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Books Title: “Starjammer Rulebook” PDF Free Download

Pathfinder Starjammer PDF Free Download

Starjammer is a roleplaying RPG game rulebook, released in the year 2017 by d20pfsrd Publishing. It is especially suited for people interested in the vast adventure of space. It is a game which is set in the theme of space. Roleplaying is the essence of the game.

The book has a total of 164 pages and it comes under the genre of science fiction and roleplaying games. The book has all the necessary information about the Starjammer game including its features, weapons and gameplay.

Book Publisher: “d20pfsrd Publishing”

“d20pfsrd Publishing” is a very famous American game publishing company which specializes in role-playing games. It is headquartered in Royal Oak, MI, United States and it is widely popular for the tabletop role-playing games such as Starjammer.

One of the most famous versions of the roleplaying games published by the company was Starjammer, which received worldwide recognition. Other than producing games, d20pfsrd also publishes rulebooks and other publications related to its games.

Introduction to “Starjammer Rulebook”

“Starjammer Rulebook”is a role-playing game and the players are supposed to take up the character who goes into space. Gamers take on the journey of exploration of the cosmos. There are some challenges which make the game interesting. In the process of unveiling the truths of space, explorers take risks and go on adventures.

This game is based on the Pathfinder roleplaying game. It further expands the gaming experience that the later game provides. However some rules have been changed. This rulebook demonstrated how this Starjammer is different from the other game. The changes are not only limited to rules. There are differences in roles of players and the skills they acquire. Apart from these, different characters are introduced. New equipment is also added in this version of the game.

Summary of “Starjammer Rulebook”

Starjammer; a pathfinder roleplaying game core rulebook featured new races for a player’s character. The oozes can now change their shape and are named as Abiarazi. Manu of magitech has the ability to create new crafts. Gene variations are a significant feature of the Pasimachi. Lastly, a race which is unique, Transgenic are half human and half alien. They are the nomads in the game.

Skills are an important aspect of the game. This rulebook enhanced the set of skills a player can have while playing the game. These varieties of expertise are useful for the expanded exploration of space. Profession is included in the game. For example a player can choose the profession of the pilot. The pilot will then be able to manage the craft. Skills of a player can also be related to the craft itself. The importance of information about the setting of the game is also a useful mastery to have. The art of excelling in geography is useful. A player can also have competency in knowledge and information.

Starjammer has a variety of new tools for the game to be played with cleverness. The supplies include shields against magnetic forces. It helps to survive in the adventurous space setting. Other important equipment are lanterns, starmarine armor etc. It adds a layer of competence to the game. Use of spells can also be as effective as equipment. Spellcasting is interesting as well as a creative innovation. The Starjammer rulebook has a vast variety of new spells to be used in the exploration of cosmos.

Some core rules are introduced in this rulebook for the first time. These new rules are a significant part of combat in space. To fire a weapon certain guidelines are defined. Similarly, other skills are shown through following rules. Moving around is also part of the guide. In starjammers, players can face a great number of factions. These factions include Knights, Israfel order, Bastion incantorum etc.

Information regarding the setting of the game is elaborated in this rulebook. Knowledge of galaxies in the universe is explained quite well. This includes the names of planets or any asteroid revolving in the galaxy. Stars are also named and explained in detail. Any information related to the galaxy is mentioned here. It also gives us a background of what creatures inhabited the galaxy during different times. There is a guideline on how to be creative with your spacecraft.

The setting in which the game is played is widely spread. Each galaxy has its own planets and stars. The history of galaxies is also defined and explained. This history is based on what kind of factions and races inhabited it with the passage of time. Bastion Incantorum are the most knowledgeable scholars among all factions. They have vast knowledge about space and its galaxies. They share their knowledge with the help of libraries. They are always in search of more knowledge.

Star Legions are rulers starjammers. They are a mighty empire which aims to expand its horizons. They have great power and others are scared of their unforgiving ways of punishment. Israfel order is a religious faction, famous for their leaders. Red tang spice is an infamous spice which controls all of the trade. The faction of warriors are known as the Shaman knights.

The Starjammers is a game of innovation and creations. Role Playing depends on players. A dice controls the result of events. Gamers use their knowledge and expertise to uncover the truths of space. Players are free to choose their own journey around the space. They have to tackle obstacles to reach destinations.

Writing Style

The writing style of the authors and the editors in this Starjammers rulebook is purely professional and for the hardcore fanbase of the Starjammers game to make them more aware about the rule, new features and the gameplay action. The vocabulary used is simple and easy to understand while the graphics and images make it much more attractive and easy to comprehend.

The dialogues, development of game characters and the storyline are written in an elegant manner. The publisher encourages the players to think critically and allow them to draw their own point of views about the future of this book. Furthermore, they defines various other tools and resources that can assist the players worldwide.

Major Receptions

The rulebook for Starjammers has been received by the fans, media outlets and the fandom websites, such as reddit, as a treat. The rulebook has been appreciated mostly for making the game look so easy and captivating plus keeping the audience updated about the new features, improved gameplay action and the introduction of new weapons and characters.

Most of the reviews on major selling platforms like Amazon and Ebay have been positive and encouraging. This book has been translated into different other languages worldwide and it also has been sold over millions of copies since its publication.


Starjammer is an innovative game with a series of adventures. Each set of challenges brings a reward with it. It gives a great gaming experience for people who enjoy space. Vast rules make it smooth while playing. Going on a journey in space is made interesting by introducing new tools and spells to help players combat. Exploring the cosmos is real fun. This game is for everyone. Once you start playing it, its unique setting and interesting characters make it irresistible.

A beginner can really get immersed in the game, playing it for long intervals. On the other hand, seasoned players have a lot to explore and new experiences are always on the way. If you are a clever and creative gamer, this game is made for you. This game book is suitable for young adults and mature players. I recommended this book to all of them who love to read game books.


Q: What is the book “Starjammer Rulebook” is about?

Starjammer; a pathfinder roleplaying game core rulebook featured new races for a player’s character. The oozes can now change their shape and are named as Abiarazi. Manu of magitech has the ability to create new crafts.

Q: When “Starjammer Rulebook” published?

Starjammer is a roleplaying RPG game rulebook, released in the year 2017.

Q: who is the publisher of “Starjammer Rulebook”?

It is published by d20pfsrd Publishing.

Q: How many pages this book have?

There are 164 total pages.

Q: What is the genre of this book?

It comes under the genre of science fiction and roleplaying games.

Q: Can kids play this game?

It is suitable for young adults and mature players.