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Books Title: “Sea of Tranquility” PDF Free Download

“Sea of Tranquility” is an interesting and heart touching novel that is the time travelling story circle around on three different zones as 1912, 2022 and 2203 along with three characters named as Edvin, Mirella and Olive. This book was originally published in “2022” by “Knopf”. By genre it belongs to the category of “Fiction and Fantasy” novel. It is having “272” total pages.

Books Author: “Emily St. John Mandel”

“Emily St. John Mandel” is a Canadian novelist. She was born in 1979 in Comox Canada. Her most popular novels are “The Singers Gun” “The lola Quartet” and “The Glass Hotel”. Her first novel was “Last Night in Montreal” published in 2009 and her last novel was “Sea Of Tranquility” published in 2022.

Introduction of “Sea of Tranquility”

“Sea Of Tranquility” is written by “Emily St. John Mandel” and the story is circle around the three various time period zones as 1912, 2022 and 2203. It introduces the three main characters named as Edvin, Mirella and Olive. In this story the character “Edvin” represents the past, “Mirella” represents the present time while “Olive” represents the future. “Emily St. John Mandel” defines all features such as plot, climax, storylines and core theme in a simple and concise but a detailed and broad manner with the aim of convey his message in an easy ways.

Summary of “Sea of Tranquility”

The book “Sea Of Tranquility” is revolved around the three different time zones, 1912, 2022 and 2203. Its story is also circle around the three numerous characters whose lives are committed by fate, circumstances and an intriguing twists. In the time period of 1992, Edvin St Andrew was a young and energetic man. He was kicked out by his wealthy family from home. He went to Vancouver Island with the aim to restart his life. So, in the jungle he experienced various of stingers and they changed him forever.

In 2022 a very young and good looking woman named as “Mirella” leaves in New York City. She has a sweet voice and she is a good singer. She is almost on the way to release her first album. But suddenly she hear a bad news about his friends dead. In 2203 there is a young woman named “Olive” who lives on a colony on a moon. Now a days, she is planning for a tour to explore things about her new upcoming book about a diseases that spread the entire world.

She always think about the people how they will spend their lives in future. Edvin begins his journey with a strange events and find himself in 1992. One day he suddenly meets with a young and attractive woman named as “Viola” and immediately they got in love. They continue their romantic life for many years before the harsh and dark event of World War One. To finding a save place they choose the moon colony. But suddenly the Overseers attacks on them. They both fight back but ultimately they defeated.

The story of Mirella begins with 2022 and soon after the dead of Vincent’s, Mirella is invited for concert in the honor of his life. The program is organized in airship station. During the function, Edvin meets with Oddity. On the other side, Mirella desires to see Edwin performence with a violin as she used to plays. Mirella goes to moon colony where she meets Edwin and Viola. And they fight back overseer. The story of Olive starts to the year 2203 where she is on a book tour and she find information about the anomaly. Then she tries to find more informations regarding it.

Olivia desires to use the anomaly to change her feature. She goes to the air ship terminal from where Edvin had travel in 1912 through the anomaly. When Olivia passes through the anomaly and reached in a concert where Meirella is playing a violin. She also experience the same vision as Meirella and she also come to the realization that she has been connected to Edvin. Olive, Edvin and Viola meet in the year 1912 where the overseer attacks on them in moon colony. The three of them fight together to save the moon colony and then defeat the Overseer.

Writing Style

“Emily St. John Mandel” ways of writing in her book “Sea Of Tranquility” is creative and easy to understand. She explains the life related and in-depth themes such as, time travel and art in an accurate and perfect manner that can attract more readers towards this book. She also introduce and elaborate various complex but well-educated characters that seem too much real and believed throughout the story.

“Emily St. John Mandel” defines climax, storylines, sentences, tone, pace, core ideas and opening and closing points in an accurate and satisfactory manner with the account to accelerate the interest and understanding level of her audiences. She avoids extra jargons and complex vocabularies with the aim to convey her message in an easy way. Although, “Emily St. John Mandel” uese simple and concise words to balance the pace of plot. She also includes many of funny stories and examples that can provide entertainment to all readers.

Major Reception

“Sea Of Tranquility” has a mixed reviews by its readers since its publication. It was neverated for its in-depth plot and well-awared characters. Some of the critics found that its themes are not impressive that could be little bit in-depth and life related. It has been sold over 1.5 million copies since its publication and it has been translated in to 25 different languages worldwide. It is showing at no three on the New York Times Bestselling books.

Conclusion of “Sea of Tranquility”

“Sea Of Tranquility” is driven by “Emily St. John Mandel” is a fantasy and fiction novel and it teaches us about how our past, present and future lives are interconnected each other. One of the most in-depth and ambiguous themes of this book is time travel and art inspire that can attract the reders from all generations and ages. The characters are interconnected with each other and they are presenting the three various tome zones so that can inspire a mallions of audiences.

“Emily St. John Mandel” explains all features and aspect related to this story in a peaceful and perfect way which can couth the readers from the entire world towards this specific book. It is suitable for adults and mature readers. After all, I highly recommended this book to them who loved to read Fantasy and fiction related novels.


Q: What is the novel Sea of Tranquility about?

“Sea of Tranquility” is an interesting and heart touching novel that is the time travelling story circle around on three different zones as 1912, 2022 and 2203.

Q: What is the theme of the Sea of Tranquility?

Nature of reality, love and art are the themes of Sea of Tranquility.

Q: Who is the main character in Sea of Tranquility?

Edvin, Mirella and Olive are the main characters of this story.

Q: Why is it called the Sea of Tranquility?

Because it appears smoot, flat and dark when viewed from earth.

Q: What does the sea symbolize in the poem?

The sea symbolize a divine in this poem.

Q: Is Sea of Tranquility a romance?

Yes it is a romantic novel.

Q: Is Sea of Tranquility confusing?

No, it’s too much easy to read and understand.

Q: Is Miranda in Sea of Tranquility?

Yes, Miranda is in Sea of Tranquility.

Q: What is another name for the Sea of Tranquility?

Mare Trainquallitatis is another name of Sea of Tranquility.

Q: In which country is the Sea of Tranquility located?

It is located on the moon.

Q: How did Sea of Tranquility form?

When a huge impactor struck the moon more than 3.8 billion years ago.

Q: Is Sea of Tranquility dystopian?

No, it is sci-fi Dystopia.

Q: How many parts are in Sea of Tranquility?

There are four separate storylines in Sea of Tranquility

Q: Is Sea of Tranquility a trilogy?

No, it is not a trilogy over all.