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Books Title: “The Science of Getting Rich” PDF Free Download

“The Science of Getting Rich” is a comprehensive book and its story is based on how to achieve wealth through positive mindset and better hopes.This book has total 56 pages. It was originally published in 1910 by “Elizabeth Town Company”. By genre it belongs to the category of Personal Development book.

Books Author: “Wallace D Wattles”

Wallace D Wattles was an American writter. He was born in 1860 in United States. His first published book was “The Science of being great” and his last published book was “The Science of being well”. He dead on Feb 07, 1911 at the age of 50.

Introduction to “The Science of Getting Rich”

“The Science of Getting Rich” driven by “Wallace D Wattles” is revolved around wealth, purpose of life and thoughts and actions. “Wallace D Wattles” explains the four fundamental and important set of principles about achieving wealth, successful life, positive and negative thoughts along with the behavior of human beings in various circumstances.

This book defines all aspects of successful life with guenon examples in an accurate way. Its core message is conveyed in an easy way which attract a huge numbers of audiences with the rest of the entire world.

Summary of “The Science of Getting Rich”

The story of this book is circle around an important principles of wealth and success. The author explains the connection between positive thoughts and desires along with the purpose of life. “The Science of Getting Rich” begins with a statement that “once can achieve desires in his life by meaning it”.

It suggest that our thoughts and believes have a huge influence on what happens to us. This is understood that othrough positive thoughts and actions we can achieve positive experiences while through negative thoughts we can attract bad experiences and outcomes.

For this purpose the author is introducing the first rule that we must have to clear about our targeted vision that what we want and what we desire. This process gives a concise answer regarding the precise questions. For examples if anyone wants to buy a car, suddenly a lot of questions begins to arise on his mind, as like what kind of car he wants to buy? What would be the color of that car? What is his budget? Which model of car is suitable for him?

So after clear your wishes and visions, you begins to take an action to achieve your desire. In this book the author “Wallace D Wattles” talks on his second rule of self-confidence. Self-confidence is an impotant thing that any one can achieve his targeted desires and goals in an appropriate manner. This process can  enhance the latent and working attitude. For example anyone desire to drive a car, if he lose his self-confidence and own believe then he seems to less likely put such fruitful efforts to learn driving. But on the other hand if he commit to drive car with a confidence then he will take all necessary actions to drive a car.

“Wallace D Wattles” introduces the third principle and suggest that always take small scale steps and then choose the most important step first. It help to anyone in achieving the described goals of life. Imagine if you want to write a romantic novel, you have to divide your whole work into a small portions. Set a colander and then begin to write one page or one chapter at a time, it push you towards the final result gradually and you will eventually able to finish your book without challenges.

Final principle is, say thanks what so ever you are and what you have. During the challenging and dark time, you have to forget all your losses. Always begin to thinks about your positive efforts that push you forward in your lives with a better hope.

Writing style

“Wallace D Wattles” ways of writing in his book “The Science of Getting Rich” is easy to understand and approach. He uses small and concise words to balance the pace and tone of the plot. He introduces complex but well-developed characters that looks like real and trustful with the rest of the story.

“Wallace D Wattles” defines life related themes that can attract a huge numbers of readers worldwide. He avoids to use extra jargons and complicated vocabularies for the sake of convey his message in eassy way. He also includes several real stories and examples that can be entertaning for the readers.

The plots, storylines and opening and closing points is putted in an accurate manner. He includes various funny stories and events to accelerate the interest level of all kinds of readers. Furthermore, he also encourages the audiences to think critically and allow then to draw their own views about the future of this book.

Major Receptions

“The Science of Getting Rich” had received mostly positive reviews from its audiences and critics alike since its publications. This book is popular among the readers because of its practical advices, clarity, simplicity and effectiveness. The most popular writers including Napoleon Hill considered that it is among the most precious and attractive English novels.

It has been sold 10 million copies since its publication along with it has been translated in 20 different languages worldwide. It has been adopted by many films and Television Shows. Many of out side publications had awarded their positive feedbacks for this novel book.

Conclusion of “The Science of Getting Rich”

“The Science of Getting Rich” is written by “Wallace D Wattles” is a personal development book that talks on the possible ways of achieving desired goals and missions. This book draw a complete picture of successful life along with guenon solutions and set of principles and the audiences can get a lot of informations in a broad way.

The author explains each and every aspect of life in a detailed, concise, professional and simple way and they can adopt these all things in their practical and professional lives. The plot, themes, words, vocabularies, analytical reasons and opening and closing points is putted in a satisfactory and approachable.

This book is suitable for young adults and mature audiences. I highly recommended this book to all of them who love to read personal development novels.


Q: What is The Science of Getting Rich theory?

The mental energies towards the attraction of financial success is the science of this novel.

Q: What are the steps to The Science of Getting Rich?

Step 1: Have a definite vision.

Step 2: Be creative, not just competitive.

Step 3: Exercise your imagination with frequency.

Step 4: Maintain gratitude.

Step 5: Have 100% belief.

Step 6: Make every day a success.

Step 7: Get into a business that’s right for you.

Q: How to get rich according to Robert Kiyosaki?

The goal is to pay yourself first and always to have money to invest.

Q: What is the book The Science of Getting Rich about?

This play teaches us about how getting rich, the creative way, is the best thing you can do to help yourself, help your family, help the poor, help everyone around you and make the world a much better place.

Q: What is The Science of Getting Rich thinking stuff?

 There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe.