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Books Title: “The Kite Runner” PDF Free Download

“The Kite Runner” is a catchy novel and its story is moving around a man who remembers his 26 years of past life. He explains his childhood life to Soviet Union invasion in Afghanistan and Taliban regime. This book was originally published in May 29, 2003 by Riverhead Books. By genera it belongs to the category of Drama book. It is having total 329 pages. The main characters of this story are Baba, Amir, Hassan, Assref, Farzana, Rahim Khan, General Taheri and Soraya.

Books Author: “Skhaled Hosseini”

“Skhaled Hosseini” is an American Afghan writer. He was born in March 04, 1965 in Kabul, Afghanistan. He got Medical degree from San Diego School of Medicine California. His most famous books are “The Kite Runner”, “A Thousand Splendid Suns” and “The Mountains Echoed”.

Introduction to “The Kite Runner”

“The Kite Runner” is written by “Skhaled Hosseini” and the story is revolved around a man named as Amir who remembered his 26 years past life when he was a young boy. This book gives us numerous lessons such as ups and downs of life in different circumstances and challenges. The core message of this book is that we have to move forward with a better and positive hope.

We must have to be strengthen during the tough situation and we have to never give up in front of challenges. The all features of this novel is defined in an accurate manner along with its ideas are conveyed in an appropriate ways that we can used them in our daily lives.

Summary of “The Kite Runner”

The story is circle around a young man named as Amir. In this story amir remembers a story that was took place 26 years ago in his hometown Afghanistan. Amir states that he was a very young boy and he used to live with his beloved father named as Baba in his comfortable home in Afganistan. They had two Hazaras servants named as Ali and Hassan.

They usually went outside for playing various games. His fathers close friend named as Rahim khan was often times visits their house. Suddenly the king of Afghanistan was overthrown. The whole shape of country has been changed suddendly. One day Amir and Hassan were playing outside and they meet three boys named as Assef, walli and Kamal.

Assef threatened Amir and tried to punish him. Hassan used his slingshot to protect Amir. During the winter a kites running tournament was organized by the locals. Amir was also participated and finally he won the tournament. On the other hand Hassan fought with some boys and suddenly Amir found Hassan and he is holding by some boys and down him unto a narrow alley.

Amir runs away and leaving Hassan from those boys. So, Amir got anger and felt guilty. He realized that either he or Hassan must leave. As Amir placed some money under Hassan’s Pillow. Then he inform Hassan’s father that Hassan took these items. His father felt guilty and they decided to leave their house and went away from that place.

The story of “The Kite Runner” is proceed further and moved in 1981. Baba and Amir were from Kabul which was considered as a dangerous place. Because the Soviet Union invaded and the war was going on. Baba and Amir decided to went Pakistan as a refugees. Two years later in 1983, Baba and Amir went US and they reached California.

Baba used to work in a gas station and Amir went to college. One day Babas old friend General Taheri meets him. Amir fall in love with his daughter named as Soraya. He wanted to talk her. After many days suddenly Baba is suffering from lung cancer and laydown in a bad. Amir got permission from his father to merry with Soraya and General Taheri also agrees.

They got married and a month ago Baba passed away. Amir and his wife have a baby but their lives were still in troubles. One day Rahim calls to Amir and tells all the tough situations of Afghanistan. He ask him to go back Pakistan. After Baba and Amir leaved their country and moved to Pakistan, Rahim used to take care of their house.

He was too much aged and he decided to find Hassan and his wife Farzana. He found them and convinced to go back to Babas house. They also have a little baby named as Sohrab with them. After a year when Rahim reached in Pakistan for his medical treatment, he received a call that Taliban destroyed Babas house and killed Hassan and his wife Farzana.

They put Sohrab into an orphanage. Rahim asks to Amir to return back to Afghanistan to search Sohrab. They reached in Afghanistan and after many days they can’t found Sohrab. Amir learns that he will be at a soccer game the next day. Amir attend the game and during half-time he saw that the Taliban punishes a man and woman and stoning them to dead.

Through a Taliban guard Amir managed to meet the official man. The official man ordered the guard to bring Sohrab. Sohrab states that the Taliban were sexually abused him. Amir after sometimes understand that the official man is actually Assef. He hits on Amir’s ribs and broke it. Sohrab hits on the eyes of Assef and they both went away from that place.

Amir recovers in hospital and Sohrab again went back to the orphanage. Sohrab tried to end his life various times due to tough situations. But Amir and his wife made a plan to Take Sohrab to US. The Taliban Officials states that to adopting Sohrab is impossible since you will not prove his parents were dead. Eventually, they having back Sohrab to California and now a days he is spending a peaceful life.

Writing Style

“Skhaled Hosseini” ways of writing in his book “The Kite Runner” is very easy to understand and approach. He elaborates several complicated but well-awared characters in his story that looks like real and believed throughout the story. He defines the themes in a simple and concise way that can attract a huge numbers of readers worlwide. “Skhaled Hosseini” prefers to use detailed and precise language and short sentences to balance the pace and tone of plot.

He avoids to use difficult vocabularies and irrelevant jargons with the aim to convey his core message and ideas in an easy way. He placed plots, climaxes and opening and closing points of this story in a professional and satisfactory ways that can inspire all generations and ages. Furthermore, he includes many of funny stories and examples which can provide an entertaiment to all kind of audiences.

Major Receptions

The book “The Kite Runner” had received mostly positive reviews from its readers since its publication. One of the most common review about this book is that it explains the culture along with 1981s Afghanistan in an appropriate way. The characters and plot are placed in a professional manner that can attract a huge number of readers throughout the world.

It has been sold 40 million copies since its publication and it has been translated into 70 different languages worldwide. Many of renowned media outlets including such as The New York Times and The Washington Post showered their positive feedbacks.

Conclusion of “The Kite Runner”

“The Kite Runner” is authored by “Skhaled Hosseini” in a catchy novel that gives an in-depth lesions such as how to become loyal in friendship, how forgiveness can reunite the relationships and how to cope with a challenges in life. The main idea of this book is that only better hope and positive mindset can overcome the challenges of our life.

The whole features of this novel are placed in an accurate and easy ways that attracts a huge numbers of readers with the rest of the world. This book is suitable for young adults and mature readers. I highly recommended this novel to all of them who love to read drama books.


Q: Why was kite Runner banned?

Due to its offensive language and sexually explicit this novel was banned.

Q: Is kite Runner a love story?

This story is based on love, forgiveness and friendship.

Q: Is Amir a girl or boy in kite Runner?

Amir is a boy in this story.

Q: Is Hassan a boy or girl in kite Runner?

Hassan is a boy character in this story.

Q: How many pages is kite Runner?

It is an emotional impactful novel.

Q: How old is Amir in The Kite Runner?

Amir was 12 years old in this novel.

Q: Is Amir’s wife infertile?

Soraya is unable to get pregnant.

Q: Is Sohrab a girl?

No, Sohran is a young boy.

Q: Why is Hassan so loyal to Amir?

Because Hassan is a close friend of Amir.

Q: s Hassan a Pashtun?

Hassan id from Hazara community.