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books Title: “Stephen King It” PDF Free Download

the book “Stephen King It” is an interesting novel that circles around the seven kids who use to live in a small town called Derry Maine. This book was originally published in 2017 by‎” Scribner Media Tie In edition”. By genre it belongs to the category of horror fiction book. It contains total 712 pages.

Books Author: “Stephen Edwin King”

“Stephen Edwin King” is an American author. He was born in Sep 21, 1947. His popular books are “The Shining”, “Fairy Tale” and “Misery”.

Introduction of “Stephen King It”

The novel “Stephen King It” circles around seven kids. These kids are facing a really scary monster. The monster is known as IT. IT lives in the town and causes many of tough troubles. So, this story covers the kid’s childhood to their maturity journey. It also shows how they fight against it as a team.

This book talks about many of scary things such as fear and bad memories. It also teaches us about how the friendship can help in any of tough situation. Furthermore, the over all aspects of this book are placed in a broad and simple manner that can be easy to access and understand.


The story of “Stephen King It” begins in a small town called Derry Maine. Many of weird things are always happening there such as people are suddenly disappeared. There are seven kids in this town who are spending their lives in an unpleasant condition. So, they decide to work as a team to cope with all scary things.

After then, the kids find that one of the scary monsters, named as IT has been created various troubles for them. It can become anything which scars them most, such as a scary clown known as pennywise. IT becomes more powerful when the kids are scared. It has been scaring the people of Derry for a long period of time.

These tough situations have been happening over the long periods of time even before the kids were born. This story shows us how all these kids experience the same things what the people of Derry have been faced. As the story goes on, the group of kids called the Losers Club faces their own fears and problems. They all are good friends that’s why the fight better to defeat the IT.

When the kids stand up to Pennywise, they know and understand about the whole powers of IT. They understand that defeating IT is not just about being brave but it means facing their own fears and being really determined. On this way, the Losers Club manage all things to make IT leave from Derry. They worried about one thing that IT can come back one day. They are determined to be ready for any situation if IT ever does.

In the story we can observe that what happens to the kids when they get mature. They always try to forget all the scary situations happed in Derry but they can’t when it comes back. They have to face their fears all over again. At the end of the story, they again stand up against the IT one last time just to showing that how strong their friendship is and how determined they are to cope with any of scary situation.

Lead Characters

Bill Denbrough, Ben Hanscom, Beverly Marsh, Richie Tozier, Eddie Kaspbrak, Mike Hanlon, Stan Uris, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, Henry Bowers, Patrick Hockstetter, Tom Rogan, Audra Phillips, Georgie Denbrough, Mrs. Kaspbrak, Mr. Marsh, Mr. Hanlon, Mrs. Uris, Mr. Uris, Mrs. Denbrough, Mr. Denbrough.

Key Features of “Stephen King It”

  • Complex Narrative Structure

This novel tells story in two different times. One is about when the characters are kids and the second is when they grow-up. It assists us to understand how the tough things happened to them as kids still affect them when they are mature.

  • Complicated Characters

The author of this book introduces various complicated but well-educated characters that looks like real throughout the story. The characters learn to deal with their own problems and committed to fight against all scary things in their town.

  • Broad explanation of Fear and Trauma

This novel book explains the after shocks of being scared in a broad way. The story also shows how these things can affect the whole people of the town. Furthermore, it also looks at the people who deal with their biggest fear.

  • In-depth Themes of Friendship

A big part of this novel revolves around friendship and its importance. On this way, the Losers Club becomes a good friend and they are commented to cope with any scary situation in the town. This friendship makes them stronger and even more powerful.

Writing Style

“Stephen Edwin King” adopts a vivid writing style in his book “Stephen King It” which is straightforward and easy to access. He brings various complicated but well-informed characters throughout the story that are looks like real and believed. He defines the past and present of characters in a broad way which shows the individual efforts of each character.

“Stephen Edwin King” has a keen understanding of human psychology that’s why he elaborates the whole factors and aspects of childhood fear and anxieties. Moreover, he prefers to use simple and concise words to balance the pace and tone of plotlines. He also encourages the audiences to think critically and allow them to come up with their own thoughts about the future of this book.

Furthermore, “Stephen Edwin King” avoids to use complicated vocabularies and extra jargons with the aim to convey his core ideas in an easy manner. He elaborates many of life related examples and stories that can assist the readers in any way of their lives. Although, he also defines various in-depth themes that can persuade a huge number of audiences worldwide.

Major Recognitions

The book “Stephen King It” received mostly positive feedbacks from its readers and critics alike. This book has been praised for its engaging writing style, in-depth themes and complicated characters. This book also has been venerated for its broad exploration of psychology and aspects of fear factors. While some readers emphasized that this book is overly long with various pacing issues.

The book was a commercial success and reaching number 1 on the New York Times bestselling list. However, it has been sold over 03 million copies since its publication and it also has been translated into different other languages worldwide. It received 4.3 out of 5 stars from Amazon and Goodreads. Its work is adopted by films, TV Shows and other online media groups.

Conclusion of “Stephen King It”

“Stephen King It” is a heart touching story that makes us to think about what it means to be afraid and how friendship can be helpful in a tough situation. It can be praised for its writing style and in-depth plotlines that the readers can not stop thinking about it even after they finish reading. This novel teaches us about how can find a better hope when all things seem bad.

If you are looking for a novel just like it, don’t waste your time, just grab it and learn more what you want. Although, the whole features of this book including plotlines, climaxes and opening and closing points are presented in an accurate manner that can persuade millions of audiences with the rest of entire world. This novel book is suitable for all young adults and mature readers. I recommended this book to all of them who love to read horror fiction books.