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Books Title: “The Kybalion” PDF Free Download

“The Kybalion” is an interesting book that circle around an ancient teachings, concepts, thoughts, modern goals, linkages and desires. Theis book was originally published in 1908 by Yogi Publication Society. It has total 84 pages. By genre it belongs to the category of personal development books.

Books Author: “William Walker Atkinson”

“William Walker Atkinson” was born in Dec 05, 1862 in Baltimore, Maryland United States. His most famous books are as “Thought Vibration”, “Practical Mind Reading”, “Mind Power: The Secret of Mental Magic” and “Reincarnation and the Law of Karma William Walker Atkinson”.. He died on Nov 22 1932 in Los Angeles California.

Introduction to “The Kybalion”

“The Kybalion” is written by “William Walker Atkinson” is rooted with the Hermetic Teachings and also connected with the modern innovations, desires and goals. The author in this book explains the seven rules that how our thoughts and believes can effects our lives.

It provides in-depth knowledge including how things in the universe are connected with each other like the sky is connected with the earth. William Walker Atkinson talks about the positive thoughts and their impacts on our lives along with the concept of understanding the world around us.

Summary of “The Kybalion”

The book “The Kybalion” is driven by “William Walker Atkinson”. It is circle around an Ancient Wisdom and Spiritual Philosophy and it introduce seven numerous principles. This book is deeply rooted with the Ancient Hermetic Teachings and also incorporates the modern ideas, thoughts and innovations.

1- The concept of Mental Health

It assert that everything in the entire world is based on believes, from the smallest particles to the huge planet. In a simple words, Mentalism rules states that our ideas are constructed our world. We all are creators and we use our thoughts and imaginations to design our goals and desires. If you think positive, you will attract positive people and experiences. While if you always focus on your targated goals and desires then you will be more likely to achieve them.

2- The Correspondence Principle

It is a Metaphysical idea. It explains the connection between the higher and lower existence of humanbeings. This rule includes faith, scientific theory and artwork.

3- The Ideas of Vibration

This rule is revolved around the important ideas of Vibration and movement. According to this rule, everything in the world is move and change. It is apply in many aspects of life such as faith, philosophy and physics.

4- The rule of Polarity

This rule states that, in the universe everything has two poles and two opposites.

5- The Rhythmic Concept

It defines that everything flows outside and inside. Everything has waves and every things has raises and falls.

6- The Law of Cause and Effect

According to this concept, every cause has an effects and every effects has a Cause. It further explain it and defined that everything in the world happens according to the Law.

7- The Gender Equality Principle

It explain that Genders appears on all level. Everything having a Gender and everything has a masculine and feminine principles.

Writing Style

“William Walker Atkinson” ways of writing in his book “The Kybalion” is means to understand and approach. He explaines complicated but well-informed characters that looks like real with the rest of the story. He uses simple words and phrases to balance the pace and tone of plot. Along with he avoids extra jargons and complex vocabularies with the account to convey his message in an accurate manner.

William Walker Atkinson includes many real stories and life related examples that can entertain the audience. He placed plot, storylines and closing and opening points of story in a logical and systematic manner. He elaborates in-depth and life related themes in a broad way that can attract a huge numbers of readers worldwide.

Major Recognitions

The book “The Kybalion” had received generally positive comments and feedbacks from its readers. This book was praised for its hermetic principles, personal development thoughts and elaboration of culture. While many of other audiences found that its themes and narration style are defined in an accurate way. It has been translated into various other languages including German and Spanish and it has also been sold a millions of copies since its publication.


The book “The Kybalion” is not without its criticisms and it recieved many of nagative feedbacks from its readers. Some of the readers believed that “William Walker Atkinson” proposed ancient teaching and concepts are not authentic. Some of the readers argued that the author compare the ancient teachings and thoughts with modern innovations and believes that can be hard to understand. While some peoples have found that William Walker Atkinson did not explain all rules and principles in detailed way.

Conclusion of “The Kybalion”

“The Kybalion” driven by “William Walker Atkinson” is a personal development book that can inspire the readers through its broad knowledge. This book teaches about the power of thoughts and linkages among things in the entire world. Its well-developed plot, attractive themes, in-depth research of author, proper analytical reasoning’s, concise writing and storytelling style, satisfactory opening and closing points can attract millions of audiences towards this book. It is too much suitable for adult and mature readers. I prefer this book to all of them who love to read personal development books.


Q: What does The Kybalion teach?

This book teaches us about the realities of physical existences and mental and physical realm.

Q: Who wrote Kybalion?

William Walker Atkinson is the author of this book.

Q: What is the vibration of The Kybalion?

Everything has a certain vibration and is moving all the time and nothing is static.

Q: What are the 4 elements of vibration?

The four elements of vibration are Frequency, Displacement, Velocity, and Acceleration.