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Books Title: “The Last Wish” PDF Free Download

The wicher book of series is a seven- books series tilted the last wish and the last wish series is the combination of seven attractive and catchy short stories that build the foundation of the witcher series. It has total 288 pages. This book was oraginally published in 2020 by Orion Publishing Group Limited. By genre it belongs to the category of fiction and fantacy book.

Books Author: “Andrzej Sapkouski”

“Andrzej Sapkouski” is a fantasy and science fiction writer. He was born in Lodz in the year of 1984. His famous book are “Baptism of Fire”, “Season of Storm” and “Ceaseless Light”.

Introduction to “The Last Wish”

The last wish is written by Andezej Saplouski is an outstanding book that circles around the complex world of Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher. The aim of this book is to introduce and inspire readers to a magical world, supernatural beings and also the moral and ethical issues. The Last Wish is available in a theft video game and Netflix series that proves its hugely success and inspiration among every kind of readers. This book is based on a lot of fun and joys that effect positive vibes on the minds of individuals.


“The Last Wish” is collection of many short stories that shows Geralt,s traveling and journey as a Witcher. He used to pusuing and kill the dengerious and horrible beings, which are threaten human beings. In the story of this book, Nenneke, a priestess of the temple of Melitele, provides a care to Geralt and he recover from a dangerous injury. These injuries of Geralt,s indicates his past happened harsh situations and horrible events. These situations make him a famous character in this book.

Plot of “The Last Wish”

The story lines of the book “The Last Wish” is totally different from the animal Geralt incidents. From a furious God to a man eating monster in a forest, the hunter princes and from to village hunted by a killer Strega, each story shows Geralt’s intelligence, intelactualltity, braveness, emotions, cleverness and fighting abilities. In this book Geralt draw a clear and concise boundaries among good and evil. He definines moral, ethical and behavioral inconsistencies.

His choice and then its results or aftershocks are effective and inspiring observations on the complexity of a human nature. The collections of the great series of stories “A Grains of Trust” bend towards love and beast, Genralt meets a cursed nobleman who lives alone and then the story explores the theme of belonging, trust and the actual nature of monstrous. The “Lesser Evil” shows another moral and ethical situation, in which Geralt must choose between two imperfect characters both of whom hide awful truth.


Complex Characters

Saokowski introduced a different character that are the monsters and humans. He also talk about some of major inner conflicts such as moral and ethical codes along with fascinating conflicts.

Moral Uncertainty

The major tilt and base of this book is surrounding around the moral inconsistency. The author forcing and inspiring his readers that they must distinguished among good and evil.

World Building

He developed a rich and complex world that is filled with a various cultures, norms, values and faiths and also politics.

Writing Style

The writing style of Andrzej in his book “The Last Wish” is easy to approach and understand. He elaborates in-depth themes in a concise and detaied manner that can attract a huge numbers of readers with the rest of entired world. He defines complex but well-developed characters that are looking like real and trustfull throughout the whole story. Andrzej uses simple and precise sentences and language to balance the pace and tone of plot. He avoids to use extra jargons and complex vocabularies with the aim to convey his messages in an easy way. Along with he include various real and life related stories and examples to accelerate the interest of his audiences. He placed plot, storylines and opening and closing points in a very professional manner that can attract a huge number of readers worldwide.

Major Receptions

“The last wish” had received mostly positive comments from its audiences. This book was praised for its in-depth themes, well-developed characters, engaging writing style and broad explanation of nature. Its work was adopted by video game series by CD, Project Red and Netflix. It has been translated in 37 various languages worldwide and it also has been sold 15 million copies since its publication.

Conclusion of “The Last Wish”

The book “The Last Wish” by “Andrzej Sapkouski” provides an attractive and outstanding introduction of world of Geralt of Rivia “The witcher”. The in-depth themes including fantasy, morality and adventure is the result of interlinked short stories. The multidimensional characters, well developed plots and authors research and talent makes this book more interested and attrative to all kind of readers. If you are a fan of versions, the last witch is must read that helps you to proper navigate the world where the boundaries between heroes and monsters can often be destroyed.


Q: What is The Last Wish book about?

The Last Wish is about detailed life of Geralt of Rivia.

Q: Is The Last Wish one story?

The Last Wish is the combination of seven various stories.

Q: Is The Last Wish a kid’s movie?

It’s suitable for adults and mature readers.

Q: How long is The Last Wish book?

This book was originally published in 2020.

Q: Who is the main villain in last wish?

Death is the main villain of The Last Wish.

Q: Is The Last Wish in 3D?

Yes this book is available in 3D form.

Q: Is The Last Wish on Netflix?

Yes, it is now available in Netflix.

Q: Who plays Death in last wish?

Wagner Moura plays death in The Last Wish.

Q: Who is the dog in the last wish?

Harvey Guillén is a dog in The Last Wish.