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Books Title: “The Armour of Light Pt.1” PDF Free Download

“The Armour of Light” is educational and informational book that talks on metal, physical and spiritual well-being. This book was originally published in “1997” by “Pan Macmillan”. By genre it belongs to the category of “Fantasy” book. It contains total “91” pages.

Books Author: “Olive C B Pixley”

“Olive C B Pixley” was born in 1894 in England. She studied various subjects such as psychology, religion and psychology. Her most famous book is “The Armour of Light”. She died in 1978.

Introduction of “The Armour of Light Pt.1″

“The Armour of Light Pt.1″ is drawn by “Olive C B Pixley”. Its story is rely on various tips and tricks that can make our body and mind healthy and powerful. The author “Olive C B Pixley” introd. She elaborated every aspects and lessons in a concise and simple but detailed way.s. It gave us a lot of lessons and teachings that we can apply them into our daily lives. The real examples and stories of this book can uplift our level of concentration.

Summary of “The Armour of Light Pt.1″

“The Armour of Light” is centered on a theory which states that human body is belongs to a small representation of the entire Universe. We can use the energy of Universe to make ourselves and other healthy and fit. This book is divided in to two fundamental parts. The initial part talks on basic exercises while the second part of this book circle around the unique and complex exercises.

Ritual of Light: It is simple but a meaningful act that focus and boost the energy level. We can inhance our concentrations and level of alertness through this mein of exercise.

Mindful Berating: This exercise plays a vital role to sustain wellbeing and healthy life. It teach us how to maintain an accurate breath for the whole body.

Ah Mer – A E Oo: It ensure that the energy we take is works well and according to our body needs. It also needs to balance the power of energy.

Shaft of Lights: It works against the various harmful hidden energies inside our body. It also demolish several extra fats from body and fights against illnesses.

Spirals of Circle: This action works in maintaining and balance the level of energy in our body. It helps us to understand the requirements and needs of our body on regular basis.

E-O Lihuin: This process helps to covert our negative feelings into positive one. The primarily goal of this function is to move forward with a better hope in life.

Our Energy Level: This portions teaches that amour of lights has a special powers which can eliminate the anxiety and stress. It make us able to free from whole troubles and pains.

Protection: Amour of lights protects and saves us from many of unhealthy and harmful wipes.

Spiritual Developments: It enable us to connect to our inner capabilities and abilities.


“Amar of lights” has numerious significant advantages. Through it, we can uplift our body structure and balance emotional levels. It is very helpful to sustain emotional, physical and spiritual abilities. It is meaningful for us in order to move forward in lives with a positive thoughts and better hope. It can reduce the level of stress and anxiety.

This process can enhance our self-confidence and self-awareness. We can tilt our powers and emotions towards a positive and peaceful life. These sort of actions make us able to cope with the challenges and troubles that stop us to achieve our desired goals.

Writing Style

“Olive C B Pixley” methods of writing in her book named as “The Armour of Light” is straightforward and easy to understand. She explains the exercises and concepts in a precise and simple but a broad ways. She includes her personal experiences and stories of different inspirational peoples with the aim to build up the interest and understanding level of all kinds of readers. She elaborate all themes and core ideas regarding wellness and meditation in small steps that can be easy to read and approach.

She used simple sentences and words with the rest of the book with the aim to convey her core ideas and knowledge in an accurate manner. “Olive C B Pixley” placed plot, tone and opening and closing points of this book in a satisfactory and approachable manner that all readers can approach without doubts. She avoid to use unlikely idioms and complex and complicated vocabularies throughout the book.

Major Receptions

“The Armour of Light” had received generally positive feedbacks and reviews since its publication. It has been praised for its concepts and level of knowledge. Many of readers venerated its engaging plot and narating atyle. This book has been translated in 20 various languages worldwide and it also has been sold over 1 million copies since its publication.

Conclusion of “The Armour of Light Pt.1″

“The Armour of Light” is authored by “Olive C B Pixley” is an interesting and catchy book that teaches us about various meaningful and beneficial exercises and concepts that can be beneficial for our body and mind. The author defines the whole features of this book in an accurate and detailed manner and she convey her message in a simple and precise tone that can inspire all kinds of readers.

If ony one of you seeking for a book like it, then dont wast your precious time, just grape it and learn things what you want. This book is too much suitable for all ages and generations. I preferred this specific book to all of them who are a big fans of fantasy books.