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Books Title: “Space Marine 8th Edition Codex” PDF Free Download

“Space marine 8th edition codex”, released by “Games Workshop” in 2017 is a significant change in 40,000 Warhammer games. It is for one of the miniature armies called Space Marines. The book has a detailed set of rulebook experience with characters, plots and gameplay description.

It has a total of 208 pages and it belongs to the genre of Science Fiction and Fantasy. This updated edition contains more features, weapons and improved gameplay experience in addition to the classic Space Marine gaming magic.

Books Authors: “Games Workshop”

Space Marine 8th Edition Codex PDF Free Download

“Games Workshop” is a famous manufacturer of miniature games and also a publisher of various rulebooks of different miniature and other games. It is based in Nottingham, England and it was founded in the year 1975 by Ian Livingstone, Steve Jackson and John Peake.

Some of the popular games and rulebooks produced by the company are Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Bolt Action, Deathwatch, WarCry and many others. The company continues to issue newer versions and editions of its famous games to keep the audience engaged.

Introduction to “Space Marine 8th Edition Codex”

This codex was a significant edition that brought change in how Space Marines were played in the game. It further made the game exotic and interesting. The miniature army of Space Marines belong to a higher classification of armies known as Imperium of Mankind. Space Marines are some superhuman creatures in the game.

The purpose of the army is to save other human kind from the armies of Xenos. The space marines are genetically modified for the purpose. They have advanced weapons and power. The 8th edition builds on it and brought some changes to enrich the glory of space marines.

Summary of “Space Marine 8th Edition Codex”

Space marine 8th edition codex made the warhammer 40,000 more accessible to beginners. The new rule system was more newcomer friendly. However the advanced players were able to enjoy it likewise with more interesting rules in the game.

This change was aimed at making the game easily playable. Any debutant player should not feel exhausted when understanding the game. Rules were made understandable but the depth for experienced players was more than before. These core rules made the game both easy and interesting at the same time.

Factions keywords are introduced in this version of codex. Any miniature army can stand and be fielded with the other ally using some specific keywords. This created a whole new theme with many creative armies.

Players can now add the Space Marines with any other unit within the Imperium of Mankind. This means that Space Marines can now be a part of a greater army but specific keywords can be used within it only. Creation of keywords and alliance with others allowed players to become creative and thoughtful when making the army.

The codex introduced some chapter tactics for Space Marines. The army can now play its unique abilities according to each chapter. This helped players to customize their army. They can now play with their own gameplay. The players can choose their Space Marine according to the theme of the game.

There are a variety of chapter tactics available.Each chapter unit has a different history, culture and battles in the past. Units are built and played in accordance with this information. Each unit also had its unique combat, adding to the delightful experience. Space Marines’ role has a new comprehensive approach in the game.

Additionally the rulebook has some special rules. These make the game challenging as one opponent can use these to outplay the other. This added a new level of depth to the game. These rules and artifacts are known as Stratagems and Relics. Stratagems mentioned can be used by players that can suit their game. These are advantageous as their careful use can outrun any opponent adding flavor to the battle plan.

Relics are also called artifacts. It helps to enhance the theme. Each army has unique artifacts which stand out. Players can select their relic to be included in the game. It has an effect of storytelling in the game improving its theme.

Traits to warlords of each chapter of Space Marines were given. This added a new layer of strategic planning influencing the outcomes of the game drastically. These traits were a bonus for the army. For example a specific chapter warlord could reroll the failed weapon projectile during the attack. These traits however were unique but closely tied to the theme of gameplay.

In unit and model updates, this codex introduced some new units to the Space Marines. New breed of soldiers came into play. They also had some unique characteristics and models. Players of Space Marines now had a broad spectrum for tactical options. An example of these debutant units are Interceptors and Hellbasters. Not only new units were introduced but changes were made to the existing units. This provides players with a breath of fresh air.

The 8th edition of Space Marines provided players with the history of the army. A brief history, culture and battles were explained. Players now can play within the context of the game. Storytelling allowed players to be immersed in the trials and horror stories of their armies. A new narrative was attributed to each army.

Writing Style

Consistent with other rulebooks of Warhammer series and other games, Games Workshop has used a simple but engaging and thrilling writing style in this book. The 8th edition of Space Marines is filled with engaging plot lines and an experience of excitement that keeps the audience on their feet the whole time.

The book has been written using simple vocabulary but the concepts have been explained in depth in such a way that even the beginners of the game will understand them and apply in the game. The characters, features and the storylines have been written in such a way as to give the readers a great experience.

“Games Workshop” encourages the gamers to think critically and allow them to draw their own way of thoughts about the future of this book. They also defines various other tools and methods that can further assist the gamers espacially the new players. Although, they prefers to use simple and precise words to balance the pace of the plot.

Major Receptions

The game Space Marine 8th Edition Codex has been received by critiques, fans and media publishers with praise, appreciation and various accolades. The rulebook has done justice to the massive name of the manufacturers as well as the game itself. The exiting new additions of guns, characters and storylines in this new edition has been appreciated by the audience, which can be felt from the fact that the rulebook has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5.

The game as well as the rulebook received many positive reviews on fandom sites such as Reddit. It has been translated into other different languages woeldwide and it also has been sold over millions of copies since its publication. Many of media outlets awarded their positive feedbacks for this book.

Conclusion of “Space Marine 8th Edition Codex”

Gamers of 40,000 universe can get immersed in the battle of mankind with its enemies with this new edition of the rulebook of space marines. It brought in some changes which made the game interesting and joyful. Newcomers have the chance of knowing it very quickly with the new set of rules. On the other hand, all the tactics and storytelling added new levels of theme play to the game.

The customization of armies with unique strategies and artifacts is a brain teaser for the players. The strategic layers and depth in the game has now been at higher levels than before. This codex is no doubt a turning point in the history of gaming. If you are looking for a book just like it, then grab its and get all things what you need. This book is suitable for all generation gamers. I recommended this book to all of them who love to read fantacy books.


Q: When did 8th edition codex come out?

June 08, 2018.

Q: What is the most feared Space Marine chapter?

The Void Tridents are the most feared Space Marine chapter.

Q: What is the latest Space Marine codex?

The 10th Edition.

Q: Do all Space Marine chapters have a Primarch?

Yes the all Space Marine chapters have a Primarch.

Q: Are 40k Space Marines human?

Yes, they are superhuman.

Q: Who made the first codex?

The ancient Romans.

Q: What was the first ever codex?

The Rylands Library Papyrus P52.

Q: What replaced scrolls?

The codex.

Q: Can Primaris wear Terminator armor?

Yes they can wear.

Q: How big is the codex?

At 92 cm (36 in) long, 50 cm (20 in) wide and 22 cm (8.7 in) thick.

Q: How many traitor primarchs are alive?

I think they’re the only Traitor Primarchs still alive.

Q: Are there evil Space Marines?

There are several Space Marine chapters that have turned to chaos and are considered evil.

Q: Why are Space Marines male only?

Because the gene-seed zygotes are keyed to male hormones and genetic structure.

Q: Why is codex called codex?

Because it is a Latin for block of wood.

Q: Why is the codex so important?

They give important clues into how these very different cultures became integrated and adapted to each other’s presence.

Q: What is the biggest codex?

The Codex Gigas.