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Books Title: “The Girl on the Train” PDF Free Download

“The Girl on the Train” is an interesting novel and its story is moving around three characters. They all have a unique history and they all are facing different challenges throughout the story. This book was originally published in January 6, 2015 by ‎”Riverhead Books”. By genra it belongs to the category of Thrill novel. It has total 245 pages. Its main characters are Rachel, Megan, Anna, Scott. Dr. Kamal and Tom.

Books Author: “Paula Hawkins”

“Paula Hawkins” is a British writer. She was born in Aug, 26, 1972 in Harare, Zimbabwe. She studied philosophy, politics, and economics from Keble College, University of Oxford. Her most popular books are “The Girl on the Train”, “Into the Water”, and “A Slow Fire Burning”.

Introduction to “The Girl on the Train”

“The Girl on the Train” is written by “Paula Hawkins” and the story is revolved around three characters named as Rachel, Megan and Anna. They all have their own stories and struggle in their lives. This book tells a story that is based on the importance of family, domestic violence, the unethical and hidden relations between people and impact of alcohol on life. The main themes of this story are domestic violence, the importance of community and the challenges of alcohol. The whole features of this novel is defined in an accurate manner with the rest of the story.

Summary of “The Girl on the Train”

The story is revolved around a three characters named as “Rachel”, “Megan” and “Anna”. Now a days Rachel drinks too much because she lost her job. She wents to her ex-husband Tom’s house and she went her home on a train. Tom got merry with Anna and now they have a baby. On the other side Rachel feels jealous with Tom and Anna.

Megan lives with Tom and Anna as a servant. One day Rachel sees that Megan kisses her therapist named as Dr. Kamal. Suddenly, Rachel is shocked and took a huge amount of alcohol. She lost her memory about the happenings of last night. After all she recall her memory back. And she begins to remember her marriage life with Tom.

She recall those tough days that she could not able to get pragnant. Along with she also start to think about her days that she took a huge drinks. She remembered that her ex-husband Tom’s rute behavior. He used to abuse her all time. Rachel goes through a long process. Finally she recovered and her memory back. She uses to make notes, she goes to trophy, she meet those people who are aware of his past and she visits those areas where she often used to go.

Megan’s story was took place in 2012. She lives with Tom and Anna as a servant. She has a hidden romantic relations with Tom. Now a days, she becames pregnant with the baby of Tom. Her husband learns about the whole story and he feels much panic. Megan has also romantic relationships with his Trappist named as Dr. Kamal. She meets him and tells that she wants to keep this baby. When Tom asks for abortion then she refuse his plan.

Tom got anger and killed Megan. The police arrived and starts investigation. Rachel meets Megan’s Husband Scott and tells him about the romantic relationships of her wife and Dr. Kamal. One night Rachel and Scott drank too much alcohol and they performed a sex at the end. Scott realized that she is telling a lie about her wife Megan and her secret relation. He locked Rachel ina room for someday.

She tries to convince him and says sorry but Scott neglected her arguments. The story of “The Girl on the Train” is proceed further and Anna is really up-set with the relationship of Tom and Rachel. She realized that Rachel is responsible for Megan’s murder. She decide to examine the Megan’s cell phone and she finally found cell in Tom’s gyms bag.

She knows about Toms and Megan’s romantic relationship. Rachel tells Anna that Tom killed Megan but Anna does not believed on her. These all tough situations hurts Tom and he decide to kill Rachel. Rachel on her self-defense killed Tom and Anna calls the police. The police free Rachel and they understand that the actual murderer of Megan was Tom.

Writing Style

“Paula Hawkins” is well known for her top selling psychological novels. Her ways of writing in the book “The Girl on the Train” is creative and easy to approach. She uses simple sentences and short words to balance the tone and pace of this story. She explains complex but well-organized and active characters that talks each other in a real ways. “Paula Hawkins” elaborates life related themes in an accurate manner that can inspire all kinds of readers with the rest of entire world.

She avoids to use extra jargons and complex vocabularies just for the sake of convey her message in an accurate and easy manner. She placed plot, climaxes and opening and closing points of the story in a professional and satisfactory way that can attracts a huge numbers of readers towards this novel. Although, “Paula Hawkins” includes many of real examples and real stories that can be entertaining for the audiences.

Major Receptions

“Paula Hawkins” got generally positive reviews from readers and critics since its publication. One of the most common review of this book is that, it is famous for its well-developed characters, suspenseful plot and writing and storytelling style.

It has been sold almost 20 million copies worldwide and it also has been translated into 40 various languages since its publication. This book won various numerous awards including the Audiobook of the Year and People’s Choice Award for Favorite Thriller Movie.

Conclusion of “The Girl on the Train”

“The Girl on the Train” is authored by “Paula Hawkins” is a catchy novel that gives a numerous lessons such as the results of unethical relations, the results of disputes among friends and family, the impact of society and how alcohol effects our mental condition.

The whole features and aspects of this novel is defined in a broad ways by the author of this book. If you are seeking for a drama book like it, then grab it and learn things what you need. This is a suitable book for all ages and generations. I highly recommended this book to all of them who love to read Thrill novels.


Q: Is The Girl on the Train Based on a true story?

No, it is a fiction story book.

Q: Why is The Girl on the Train so popular?

This is a popular story because of its engaging storylines and well-aware characters.

Q: Is Girl on the Train worth reading?

Yes, over all it is a worth reading story.

Q: Is The Girl on the Train dark?

Yes, it is a dark novel story.

Q: How does Girl on the Train end?

The two women kill Tom in their self-defense.

Q: Why is Girl on the Train Rated R?

Due to many of intensive violence’s including murder, blood corpses and punching this novel was rated R.

Q: What grade level is The Girl on the Train?

It is placed on level 6.

Q: Who is the villain in The Girl on the Train?

Tom Watson is the villain in this story.

Q: Is The Girl on the Train a horror book?

It is a Psychological Thriller book.

Q: What is the anxiety in The Girl on the Train?

This story contains reality anxiety, neurotic anxiety, and moral anxiety.