where can I find gloom Wraith in Oblivion?

You can find it from a large numbers in chapel undercrofts.