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Books Title: “Zog” PDF Free Download

“Zog” is circle around the story of a dragon, named Zog, who get admission in Madam Dragon School with an ambition to learn about Fly, Shout and Inhale Fire. This book was originally published in2010 by Scholastic Canada. By genre it belongs to the category of children book. It has total 20 pages.

Books Author: “Julia Donaldson”

“Julia Donaldson” is a British children writer and poet. She was born in Sep, 16, 1948 in London. She complete her graduation in Drama Studies from the University of Bristol. She won various awards including the Nestle Smarties Book Prize Gold Award and Blue Peter Book to Read Award for the Gruffalo, Spoken Book Award. Her popular books are “Room On The Broom”, “Tabby McTat” and “Monkey puzzle”.


One of the children’s favorite book named as “Zog” written by the talent author Julia Donaldson. The books story is circle around a young Dragon, who is the student of Madam Dragon School and he aims to learn fly, roar and breathe fire. This book is having in-depth and life related themes that can persuade a huge numbers of readers worldwide. It is packed with various important lessons and teachings includuing passion, love, self-discover and committments. The whole aspects of this book is defined and explained in a professional way that can inspire all ages and generations.


The book “Zog” is driven by “Julia Donaldson”. It is revolved around the young dragon named as “Zog”. He got admission in one of the best school, Madam Dragon School, with the aim to learning fly, shout and inhaling fire. His mentors guides things in various steps. Such as initially they teach how to flay, than how to shout like a lion and finally they teach how to inhale fire.

However Zog is very active student in his class. He is more excited to learn a lessons. But some of unpredicted happenings and accidents creates barriers in the path of his success. Such accidents including suddenly hiting with the trees and dropping from sky. So, despite of all these hurdles, he always determined to win a gold stars by flying, shouting and inhaling fire.

The story is proceed and many tasks are given to Zog in his school. Each task is more difficult to last one. But despite a numerous failures and disappointments, he remain steadfast to achieve his targeted goals and desires. Zog is a very soft, kind and compassionate dragon. To cure and help someone is his best hobby. One day his mentors assigned a task to capture a princess, name as pearl. He begins to searching the princes and finally he found her.

Zog understand her feelings, she does not wants to be rescued. But she wants to become a doctor. Pearl and Zog immediately becomes a good friends. They decided to work together to help the others. After that they usually flay to the different villages with an aims to providing a medical care who need it. Their understanding have been level boost up day by day. They use to appreciate each once amazing qualities and talents.

One day they both are flying over a village. They observe that many of people gather around a fired building. A teen age girl is ambush inside the building. And the peoples are calling someone for help but there is no one to rescue the injured girl any more. Zog quickly rescue the girl but he buried badly. Pearl use her medical skills and save his life.

Zog is very kind and thankful to pearl for giving him a medical care. He consider her as a real hero and after then he realized that he does not need to be a traditional dragon. But he proves himself as a real hero and brave dragon. At the end zog is given a award of gold star by Madam Dragon. He is very satisfy with himself and learn a lesson that the most impotent thing is to be a true loyal yourself.

Writing style

“Julia Donaldson” ways of writing in her book “Zog” is amazing and interesting. She does not used extra jargons and complex vocabularies with the aim to forward his core ideas in an easy manner. She uses simple and poetic language to balance the pace and tone of this story. Julia Donaldson placed plots, themes, stories lines, passages and dialogues in an impressive way that are both enjoyable and educational for children’s of all ages. She elaborates a life related themes including love, care and struggle in a broad way that can attract a huge numbers of readers worlwide. She explains complex but well-informed characters that are looking real throughout the story. Julia Donaldson includes many of real examples and stories to keep entertain her readers.

Major Recognitions

The book “Zog” had received generally positive comments and feedbacks from its audiences. This book was venerated for its in-depth themes, well-assembled characters and engaging narrative style. It had won numerous awards including the Smarties Book Prize and the Red House Children’s Book Award. It has been translated in to 20 different languages worldwide and it also has been sold millions of copies since its publication.


The book “Zog” recieved some of nagative comments since its publication. Some critics found that the book “Zog” is narrate in a simple ways and its themes are not explained in an depth ways. Some critics argued that the storyline is too much predictable that anyone can easily predict what happens next. While some of reders found that the whole story is based on love, kindness and friendship, there’s missing many possible emotional scenes.


The book “Zog” written by “Julia Donaldson” is an educational book. The uniqueness of this particular book is its well-placed plots and themes, educational and descriptive writing and storytelling style, broad research and analytical work of author, interesting dialogues and combination of words, complex but well-developed characters and satisfactory opening and closing points of the story. The message of love, passion, kindness and self-determination can attract many audiences towards this book. This book suitable for all ages and all generations. I prefer this book to all of them who wants to read children books.


Q: What is the story Zog about?

The story of “Zog” is about a dragon, who get admission in Madam Dragon School with an ambition to learn about Fly, Shout and Inhale Fire.

Q: What animal is Zog?

“Zog” is an orange accident-prone dragon.

Q: What age is Zog suitable for?

It’s suitable for adult children’s.

Q: What does Zog eat?

“Zog” eats virtually everything.

Q: Is Zog a fairy tale?

“Zog” is un-convential fairytale.

Q: Is Zog a girl?

Yes, Zog is a little girl.

Q: What is the pink dragon called in Zog?

Aurora Zog is the pink dragon in Zog.