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Books Title: “Pathfinder” PDF Free Download

“Pathfinder” is an interesting story and its story is revolved around the group of people who went to a planet for live a better lives. The story is about a boy who has numerous supernatural skills. This book was originally published in 1840 by “Tor Books”. By genre it belongs to the category of science fiction book. It has total 467 pages.

Books Author: “Orson Scott Card”

“Orson Scott Card” is an American writer and he is known for his science fiction work. He was born in August 24, 1951 Richland, Washington, United States. His famous books are “Speaker for the Dead”, “Genocide” and “Shadow Puppets”. He won various awards including four Hugo Awards, two Nebula Awards, one World Fantasy Award, and four Locus Awards.

Introduction of “Pathfinder”

“Pathfinder” is driven by “Orson Scott Card” and its story is circle around a group of people who lives on a planet called Garden. This book also narrates the journey of a young boy named as Rigg who has various supernatural skills. It gives us numerous lessons including how to be hopeful when all things went wrong, how our past can affect our present and how can we focus on a better future. It also elaborates the life related themes including faith, meaning of life and personal developments. The whole aspects of this book are defined and explained in a respectable manner that can stimulate readers worldwide.

Summary of “Pathfinder”

The book “Pathfinder” is revolved around a group of people who went to a new planet known as “Garden”. On this new planet the people used the modern technology. They used to make such sort of human related machines called “expendables”. There are various people who have many of supernatural abilities, as they use to made modern machines just like normal humans. This makes hard to tell who is a human and who is a machine.

One of a young boy called Rigg, who has various special powers. He can see the paths of every living things. He can tell about where they have been and how they interacted with the people in their past. This sort of special gifts makes Rigg very familiar from other human beings. These abilities often give him a huge challenges because many of people does not really get him. That’s why he often feel lonely.

One day Rigg falls in to a big trouble. His beloved father, who was the only person who understand and help him, who understand his all abilities, suddenly passed away. This event makes Rigg very sad. After the dead of his father, he come to know his father kept something secret from him. He fined his mother and his sister where he never meet. His father did not tell him about them before.

Rig realy wants to live with his family. He often desires to know about who he is. Then he decide to find his mother and sister. He starts a journey the wide and varied area of Garden. During his journey, he meets many peoples who are having special abilities just like him. Through his whole journey, he understand his abilities of knowing the past of people. He understand what is right and what is wrong for him. He observe that many of people does not like his special abilities. He also seeks several guidelines from those who can understand his true potential.

Although, Rigg meets many of other friends. He learn a lot of things from those friends including how to manage these special powers and how to utilized powers to do something good. After then Rigg decide to help out all of them who are suffering from various problems. He build a strong friendship with all of his friends. Furthermore the whole journey of Rigg is too much risky. Many peoples do not like his abilities. There is a group called “The Winchers” who desires to utilize his powers against innocent people. They also wants control all powers of riigs friends.

So, Rigg and his friends realized that they must have to face these hurdles to keep their family and community safe. They continue their possible efforts to figure out the true history of Garden. On this account they use their special powers to find out the truthiness and reality including where they come from, what are their ambitions of life and what are the main reasons of their existence.

Writing Style

“Orson Scott Card” method of writing in his book “Path finders” is mean to understand and approach. He defines various in-depth and life related themes including faith, better hope and importance of friends and family in a broad way that can persuade a huge numbers of readers. He explores complex but well-assembled characters that are looking like more real throughout the story.

“Orson Scott Card” Uses simple language to balance the plot of this story. He avoids irrelevant idioms and complex vocabularies with the account to convey his ideas in an easy way. “Orson Scott Card” includes many of real stories and examples that can entertain the audiences. He placed plot, storylines and opening and closing points in a professional manner.

Major Recognitions

“Path finders” had received generally positive comments and feedbacks since its publication. It was praised for its in-depth themes, well-organized characters and engaging writing style. While many of readers found its pace and ending points were not placed by the author in a satisfactory manner. It has been translated into numerous different languages worldwide and it also has been sold millions of copies since its publication.

Conclusion of “Pathfinder”

The book “Path finders” is very interesting to read and understand. This book gives us several lessons including how to feeling hopeful and how peace and strength comes from family and friends. It explore the ways that how our past can affect our present along with how can we change ourselves and get better in our lives.

Riggs life journey teaches us in order to accept all supernatural skills, be hopeful if things are tough, always desire for a better feature and do things that can change the whole society. The whole features of this book are defined in an accurate and broad way that can attract a huge numbers of readers worldwide. This book is suitable for mature and adult readers. I preferred this book to all of them who love to read science fiction books.