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Books Title: “The Centerville Ghost” PDF Free Download

“The Centerville Ghost” is a classic Ghost story of an ancient man house. An American wealthy man named as Otis purchase’s it despite of several rumors. This book originally published in 1887. By genera it belongs to the category of fiction novel. It is having total 12 pages.

Books Author: “Oscar Wilde”

The author”Oscar Wilde” was born in Oct 16, 1854 in Westland, Row, Dublin, Ireland. He completed graduation from Oxford in Classic and Mathematics. His first published book was “Poem”and his last published book was “The Balled of Reading Gaol”. He received various awards such as Newdigate Prize for poetry in and James Black Memoral Prize for Fiction. He died on Nov 30, 1900 in Paris, at the age of 46.

Introduction to “The Centerville Ghost”

“The Centerville Ghost” is driven by “Oscar Wilde” that is revolved around an ancient house called Centerville Chas and that is purchased by the wealthy American man named as Horace B Otis. This book gives us an impotant lessons such as positive impacts family boundings, the power of love, forgiveness and how to accept others. “Oscar Wilde” puts all features of this book in an accurate maner and he also conveyed his message in an appropriate ways.

Summary of “The Centerville Ghost”

In “The Centerville Ghost” the story is circle around the Otis family, Ancient main House and the Centerville Ghost. One of the American rich man named as Horace B Otis purchase an ancient main house called “Centerville Chase”, despite of many rumors and worries that the house is enchanted. His whole family, including Otis wife, eldest son Washington, daughter Virginia and two twins shift to that house. After arrival, they observe one of the bloodstain exist on the floor of living room.

The housekeeper Mrs. Umney explains the whole story that it has been present here since 1575. The Lady Eleanor De Centerville murdered by her husband Sir Simon de Centerville. The Otis family does not trust of Ghosts. They quickly wipe it but the next day the bloodstain reappear and this process has been continuous every morning. Along this many other unusual happenings casus around the house usually. One day Otis gets up from his bed and see that the gangrenous Ghost oil his chains and throughout night he uses to walk around the house.

Otis with his whole family does not afraid of Ghost. They make a fun on his presence. On the other hand the Ghost has his own dark history of attacking on the guest. Ghost is fully determined to annoy the Otis family. However, whenever he tries to attempt attack, the whole family members make a fun on him and ignore his all reactions. One day, the twin kids makes a dummy Ghost for the fear of the real Ghost, the Centerville Ghost watch the ghost suddenly. He realize’s that he losses all his powers and then he begins to weeping.

Although the prince of Cheshire, England falls in love with Virginia, who is an attractive and innocent young girl. The prince visits to Centerville Chase and during his visit Virginia unintentionally cross the hidden hiding place of Ghost. Ghost hurts and panic on his action. He tells her that he wants to peacefully emotion of dead and he needs her help because only she can help him to reach the peace. Virginia afraid and confess to assist him. They both are then slip through the hidden break and disappear. The whole family along with the prince Duck are worried about her disappear.

A few hours later suddenly she appear on the steers. The whole family is happy to see her again. She states that just contribute laying the Centerville Ghost to demise but nothing else, and sir Simon gaves her a box filled with jewelry as a mark of thanks. Along Virginia her whole family goes to the hidden chamber where they found a bones of Sir Simon. Four days later they laid his body into a proper burial.

Writing Style

“Oscar Wilde” is a popular play writer and author. His writing style in the book “The Centerville Ghost” is easy to understand and read. He elaborates all complex but well-developed and well-organized characters in an accurate manner and they looks like real and believed with the rest of the story. They talks just like a real humans. He explains a constantly themes in a droad way such as love, passion, unity among families and forgiveness that can attract a huge number of readers worldwide.

“Oscar Wilde” prefers to use simple language to balance the pace of the story. He avoids to use difficult vocabularies and extra jargons with the aims to covey his core messages in an easy manner. “Oscar Wilde” puts storylines and opening and ending points in a satisfactory wat that persuade all kinds of readers towards this specific book. He also includes several rael stories and examples which can entertain the audiences.  

Major Receptions

“The Centerville Ghost” had received mostly positive reviews and comments from its readers since its publication. The readers praised its exciting plot, active characters and engaging writing style. This book has been awarded for its moral advices, narating style and precise language. This story has been adopted by many Films, TV Shows and Stage Productions. It has been translated into 30 various languages worldwide and it also has been sold millions of copies worldwide since its publication.

Conclusion of “The Centerville Ghost”

“The Centerville Ghost” is written by “Oscar Wilde” is a classic Ghost story. The author has explain all the complex and complicated themes, characters and dialogues, analytical and typical methods along with storylines in a satisfactory and simple manner.

This book gives us various lessons such as love, forgiveness and impotance of united family that can be intersted for the audiences worldwide. If you are looking for a fiction novel like it, just clutch it and learn what you want. It is very much suitable for all ages and generations. I highly recommended this book to all of those who wats to read fiction novels.


Q: What is the message of the story Canterville Ghost?

It gives us numerous messages such as significance of faith and love.

Q: Is The Canterville Ghost a comedy?

Yes, it’s a comedy.

Q: Is Canterville ghost real story?

No, it’s a fiction novel.

Q: Who is the most important character in The Canterville Ghost?

Sir Simon de Canterville is the lead character in this novel.

Q: What type of novel is Canterville Ghost?

It’s a fiction novel.

Q: Which Bollywood movie is based on Canterville Ghost?

Bhoothnath is based on Canterville Ghost.

Q: What is the mood of The Canterville Ghost?

It has a horror mood.

Q: Who is the little girl in Canterville Ghost?

Margaret O’Brien is the little girl in this novel.

Q: Is The Canterville Ghost for kids?

No, this novel is suitable for mature audiences.

Q: Who is Mr Otis?

Mr. Otis is an American minister who purchases Canterville Chase from Lord Canterville.

Q: Who is Lord Canterville?

Lord Canterville was the owner of the Canterville Chase

Q: Who is Lady Canterville?

Lady Canterville is the wife of Lord Canterville.

Q: What is the real name of The Canterville Ghost?

Sir Simon de Canterville is the real name of The Canterville Ghost.

Q: What is the meaning of Canterville?

Canterville Chase.

Q: Who is Mr Otis wife?

Mrs Otis was the wife of Mr. Otis.