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The Art of Public Speaking (pdf download) is written by Dale Breckenridge. However, it is about the tips and advices regarding Public Speeches. Dale divide it into four different section. The core idea of this book is confidence building, exclude confusion, enhance communication skills and art of public speaking.

Dale explains all aspects of this book through step by step and detailed manner for the purpose to boost up the understanding level of his audience. Have you ever read a personal development book? Or do you want to read this book? If yes, then you can download this book from our website. You can also feel free to download other PDF books from this website,

Summary/ Plot

The Art of Public Speaking (pdf download) revolves around various advices, verbal behavior and tips about Public Speaking. Basically, Dale Breckenridge divide it into four different parts. However, each part define public speaking concepts, tips and techniques step by step through different chapters.

First Part

In the first and for most part, Dale says that choosing a topic for speech is an art. However, your topic must be catchy. You need to gather all relevant informations for your topic and placed them into a good order. Practice it several times and then deliver your speech with confidence, talk slowly and clearly. Look at the people you are talking to and use your hand and body to explain things.

Second Part

The writer is talking about the better ways of speech in this section. Meanwhile, he says, you shave to use funny stuffs, share some of interested stories and also use world that attract your audience. He also talks about how to make laugh people and how to answer the tricky questions of the people during your speech.

Third Part

In the third part of The Art of Public Speaking (pdf download) the author teaches us about how to build your confidence and how to eliminate nervousness and confusion during communication and interaction with others. Moreover, also talks about how to engage and attract the audience with tricks and expressions during speech.

Fourth Part

The fourth and last part of the book, Dale codes many of good speeches from past and then broadly explain all of them. He advices how you can include the same ideas of the past speeches into your own work.

Writing Style

Dale adopts an engaging and descriptive writing style in his book The Art of Public Speaking (pdf download). He defines all aspects and concept of public speech in an accurate manner. The writer prefers simple sentences and words to balance the pace and tone of plot. Furthermore, Dale elaborates the main ideas and core messages in a broad and detailed ways.

The author uses sophisticated vocabularies and avoid all extra idioms. In this book he draws a complete picture of all past materials related to communication. Although, he encourages the readers to think critically and allow them to come up with their own views about the future of this book.

Major Receptions

The Art of Public Speaking (pdf download) has received generally positive comments since its publication. This book was praised for its peominant feedbacks, advanced resources, helpful tips, life related advices and practical examples.

It sold over 10 million copies since its publication and it has been translated in 70 different languages worldwide. Additionally, many of popular media publications such as The New York Times showered their poaitive feedbacks for this book.


Dales in his book The Art of Public Speaking (pdf download) gives a lot of tips and advices about how to speak better among the general masses. so, the author gives various tips and concepts to enhance our leadership qualities, confidence level and self-determination skills.

This book gives us an opportunity to learn more about ourselves along with others including behaviors and point of views. Furthermore, we can also deep understand the entire world. So, through, improving public speaking we can avail a new career opportunities for ourselves.


“The Art of Public Speaking” written by “Dale Breckenridge” is famous book that talks about the various better ways of Public Speaking. The main focus of this book is confidence building, better communicating and ways of interact with general masses. Dale defines all aspects in an accurate and professional manner that can build the level of interest of his readers.

The Art of Public Speaking (pdf download) is a valuable resource for those who wants to improve their speaking skills. It is packed with practical tips and advises that can help to boost self-confidence and moral courage. It is suitable for all ages and generations. I recommend this book to all of those who love to read personal development books.


Q: What is public speaking the art of?

It is an art because to become a good speaker you must have to deliver your presentation mindfully and effectively.

Q: What is the art of public speaking called?

Public speaking is also known as oratory. It is an art of delivering worlds and sentences in an accurate and attractive manner with self-confidence along with gain the attention of public.

Q: What are the 5 arts of public speaking?

The art of public speaking is including Invention, Arrangement, Elocution, Memory, and Delivery.

Q: What are the 5 principles of public speaking?

Trustworthiness, Integrity, Respect for others, Dignity in conduct and accuracy in the message are the 5 principles of public speaking.

Q: What is public speaking?

Public speaking is the art of live speaking among various audiences on various topics.

Q: What are the 7 P’s of public speaking?

The seven Ps of public speaking are pronunciation, pace, pause, punch, power, passion, and posture.

Q: Who is the father of public speaking?

The great Aristotle is the father of public speaking.

Q: Why public speaking is important?

Public speaking is important because it provides an opportunity to express self-point of views among various groups of general masses.

Q: What is public speaking policy?

The statement regarding the nature of problem and its proper solution that should be acceptable and implemented.