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Books Title: “The Book Thief” PDF Free Download

The book Thief is a historical fiction book that use to explore the Nazi Germany during world War Two and it is narrated by Death who follow the story of a young girl. This book has total 567 pages to its credit and published in 2005 by Alfred A Knopt. By genera it belongs to the category of fiction book.

Books Author: “Markus Zusak”

Murkus Zusak is an Australian author. He was born in June 23, 1975 in Sydney, Australia. He studied English and History at the university of New South Wales and Graduating with a Bachelor of Arts and Diploma of Education. His most popular books are as: “Bridge of Clay”, “When Dogs Cry”, “Underdogs” and “The Book Thief”.


“The Book Thief” is a brilliant and ambitious novel that is written by Markus Zusak, is about a panic and hardship story of a young girl. On the other side the story of this book is set against the power and background of Nazi Germany.

A young girl Liesel is a victim of world war two, she become inter a harsh world that she never realized about it, but she seems to adjust herself in war situation, poverty, violence and drastic killings of innocent people with a hope that one day she get rid from these situations.

One of the amazing point of this story book is that it shows power of love, words and humanity in a war situation, which impact on every lover of reading books since its publication. The efforts, well research, good structure and proper narrations made by author make this book more heart touching to all kinds of readers.


“The Book Thief” explore and express the situations and condition during world War Two and its implication on the society and human beings. The story of this book is begins with a young girls Liesel Meminger get carried by a German family, where she face several problems.

Initially she has not any access to read and write books. But with the help of Max and his wife, she have been given many of books to read and write. Than she realized, observed and explore the world around her. She use to live with her adopted grandfather Hans, and Rosa along with her boyfriend Rudy Steiner in the small town of Germany.

There she faces many challenges and difficulties such as poverty, violence and war. One of the strong positive point regarding Liesel is that she is still hopeful and committed that one day she get rid from these Harish situations that she is facing in present days.


The book “Thief” revolves around in Nazi Germany during World War two and the story is circle around a young Girl Liesel who use to live with her foster family in village of Molching Germany. As her arrival to Molching she falls in a huge troubles and hardships of her life that she never realize before.

Her younger brother was killed and separation from her mother, Liesel enter in a world where she found poverty, war situation and violence and she not access to find a book to read and write. On these situations Hans starts to educate her life enters into sudden change, her passion for literature is developed and she takes a book from Mayors wife’s library.

After the passage of time she build a strong relationship with Max and also with a boy named as Rudy Steiner, who fall in love with her, her relationship with Max and Rudy and available books make her strong in the war situations.

One of the climax happened during the middle of the book is that Huberman’s house is destroyed with bombing by Allies, at that situation Liesel was sent to live with Max and his wife but after war they all are return back to Molching. This book also narrates human spirit and hope while indicating love, loss and hope during darkest situations.


Reaction and power of World

The core base of this novel is world that have potential to do good and hurt once. This book is become a source of comfort and connection in a world that is filled with disasters.

Morality and Understanding

Despite of war the book “Thief” shows kindness, empathy and love. The main characters Hans, Rosa, Rudy and Max demonstrate humanity and kindness even in the war conditions.

Loss and Grief

The all characters in this story seems deal with loss but they does not give up, they standup continuously after every fall that show their grief.


Attractive Narrative

In this story the author use to develop an attractive plot and complex characters that are too much practical though their actions, each characters has a unique destiny and fillings.

Complex Characters

Murkus creates characters that are complex, practical and approach readers to understand and identify their hardship and struggle.

Writing Style

The writing style of this story is clear and concise. The author uses small and simple words for the sake of balance the pace of plot. He did not used extra jargons and complex methods and analysis. Markus Zusak elaborate the life related themes of love, loss, morality and power of the world in an accurate manner.

He explains comlicated but well-developed characters that are looking real with the rest of whole story. He placed plots, storylines and opening and closing points in a professional way that attract a huge number of readers worldwide.


Along the strength the book “Thief” have some of weaknesses such as, some of the reader’s state that the story’s speed is slow at time. On the other hand while some are in their view that the author used complex vocabularies that creates a hurdles on their understanding level about this book.


“The Book Thief” is written wonderfully, and the attractive and in depth themes of love, pain and human spirit during the unpleasant situations. Thanks to Murkus creates that he make a fantastic and classic book for his all fans and readers in terms of well plot, developed and organized themes, attractive writing and storytelling style and peaceful conclusion of story.

This book is suitable for young childrens, teen agers and mature readers. I highly recommended this book to all of them who loved to read children and fiction novels.


Q: what is The Book of Theft about?

The Book of Theft is about a young girl named as Liesel.

Q: why The Book of Theft was banned in Germany, what are the main reasons?

This book was banned in Germany because of its complex storylines, children’s perspectives on Germany army and many of other strange ideas.

Q: is The Book of Theft is suited for all ages and generations?

No, this book is more suited for teen agers, young kids and mature readers.