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Books Title: “Nightshade” PDF Free Download

“Nightshade” is an interesting book that is circle around a story of teenage boy named as Alex. Alex fails the mission of Nightshade group who wants to destroy London with harmful chemicals. This book was originally published in 1989. By genra it belongs to the category of Mystery and Children book. it contains total 448 papges.

Books Author: “Anthony Horowitz”

“Anthony Horowitz” was born in April, 5, 1955 in Stanmore, Middlesex, England. He done his graduation from university of York in English literature and art history. He won, OBE, Diamond and House Children’s Book Award. His most popular books are “Moonflower Murders”, “Magpie Murders” and “Point Blanc”.

Introduction to “Nightshade”

“Nightshade” is written by Anthony Horowitz and the book talks on how a dangerous group of criminals are planing to destroy and kill the innocent people of London and how the law enforcement agencies retaliate against the crimes and criminal in the field. This book gives us a lesson that there are many heroes who secrecy themselves with the aims to save the humanity. It also teaches us regarding the determination and will powers to accomplish the mission, how to draw a line between good and evils and the power of intellect.

Further more, this book states that we can not under estimate the powers of our enemies but we have to alert for every possible unprecedented events and actions from them. The whole aspects and features of this book is defined and explained in an accurate manner along with its core themes are conveyed to the readers in an approperiate ways.  

Summary of “Nightshade”

The story is all about an intelligent boy named as Alex Rider. He is going to the school and spending a good time with his fellow mates. One day suddenly he gets an invitation from a secret spy agency known as MI6. The agency officials write a story of a boy named as Frederick Gryphon. Gryphon is the boss of a group named as Nightshade.

They wants to attack on London. Only Alex can stop them. Alex shows his willingness for this action. Then, he went to Gibraltar where the Nightshade are use to live. He meets Gryphon at there. Gryphon is very impress by Alex at his first look. He invites him to join them. Alex understand that the Nightshade are much trained and they can kill anyone with in a seconds.

The already made various plans to destroy London with various dangerous weapons and harmful chemicals. With the aim to fail their plan, Alex joined the group and try to become close to Gryphon. Alex always think to stop them and he understand their all plans. One day, unfortunately, Alex is caught by the solders of Nightshade and they put him in a jail.

They brutally punish Alex but he does not reveal anything about the MI6. Now Alex wants to break the prison. Fot that purpose he meets a girl named as Leila. Leila also wants to escape from jail. They reached a place where the solders are ready to fight. They begins fighting with them and finally Alex and Leila won the fight. They took all harmful chemical and reached MI6 headquarter. They caught Gryphon and punish him for his wrong action. The people thinks that Alex is a hero but Alex states that he is ready all times to save the people.

Writing style

“Anthony” ways of writing in his book “Nightshade” is approachable and very easy to understand. He defines complex but believed characters that are seems real with the rest of the story. He explains the in-depth themes such as love, family bounding’s, real heroes and better hope in an accurate and appropriate manner that can attract all kinds of readers towards this specific book. “Anthony” prefers to use simple and precise words and sentences to balance the pace of the story.

He is very conscious about difficult vocabularies and dense descriptions. He avoids to use extra idioms that make it accessible to broad audiences worldwide specially young adults. “Anthony” placed the plot, climaxes and opening and closing points of this story in an satisfactory manner that’s why its core messages are conveyed in an easy ways. Furthermore, he encourages the readers to draw their own sort of views about the future of this book.

Major Receptions

“Nightshade” received mostly positive comments from its readers and critics alike. One of the most popular review for this book is that, it is praised for its fast paced plot, complex but well developed characters and better themes.

Many of the world’s well known media outlets including The Guardians and Daily Mail presented their encouraging feedbacks soon after its publication. It has been translated into 20 different languages since its publication and it has been sold 1 million copies worldwide.  

Conclusion of “Nightshade”

The book “Nightshade” by “Anthony Horowitz” is an outstanding book that explore various problems and gave their possible solutions. It talks about the modern innovations and experiments along with their possible impects on humanity. This book gave us a numerous lessons and teachings and we can use them in our every day lives.

If you are Mystery Book seeker then dont wast your time, just grab it and learn things what you want. “Anthony Horowitz” defines all features in a precise and simple but very detailed manner. This book is suitable for young adults, teens and mature audiences. I recommended this book to all of them who love to read Children and Mystery Books.


Q: What age is Nightshade book for?

This book is suitable for teens, adults and mature readers.

Q: Is Nightshade a romance?

It is adult gothic paranormal romance novel.

Q: Is Nightshade a girl?

It is the non-binary character.

Q:What are the themes of this novel?

friendship and mintorship, Resilience and Courag and Power and Responsibility are the themes of this novel.