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Books Title: “The Silent Patient” PDF Free Download

“The Silent Patient” is an outstanding and heart touching thrill novel that its story is about a young woman who killed her husband six years ago. This book was originally published in 2019 by “Macmillan Publishers”. By genre it belongs to the category of Thriller novel book. It has total 299 pages.

Books Author: “Alex Michaelides”

“Alex Michaelides” is a bestselling British copyright author and screen writer. He was born in Sep 04, 1977 in Cyprus. He did his graduation in English Literature from Trinity College Cambridge University and also did his Master Degree in Screen Writing from American Film Institute Los Angeles. His first books was“The Silent Patient” published in “2019” and his last books name was “The Maidens” published in “2021”.


“The Silent Patient” is authored by “Alex Michaelides”. Its story is moving around an intelligent girl named as Alicia who killed her husband and stop to talking since six years. One of the psychotherapist named as Theo Faber wants to help her with a better hope.

The author of this book defines all important features in an accurate and detailed manner and he preferred to use simple but detailed sentences throughout the story. The whole lessons and messages are conveyed in a broad way that can stimulate millios of readers worldwide.


“The Silent Patient” is revolved around a life of an attractive woman named “Alicia Berenson”. Alicia is professionally a prominent painter. One day, she killed her husband Gabriet. After then, she stops talking to every one for the last six years. One day, a psychotherapist named as Theo Faber meets her and he wants to observe that why has she killed her husband and why she has been not talking to everyone.

Basically this story has two parts. The first part is circle around Theo talking’s and the second parts belongs to the past of Alicia. Theo starts helping Alicia at the mental hospital named as Grove, that she was resign after the murder of her husband. But now a days she is willing to talk and ready to figure out that why she commited to kill her husband.

On the other hand, Theo is also facing various many of troubles in his marriage life along with his hurt and sensitive father. Now a days he is surviving with his most harsh and dark past memories. He states that various times he tried to commit suicide due to various inpleasent events when he was very young boy.

As with the passage of time Alicia begins to talk with Theo that why and when she killed her husband. And then Theo discovered that she was a victim of abuse and her relations with husband was not perfect and peaceful. From reading Alicia’s note book, he finds that she was having many of disturbing dreams and she realized that her husband planned to kill him that’s why she became increasingly obsessive with her husband and terrified.

After many days of continuous observing and talking’s, Theo realized that Alicia is not as innocent as she appear. He also aware that his life is also in a danger. Suddenly Alicia address that she killed her husband because of self-defense and now she is dealing with guilt and suffering from anxiety and depression. On the other side Theo always though that he falls in love with Alicia but he knows that he is just helping her in order to move forward her life with a positive thought. Suddenly Alicia release from the hospital and both of them are continue their separate ways of life.

Writing Style

“Alex Michaelides” methods of writing style in his book “The Silent Patient” is amazing and easy to understand. He elaborates various life related themes such as blame and sinless, the importance of helping and understanding any one and the danger of anxiety and depression in an broad and detailed ways for the account of accelerate the interest and understanding level of his readers. “Alex Michaelides” introduces complex but welldeveloped and well-organized characters that are looking like real and interesting with the rest of the story.

He placed plot, climax, storylines and opening and closing points in a satisfactory manner that can inspire the readers from all ages and generations. He avoids extra jargons and complicated vocabularies for the sake of convey his message in an accurate way. He prefers simple but detailed words and sentences in his story to balance the plot. “Alex Michaelides” includes various funny stories that can be entertaing for all readers.

Major Receptions

The book “The Silent Patient” received various mixed feedbacks from its critics since its publication.It was neverated for its well-educated characters, engaging plot and emotional climaxes. While many of readers argued that its structure and atmospheric setting is too much impressive. On the other side, some of the critics are accused that its content is rely on violent that can effect on the mindset of readers. While many of critics raised a question on the lending of its ending point. Although, it has been translated into 40 various languages and it also has been sold 5 million copies since its publication.


“The Silent Patient” written by “Alex Michaelides is an interesting and catchy thriller novel which gives us an awareness about anxiety, depression, how to help people and how to understand the feelings of needy people in a detailed way. The author has placed plot, pace, tone, storylines, dialogues, characters, core ideas and opening and closing points of this story in a precise and exact manner with the account to boost the interest and understanding status of his audiences. The author showed his consciousness regarding the writing style where he use concise, approachable and simple but detailed sentences with the rest of story. This book is suitable for audil and mature readers. I highly recommended this particular book to all of them who loved to read novels.


Q: What is The Silent Patient about?

In this story a woman acts of violence against her husband and a therapist wants to overcome her motive.

Q: Is The Silent Patient a good book?

Yes it is a good book for reading due to its engaging narrating style.

Q: Is The Silent Patient romantic?

It is a little bit romantic book.

Q: Is The Silent Patient scary?

Yes it is a thrilling and scary novel book.

Q: What age can read The Silent Patient?

This novel is suitable for adults and mature readers.

Q: Why should I read The Silent Patient?

This book can be read for its well-developed plots, engaging writing style and life-related themes.

Q: Is The Silent Patient easy to read?

Yes any of us can easily read this book because the authors writing style is too much engagingand simple that why every of readers can easy approach it.

Q: Is The Silent Patient dark?

Yes, it is a dark psychological suspense story.

Q: Who is the main character in The Silent Patient?

Alicia Berenson is the lead character in The Silent Patient.

Q: Is Theo a psychopath in The Silent Patient?

Theo was a low Key Psychopath.

Q: Why did Theo want Alicia to talk?

Because Theo wants to know that why Alicia picked up gun and killed her husband.

Q: How many chapters are in The Silent Patient?

There are 69 chapters in The Silent Patient.

Q: Is The Silent Patient a standalone?

Yes it is standalone.

Q: Who narrates The Silent Patient?

Theo Faber narrates The Silent Patient.

Q: How is The Silent Patient book?

The Silent Patient is an Intelligent, terrific and interesting book.