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Books Title: “Make Your Bed” PDF Free Download

“Make Your Bed” is moving around the basic ten principles introduced by McRaven, during the annual convocation day of Taxes University. This book has total 144 pages. It was originally published in 2017 by Penguin Book. By genre it belongs to the category of personal development book.

Books Author: “William H McRaven”

“William H McRaven” was born in Nov, 06, 1955, in Pinehurst North Carolina. He did his graduation in Journalism from the University of Taxes. He also did Master degree in National Security Affairs from Naval Postgraduate School. He was honored with many award including, American Academy of Achievement Golden Plate Award, Distinguished American Award and National Intelligence Award.

Introduction to “Make Your Bed”

“Make Your Bed” written by William H McRaven. The story is revolved around the ten basic principles that McRaven learned from his Navy training. In May 07, 2014, during the convocation of Taxes University, he address and explains these ten rules that are immediately spread worldwide through social media mediums.

Because of the people demands, he decided to publish a book with the name “Make Your Bed” a year later. This book talks about self-discipline, encourage other peoples, personal development, ways to access desires and better hope for future. The whole features of this book is placed in an accurate manner and it core message is conveyed in an easy way due to William H McRaven’s engaging writing style.

Summary of “Make Your Bed”

The story of this book is circle around William H McRaven speech that he was delivered in Texas University during the convocation day. In his speech, he introduces ten most powerful principles that he learned during his Navy Training. Although his speech spread over the world through social media and he got almost ten million views. After a year it formed the basis of his book named as “Make Your Bed”.

The very first principle of McRaven is “Make Your Bed”. He states that it is a most disciplined and crucial activity for starting a day. Although Making a Bed is a minor activity but it has a huge impacts on our whole day. Because it provides a positive mindset for the whole day. So finally, if you set your bed, you complete a task and prepare yourself for all day activities.

In the second point, he is talking about “Never Give up”. According to him, failures and obstacles are part of our lives. They remains us till dead. So never give up at any moment of life, how impossible the challenges are appear to be. He also talks about the stories of his own experience during training but he don’t give up at any atage.

The third principle is “Twenty Second Rule”. He states that the innitial steps towards any activity is a difficult task. He then, explains a formula of “Twenty Second Rule”. If you have a task to complete, count down from twenty and begin before you reach zero.

The fourth rule that McRaven reminds to reader is that “Only When It Involves How You Feel Does Height Matter”. The size and strength are not important but the importance is that how much motivation and struggle they can. He defines the examples of Navy SEALs, which was almost impossible task but due to his strong commitment, mental presence and dedication, he easily complete it.

The fifth rule that McRaven believes defines is “Assist Others”. He believes that helping others is the most important aspect of our lives. He teaches that when you help and give a hope to any one, you never make the world as better place but you are making yourself a better human.

The sixth important aspect of McRavens principle is “Don’t Rely on Others, Don’t Seek Permission to Lead”. You have to be self-confident to achieve goals and pre-set desires. Don’t wait for anyones permission to lead. Those peoples are remembered for decades who achieve their desires on their own potential.

Seventh principle that McRaven states in his speech is “Never Ever Ring the Bell”. He tells his own story of Navy SEAL training drill that they used to swim in a cold lake. The participants are allowed to give up ring bell. But due to his positive mindset and better hope, he never do this. McRaven advices to the readers that never give up at any cost, no matter how impossible the tasks are to be appear.

The eighth rule of McRaven is “Meaning of Failing”. He says that failure is not inverse to success. It is a necessary component of success. You try to learnt from your setbacks and failures. Keep move forward with a positive thought.

The second last principle of McRaven is “It is not Just Us”. It means to give encouragement and better hope to other in their lives challenging movements. It make others strengthen and storing. The last rule that he delivered is “You will Pass Away”, McRaven argues that life is totally risk, any one have no idea that when he passed away. So make your days enjoyable and memorable as you can.

Writing Style

“William H McRaven” is an engaging writer and he adopts an easy and straightforward writing style in his book “Make your Bed “. He explains various in-depth themes such as self-development, commitments, take every task easy and self-discipline in a broad ways that can inspire a huge number of audiences worldwide.

He defines several complex but well-developed rules that can be meaningful and helpful for all kinds of readers.”William H McRaven” placed plot, storylines and opening and closing points of this book in an accurate and satisfactory manner. He prefers to use simple and precise language and words to balance the pace of this book. He also avoids to use irrelevant idioms and complicated vocabularies throughout the book with the aim to forward his core messages in an eassy way.

Although, He encourages the readers to think critically and also allow them to draw their own thoughts about the future of this book. “William H McRaven” elaborates different personal stories and examples that can be very useful for the audiences worlwide.

Major Receptions

“Make Your Bed” received mostly positive comments and reviews from its readers and critics since its publication. It has been précised for its in-depth message of self-discipline, self-development and better hope. Many of readers states that this book is helpful for both personal and professional lives.

It has been translated into 20 different languages worldwide and it also has been sold almost 10 million copies since its publication. This book has been featured in major publications including New York Times and The Wall Street Journals. They also showered their positive feedbacks for this book.

Conclusion of “Make Your Bed”

“Make Your Bed” is an engaging and educational book that gives us a numerous lessons such as move forward with a better hope and ways of personal development. These meaningful rules can can be helpful for all kinds of readerin their respective lives. If you are looking for a personal development book just like it, then dont waste your time, just grab it and read what you want.

This book is suiteable for all young adults and mature readers. They can adopt these core ideas in their personal and professional lives. I highly recommended this book to all of them who love to read personal development books.


Q: What is the plot of make your bed?

Make Your Bed by William H. McRaven is a motivational book that shares life lessons from Navy SEAL training.

Q: What is the rule 1 make your bed?

Start your day with a task completed.

Q: Who said to make your bed?

William H. McRaven said in his speech during the convocation.

Q: Why is make your bed a good book?

This book is too much good for read because it provides simple wisdom, practical advice, and words of encouragement that will inspire readers to achieve.

Q: Does making your bed make you more productive?

Making your bad every morning is a better productivity for all of us.

Q: What genre is make your bed?

It belongs to the category of self-help and self-development book.

Q: Does making your bed matter?

Yes it impact on our well-being and sleep quality.

Q: What is the psychology of making your bed?

It cultivates a sense of order, control, and productivity.