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Books Title: “Our Missing Hearts” PDF Free Download

“Our Missing Hearts” is an interesting novel about the PACT Act that was imposed by America Government with the slogan of Preventing American Culture and Tradition. This book was originally published in 2022 by “Penguin Books”. By genre it belongs to the category of Drama book. it cotains total 262 pages.

Books Author: “Celeste Ng”

“Celeste Ng” was born in July, 30, 1980 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. She did her graduation in English from Harvard University and Master Degree in Creative Writing from Michigan University. She won numerous awards including Hopwood Award for Short Story and Good Choice Award for Best Fiction. Her most popular book are as: “Every Thing I Never Told You” , “Little Fires Every Where” and “Our Missing Heart”.

Introduction to “Our Missing Hearts”

“Our Missing Hearts” is authored by “Celeste Ng”. The story is circle around the brutal Government Act named as “Preventing American Culture and Tradition” PACT. After the implementation of this Act by Government, Asians American people are facing difficulties in various sectors including freedom of speech and expression. The author “Celeste Ng” defines themes and core ideas briefly that can persuade millions of audiences worlwide. The whole teachings and lessons of this story are explained in a concise manner that can be easy to read and understand.

Summary of “Our Missing Hearts”

The story of the book “Our Missing Hearts” is circle around a life of a 12 years boy named as Bird. He spand a comfortable and peaceful life with his father called Ethan. Ethan is expert in language and now a days he is working as a librarian. He is very caring, attractive and loving human. But he is broken from inside because of his beloved wife’s dead.

The PACT Act makes the lives of Asians Americans more difficult. Birds mother “Margerate” who is a Chines American poet has gone into hiding after being accused of un-American. Due to this act Bird does not able to ask more questions about his mother’s disappearance. He himself live a hidden life. He did not meet his mother since three years. He feels hurt and too much panic.

One day suddenly he received a latter mail. He guess that this latter belongs to his beloved mother. Her mother states that she is quite fine and safe. She always remember him and love him too much. And now a days she is working on publishing a new book. That will help you to understand why was she has been departed.

The story of “Our Missing Hearts” is proceed further and Bird decided to find his mother. He is al ready aware of all risks. He wents to New York City and reached in Chinatown. He observes the mindsets of his community that they are not quite happy with the imposed act of Government. He also see that the people of various ages and groups are busy in their daily routine work.

The Government People placed various warning banners on walls about the undetermined views. One day Bird went to Library and meet some people. They receive him warmly. They are busy to preserve all banned book. They inform Bird that they know his mother and they promise to help him to find his mother.

Birds starts to learn about PACT Act that how it works to target the weak people. He also study his mother’s work of storytelling and struggling for justice. Bird then went to different parts of country and meet those people who are fighting against the PACT Act. The story of “Our Missing Hearts” moved forward and one day Bird finds his mother and meet her. But after some times the Government again forced her to go away from that area. Then Bird decided to continue his mother work and he committed and determined that one day he will rush this Act.

Writing Style

“Celeste Ng” way of writing in her book “Our Missing Hearts” is very easy to understand. She defines the core ideas and themes in a simple but very detailed manner that can build the interest and understanding level of reader’s from all generation and ages. She introduces well-organized and well-defined characters, which are talking in a real way throughout the story.

She uses simple and preise words to balance the pace nad tone of plot. “Celeste Ng” keeps away all irrelevant jargons and difficult vocabularies from this story with the aims to convey her message in an easy way. She includes many of funny stories and examples that the readers can enjoy and entertain while reading this book. Although, she placed plot, storylines and climaxes in a comprehensive way that can attract a huge number of reader with the rest of entire world.

Positive Receptions

The book “Our Missing Hearts” had received generally positive feedbacks from its audiences. This book has been praised for its engaging themes, character developments and through provoking plot. This book entrenched at the top of bestselling books in Yew York Times. Major publications including NPR and Washington Post showered the book with positive comments. It has been translated into 15 various languages worldwide and it also has been sold millions of copies since its publication.   

Negative Receptions

“Our Missing Hearts” is not free from various common and general criticisms since its publication. Some of audiences found that the characters are looking like real. Some of the readers argued that the plot is not much complicated that can be overwhelmed for many readers. While some of readers are accused that it is too much predictable, anyone can easily guess its upcoming events.

Conclusion of “Our Missing Hearts”

“Our Missing Hearts” is authored by “Celeste Ng” is an interesting family drama book. The author of this book explains the life related themes of love, passion, justice and struggle in an accurate manner that gives a lesions of peace, harmony, fight against various brutal Act, struggles for saving lives and self-respect.

The plot, climax, core ideas and opening and ending points of this story are placed and elaborated by the author in a pleasant and satisfactory manner. Due to its simplicity and preciseness the readers can easly read and understand it. This book is acceptable for mature and adult readers. I highly prefer this book to them who are interested in Dramas and novel book.


Q: What is the book Our Missing Hearts about?  

This book is revolved around the children’s who are separate from their parents for political reasons.

Q: Is Our Missing Hearts based on truth?

Yes, it is based on true story.

Q: Is Our Missing Hearts a dystopian novel?

Yes, over all Our Missing Hearts is a dystopian novel.

Q: What to read after Our Missing Hearts?

I recommend the book called “The Kingdoms of Savannah” by “George Dawes Green”.

Q: What happens in the end of Our Missing Hearts?

The Margaret is gone forever.

Q: Who is Ethan in Our Missing Hearts?

Ethan is a former academic in this story.

Q: Is Our Missing Hearts Sad?

Yes, we can say it’s a heartbroken story.

Q: Who are the characters in Our Missing Hearts?

Margaret, Ethan and Bird are the characters of this story.

Q: When was Our Missing Hearts published?

This book was published in Oct 2022.

Q: What is dystopian fiction?

Yes it is a fiction book.