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Books Title: “VB-MAPP” PDF Free Download

VB-MAPP” is an educational book that revolved around the educational guide lines and plans including verbal behavior, language and learning challenges of Childs. It has total 124 pages. By genera it belongs to the category of personal development book. This book was originally published in 2007.

Books Author: “Mark Sundberg”

Mark Sundberg was born in Dec 21, 1956. He had received his doctorate degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Western Michigan University. His most famous books are Teaching Language to Children with Autism, VB-MAPP Verbal Behavior Milestones Asses and The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills. He was dead in 2021.

Introduction of “VB-MAPP”

The Verbal Behavior Milestone Assistance and Placement Program “VB-MAPP” authored by Mark Sandburg. It is an evaluation and educational guidelines rely on 170 various developmental points.

This guideline talks on barriers and hurdles that stop the children’s to understand the language and learning several things. Mark Sandburg explains all features of “VB-MAPP” in an accurate and precise manner with the aim to convey the core message.

Summary of “VB-MAPP”

VB- MAPP stand for The Verbal Behavior Milestone Assistance and Placement Program. It is a broadly judgment and academic guideline that is designed to value the verbal behavior, language and learning challenges with Autistic disorder and many other improvements.

It guides us to understand that how Childs talk and learn well. One of the well-known person named as Mark Sandburg made this program called Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The basic aim of this program is studding behavior and learning.

The VB-MAPP observe several stages of communication and learning to analyze where a kid is right now. It helps to observe the main reasons that might stopping children’s from learning. It also provides a special tips to them learn better.

Characteristics of VB-MAPP

The VP-MAPP Milestone Assessment

It help us to know that how well anyone talk and understand the language. It observe across 170 developmental milestone including verbal behavior and communicating skills. This process is divided into a three basic groups based on age including 0-18 months, 18-30 months and 30-48 months. During the assessment process the person is given to a various tasks with the aim to score how well they do on each task.

The VP-MAPP Individual Child Protocol

In this process the teachers and Therapists provides a support and assistant to children’s. They watch their learning and communicating progress. This tool having charts, forms and analyze for 170 several milestones. These tools helps the kids to learn and achieve at certain age group.

This tool breaks down a large tasks into a smaller steps. It makes it easier for teachers and therapists to provide a special assistance to each individual children in learning each step one at a time. Through this process the teachers and therapists can easily observe the progress of children’s.

The VP-MAPP Instructors Manual and Placement Guide

It is a guide book that helps teachers and therapists to know about the VB-MAPP tools. This guide book gives step by step introduction about the usage of tools including teaching plans for each child.


It provides a special assistance of an individual’s verbal behavior language and learning skills. This information is important for knowing the strength and weakness, informing the Individualized Education Plan (IEPs).

The VB-MAPP is a good tool that helps to find out the basic barrier that stop someone from learning and understanding language. Once we know about the basic barriers then we can come up with special plans to teach and help the effective person.

This tool helps the educators and therapists to make special plans roadmaps designed for kids. It also helps to know about the basic needs of kids. The VB-MAPP allows us to monitoring of an individual’s progress over the time. It helps to decide the best environment for someone to learning.

Writing Style

“Mark Sandburg” ways of writing in the book ““VB-MAPP”” is easy to understand and approach. He explains the in-depth themes of making fruitful plans, monitoring the progress of kids and assistance tools in a detailed manner.

He prefers short and concise sentences and simple words with the aim to balance the pace of this book. “Mark Sandburg” prefers to use simple language and he avoids complicated vocabularies and extra jargons throughout the book.

He placed plot, guidelines lines and opening and closing points in an accurate and satisfactory way that persuade a huge numbers of readers towards this book. “Mark Sandburg” encourages the audiences to think critically and allow them to draw their own views about the future of this book.

Major Receptions

“VB-MAPP” received mostly positive comments from its readers. The book is praised for its Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Research Support and Positive Impact on Assessment Practices. While this book has been venerated for its life-related advices and guidelines.

It has been sold 100,000 copies since its publication and it also has been translated into various other languages. Although, many of media outlets and other prominant publications awarded their positive feedbacks and comments for this book.

Conclusion of “VB-MAPP”

“VB-MAPP” driven by “Mark Sandburg” is an interesting and educational guide line book. “VB-MAPP” gives the lessons including the needs of teaching plans, self-development, importance of verbal behavior skills and importance of assistance tools.

The author explains all the complex, technical methods and analysis in an easy ways. The whole aspects of this book is placed in a better mien that persuade a huge numbers of readers towards this book. This book is suitable for all ages and generations. I highly recommended this book to all of them who love to read personal development books.


Q: What is the VB-MAPP used for?

It is a criterion-referenced assessment curriculum guide and skills tracking system. Basically it is designed for kids with autism and other individuals who demonstrate language delays.

Q: How do you explain VB-MAPP to parents?

We can compares a child’s skills against specific objectives.

Q: What are the 16 domains in VB-MAPP?

 The 16 domains are as Mands, Tacts, Listener, VP/MTS, Play, Social, Reading, Writing, Imitation, Echoic, LRFFC, IV, Group, Linguistics, Math, and Vocal.

Q: What is the age limit for the VB-MAPP?

0 to 48 months.

Q: What 3 assessments are in VB-MAPP?

 The assessments are 0-18 months, 18-30 months, and 30-48 months.

Q: What are the five components of the VB-MAPP?

The five main components, are milestones assessment, barriers assessment, transition assessment, skills task analysis, and placement and IEP goal recommendations.

Q: What is the first assessment in the VB-MAPP?

 Milestones Assessment.

Q: Is the VB-MAPP standardized?

No it’s not a standardized.

Q: What are the colors for VB-MAPP scoring?

There are three different levels such as Level 1 (color-coded orange), Level 2 (color-coded green) and Level 3 (color-coded blue).

Q: What is the difference between peak and VB-MAPP?

The VB-MAPP provides targets up to the skills expected of a typically developing 4-year old, whereas PEAK Direct Training provides targets up to age 8.

Q: Who made the VB-MAPP?

 Mark Sundberg, Ph. D., BCBA-D.

Q: How long is the VB-MAPP training?

 About 8 hours.

Q: What is the difference between ABLLS and VB-MAPP?

The ABLLS-R and VB-MAPP can both be used as assessments, curricula, and skills-tracking guides. While the ABLLS-R is user-friendly and a comprehensive program where language is concerned.

Q: How many core skills are in the VB-MAPP?

170 milestones.

Q: How many items are on the VB-MAPP?

There are 24 language and learning barriers, 18 transition measures, and over 700 supporting skills.