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Books Title: “Hamlet” PDF Free Download

Hamlet is a popular and heart touching play and its story is about a prince of Denmark named Hamlet, whose father is killed by his uncle. This book has total 135 pages. It was originally published in 1599 by “Simon & Schuster”. By genre it belongs to the category of Drama book.

Books Author: “William Shakespeare”

William Shakespeare was a famous English poet. He was born on April 26, 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom. He wrote several comedies and Historic plays and some of his famous plays are Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and The Tempest etc. His plays are circle around on love, loss and revenge. He was died in April 23, 1616.


“Hamlet” authored by “William Shakespeare” revival around the prince of Denmark named as Hamlet. It gives us a huge numbers of moral lesions including the complexity of human nature, the importance of asking questions and getting answers, the importance of worlds and language and inevitability of love that remain relevant to these days. The author of this play elaborate and explain all aspects in an accurate and concise way that can catch a sizeable audiences worldwide.


The story is circle around a prince named as Hamlet Denmark. He is suffering from an anger upon his beloved fathers dead. Basically his father was killed by his uncle named as Claudius. After then his ancle get marriage with his mother named as Gertrude.

One day a cold winter night his fathers soul came to meet Hamlet and state that he was killed by Claudius. Hamlet shocked and decided to take a revenge of his father. But he afraid and confused that how his uncle can kill his father. Hamlet pretends to crazy and think continuously about how to retaliate against the person who is responsible for this brutal murder.

He then decide to perform a ply as like his father dead which help him to determining whether his uncle feel guilt or not. After this play Hamlet is clear that Claudius is murderer of his father. He is then goes to kill his uncle. But hamlet is did no do so because he is praying. suddenly Claudius kills his mother and then he kill him along with his girlfriend Ophelia and her father Polonius. After sometimes Hamlet is killed by Claudius niece and then finally the whole Denmark Royal family is death.

Writing style

“William Shakespeare” is well-known for his creative writing. He adopted an engaging and concise writing style in his book “Hamlet”. He explains in-depth themes including love, revenge, justice and madness in a professional way that can inspire all kind of reders. He placed plot, characters, storylines and closing and ending points of this book in an accurate manner that attract a huge numbers of readers with the rest of entire world.

He prefers to use simple sentences, words and vocabularies along with he avoid extra jargons for the sake of boost up the understanding level of his readers. “William Shakespeare” explain the complex and complicated methods, analysis and reasons in an approachable and concise manner with the aim to convey his message in an easy way.

Major Receptions

“Hamlet” received mostly positive comments from its readers since its publication. This book was popular among its readers because of its in-depth themes, well-developed plots and moral and ethical lesions. It also has been praised for its complex but well-developed characters, attractive language and satisfactory opening and closing points. It has been translated in to 80 various languages and it also has been sold 10 billion copies worldwide since its publication.


“Hamlet” is driven by “William Shakespeare” is an interesting and catchy play that is rely on love, anger, justice, revenge and practical life happenings. In this book finally he find his fathers murderer and then he took a revenge but unfortunately he was also killed. The author did explain most difficult methods, characters and themes in a simple and concise way. During writing this story the author showed his consciousness about his storylines and language.

He avoided to use complicated dialogues and vocabularies. The in-depth research of author, well-developed characters and plot, engaging writing and storytelling style along with peaceful landings of opening and closing points make this book more favorable and approachable to all kinds of readers. This book is suitable for adult and mature readers. I highly recommended this book to all of them who love to read drama and tragedy books.


Q: What is the story Hamlet about?

Hamlet is revolved around a story of a prince whose father was killed by his uncle.

Q: Is Hamlet a tragedy or a comedy?

Hamlet is a tragedy play

Q: What are the main points of Hamlet?

This play is based on revenge and justice

Q: What time period is Hamlet set?

It was set in 1300s and 1400s.

Q: Did Hamlet has any girlfriend in this play?

Yes, Ophelia is Hamlets girlfriend.

Q: Is Hamlet ok for kids?

No, due to various reasons this play is suitable for only mature and adult readers.