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Books Title: “Zoo-phonics” PDF Free Download

“Zoo-phonics” is an interesting book that revolves around how to improve the learning and writing skills of children. This book was originally published in 2002 by “Zoo-phonic”. It contains total 258 pages. By genre it belongs to the category of kid’s book.

Books Author: “Charlene A Wrightson”

“Charlene A Wrightson” is a CEO at Zoo-phonics and author. Her popular books are as “Zoo-phonics Mini Books” and “A Zoo-Phonics Reader Level C Book 1”.

Introduction of “Zoo-phonics”

The book “Zoo-phonics” is authored by “Charlene A Wrightson”. Basically, it is a school program. Its primary goal is to assist the children’s about how to read and write. On this way, this book uses various drawings and animals to make the learning process even more interesting.

 Its goals are to provide such an exciting learning material which are too much needed for kids to do well in their schools. Furthermore, the kids can enjoy the learning process through several games, maps, drawings and amazing activities. The over all features and aspects of this book are defined by the author in an accurate manner which can persuade a huge number of audiences worldwide.


“Zoo-phonics” has a huge number of resources and tools. The parents and teachers can get help from these resources and tools. They can also assist their children’s and students about how to read and write in a better manner. This book elaborates various animals that makes the studding process even more interesting and funny. Each animal has its own sound and latter. The basic aims of these animals are to help the students remember several letters and sounds. So, the children can make stories and hear different sounds through various exciting activities.

This guide book explains all complicated concepts and methods in to a various step. Initially, they aim to guide about hand skills and how to develop several letters. After then they move next steps such as different sounds and how to put different words together. It uses different extra-cocurricular activates for the students which assist them to remember what they are learning. These sorts of activities can be fruitful for both kids mental and physical health.

This book also explains many of other unique reading skills such as knowing what they read, understand several words and how to read things smoothly. On this way, the parents and teachers can use different practical activities to assess the student’s performance. It also suggests several exercises and games which can build the vocabulary and world development skills of children. “Zoo-phonics” provides all resources and methods which are too much necessary to develop the mental and physical heath of kids.

“Zoo-phonics” programs provides different learning style for each student. However, it uses various ways of learning how to develop listening skills, how to put different words put together and how to make sentences. This book also provides several helpful guidelines to teachers and parents and they can use them to boost up the mental and physical heath of their students and kids.

Writing Style of “Zoo-phonics”

“Charlene A Wrightson” ways of writing in his book “Zoo-phonics” is easy to access and understand. She elaborates various complex concepts and learning styles in a way that are easy to understand and approach. She introduces different animals’ characters, cards and drawings in a comprehensive manner that can assist the kids, parents and teachers in an accurate manner.

 “Charlene A Wrightson” avoids complicated vocabularies and overwhelming idioms, aimed to forward his core messages and knowledge in an easy manner. She also encourages the audiences to think critically and allow them to draw their own thoughts radaring the future of this book. Furthermore, “Charlene A Wrightson” includes several funny stories and examples that can accelerate the understanding and learning skills of kids and teachers.

Major Recognitions

“Zoo-phonics” had awarded mostly positive feedbacks from its critics and readers alike. This book was popular for its learning skills, in-depth concepts and through-provoking themes. It has been also venerated for its characters, engaging writing style and step by step explanation of learning process.

Various teachers, parents and online retailers had shared their positive feedbacks and testimonials for its broad explanations and interesting content. This book has been sold millions of copies since its publication and it also has been interpreted into different other languages worldwide.

Conclusion of “Zoo-phonics”

“Zoo-phonics” is more like a friendly book. This book helps the children to learn things in an effective manner. It gives different skills and confidence which is necessary to become a good listener and readers. This program introduces various animal characters which make the learning process even better for all kind of kids.

Furthermore, these overall resources can assist the kids, teachers and parents in an accurate manner. If you are searching for a book just like it, then don’t waste your time. Just grab it and learn what you need. This book is suitable for kids, parents and teachers. I recommended this book to all of them who love read kids related books.