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Books Title: “The Rainbow Fish” PDF Free Download

“The Rainbow Fish” is an interesting and catchy novel. Its story circle around a beautiful fish named as Rainbow Fish. He is very proud of his beauty and he never think to share his scales with other fishes. This book was originally published in “1992” by “Simon & Schuster”. By genre it belongs to the category of “Children story novel”. It has total “32” pages.

Books Author: “Marcus Pfizer”

“Marcus Pfizer” is a Swiss author. He was born in July, 30, 1960 in Bern, Switzerland. He won many awards including “Swiss Picture Book Award”, “UNESCO, s IBBY Honor List” and “Prix Juenesse International”. His first written novel was “Penguin Pets” published in 1987 and last written novel was “Wakeup Santa Claus” published in 2022.


“The Rainbow Fish” is drawn by “Marcus Pfizer”. Its story is circle around a beautiful fish named as Rainbow. The author “Marcus Pfizer” explores all features of this story in a satisfactory manner and he avoid to use complex content and technical analysis with the rest of the book.

This story book gives us various teachings and lessons including love, contribution, forgiveness and mutual connections. Due to its precise messages and ideas it could be more popular among the readers.

Summary of “The Rainbow Fish”

“The Rainbow Fish” is circle around a beautiful and smart fish named as Rainbow. As Rainbow is one of the most attractive fish in the ocean. The whole other fishes are always away from him just because of his beauty and brightness on his skin. He always feels proud of his beauty and avoid to share his scales with the rest of other fish.

One day in the ocean, he meets a small blue fish. Who ask him for one scale for only one day. But Rainbow refused to give him his scale. He argues that he has no any sort of intentions to doing so. And he is only a single beautiful and attractive fish all around the ocean. You are not as attractive as me. This arguments makes blue fish too mch hurt and panic.

She did swim and feeling lonely. Rainbow goes away and continuously think about his reaction with blue fish. After all, he realized that he is a very selfish because he is not sharing his beauty with others. He then starts to find out the blue fish in the ocean. After a few time he found her. Rainbow gives a scale to the blue fish and then she is overjoyed.

She swims in the ocean and shows her beautiful scale to the all other fish. This action of kindness makes Rainbow satisfied. He understand that to helping any one gives more pleasure than the own beauty. After then he gives his scale to yellow, green, purple and many other fish in the ocean.

There are various fishes becames Rainbows friends. They are very thankful and grateful with Rainbow for giving his beautiful scales to them. Although Rainbow uses to play with his fellow fish regularlly. They spend their most of time together in a peaceful manner.

Writing Style

“Marcus Pfizer” ways of writing in his book “The Rainbow Fish” is approachable and easy to understand. He explains and defines all features and aspects of this story in a precise manner that can inspire many of readers worlwide. He explains complex but well-educated characters in this story and they looks real throughout the story.

“Marcus Pfizer” defines a life related and in-depth themes including love, sharing, friendship, pleasure and beauty in a professional way which can accelerate the interest and understanding level of his reders. He avoids to use all extra jargons and complex vocabularies with the aim to convey his ideas and messages in an easy way.

With the rest of the story he prefers to use concise, detailed and simple sentences to balance the pace and tone of plot. “Marcus Pfizer” placed plot and opening and ending points in a very satisfactory and peaceful way that can attract millions of audiences worlwide.

Major Reception

“The Rainbow Fish” has received almost positive comments and reviews from its respective audiences. This book was praised for its content and structure. It has been also venerated for its engaging plot and in-depth themes.

This book won many awards including “The Cristopher Award”, it has been translated into more than 80 different languages and its total sold copies are almost 30 million. One the other side many of the readers accused that its ending points is not placed in a satisfactory manner that can be overwhelmed for many readers.


“The Rainbow Fish” is drawn by “Marcus Pfizer” is a heart touching children novel that gives varous lessons such as love, helping, sharing, caring, friendship and meaning of beauty. As a human beings we also have to do help and share things with the rest of mankind’s as like Rainbow use to help and share things with his fellow fish in this story.

The author of “The Rainbow Fish” explained all features of this story in a comprehensive way that help the readers to get its core ideas and lesions easily. Each character of this story gives a unique and memorable message that can be adopted in real lives. It is suitable for all aged and all generations. I therefore recommend this book to all pf them who are interested in children novels.


Q: What is the story of the rainbow fish about?

This story of this novel is revolving around a beautiful fish named as Rainbow.

Q: What is the moral of the story the rainbow fish?

Sharing of things can make happy you and others.

Q: What is the climax of the rainbow fish?

The little fish tells to all other fishes not to play with Rainbow fish until he does not share his scales.

Q: What age group is the rainbow fish book for?

This novel is suitable for all ages and all generations.

Q: Who is the main character in the Rainbow Fish?

Rainbow fish is the lead character of this novel.

Q: How did Rainbow Fish end?

At the end of this story the Rainbow fish and other fishes committed to lives in a peaceful manner.

Q: What kind of fish was the Rainbow Fish?

He was too much attractive and colorful fish and belongs to Melanotaeniidae family.

Q: What is Rainbow Fish about for kids?

It is very peaceful and heart touching novel for all kids.

Q: Who is the bad guy in Rainbow Fish?

The Barracuda is antagonist in this story.

Q: How many books are in the rainbow fish?

There are 22 books in the rainbow fish.

Q: Why is The Rainbow Fish not a good book?

Because its story seems muddle.